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  1. Weighed in at SW last night and I lost 6 and a half lb! Woohoo! Also, meditation and walking going well. Haven't done any yoga this week yet. Hopefully I'll fit it in on the weekend.
  2. Great goals and well done on your cleaning so far! My place was in a similar state a few years ago but I spent a few weeks sorting it, like you are. It's hard work but I keep on top of it now, although I have to be really strict with myself! So it can be done - just don't let it intimidate you too much!
  3. Great goals and great start to the challenge!
  4. Thanks I agree about the meditation thing. In my challenge, I put 3 times a week but actually, I would like to try and do it every day. My issue is not laziness or lack of time etc but simply a forgetful mind! I'm definitely up for the challenge though. Good luck with your own quest too.
  5. Fantastic goals livingroovy and I love the way you have worded them - they are really inspirational and powerful.
  6. Oooo...blog post on yoga workouts sounds good! Today, I walked for 40 minutes extra, at around 6am this morning (soooo quiet!) and I meditated for 10. I know it's only the first day but I'm pretty pleased with myself so far ha ha
  7. Fantastic goals! Sticking to a routine I think is a hard one for a born procrastinator such as myself (and as you sound) but it's definitely a worthy one! Good luck with them all.
  8. Your mantra concept is fantastic! Good luck with your goals
  9. Thanks Cathasaigh! I appreciate the advice - I've always liked the idea of meditation and tried on the odd occasion but always given up really quickly. This will be first proper attempt! I love your Dr. Seuss quote too!
  10. I love the idea of a 365 day portrait! I might even pinch that one off you... Excellent goals, good luck with them all!
  11. Name: Vickyloo Race: Wood-elf Class: Druid Weight: 11 stone 4lbs (159lb/72kg) Height: 5'4 The last challenge I participated in was all the way back last July/August and back then, I was a scout! I was in training for a 700 mile cycle ride and so scout seemed perfect for my ends. When I finished my ride, I got very lazy, put on weight and basically stopped exercising! Now I want to get back in the game, and since the only thing I'm training for is life, I thought I'd try my hand at another guild. And thus, I've arrived here, with you druids. Nice to meet you all! Current attribute
  12. Weekends are good for me too usually, except the next two are consumed by a strange mixture of weddings and overtime. Any ideas on a venue?
  13. Just weighed in after my first week back at Slimming World and I've lost 5lb! Whoop whoop! That's half way towards my challenge 10lb, a fantastic start. What's even better is my partner lost 5lb too!
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