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  1. Thanks for the reminder. January is when we usually go through accounts carefully and make sure we drop things that we signed up for and forgot about. Especially when we look back and realized that they massively raised the fee. 🤦‍♀️
  2. Same thing here, and the slush is as slippery as the ice!! Skipped Crossfit again last night in order to shovel the sidewalk and driveway. We were pushing very, very wet snow and tossing it over the existing mounds of snow. So I got a pretty good workout .... full body. I try to remember to switch sides when I am tossing snow. ☃️ I signed up for another month of CrossFit. So far, I haven't lost any weight, but hubby says I look thinner, and some of my pants seem looser. 🤞 My left foot has been sore since I deadlifted 65 pounds. And also was on the rowing machine for 13 minutes that day. I'm doing the rest, ice, elevate, and ibuprofen treatment as best I can, although it's a bit tough to stay off my feet when teaching. I have been avoiding running or long walks, especially since most sidewalks are a mess. (I know of quite a few people who have gotten injured from falls in the past week.) Tonight, we're going out for pizza, but we've agreed to spit ONE of the personal sized pizzas instead of getting one each. They are tempting since the proprietor makes unusual varieties, but there's a lot of cheese on each one. With a glass of wine, that should be enough for a non-workout day.
  3. I have very rarely gotten a job without having some personal connection to the company. It's really hard to ask people for help in job hunting, but it does often work.
  4. What do people wear for weight lifting shoes and/or for CrossFit? I've been wearing my running shoes, but they seem to encourage me to put my weight forward when I'm lifting.
  5. I often learn a lot on these forums. This challenge, I learned that, although I kept too much of my daughter's kid stuff, I avoided entering a horror story by participating in a fairy tale.
  6. Congrats and good luck! That's coming up soon!!
  7. We didn't take them out yet. After the snow, we got freezing rain and so there is a thick, slippery crust on everything. Makes for interesting walking around the yard .... step gingerly on the ice, let it break and sink into 4 - 5 inches of powder, transfer weight to that foot, repeat. Between the ice, snow, ice and the wind, we had to go out around the house and clear vents .... especially the dryer vent. After that, I spent several hours with the seed catalogs ......
  8. Can you find rewards for milestones .... preferably things that don't derail your developing good habits?
  9. And that I don't have to observe and think about everything myself. Love the view from your house!!! Hope it sells quickly.
  10. I'm a floor sitter because that's usually where the dogs and little kids are hanging out ..... I don't get up as easily as I used to, but I'm working on that .....
  11. I hate to trash someone, but I do question many of the things that your PT is doing, especially since you have told him that you are brand new at this. Warmup enough?? Maybe. It's probably long enough (I usually warm up for 5 to 10 minutes), but if you are going to be working your arms and torso in the planned workout, you should also be sure to get them warmed up before you start lifting. So, using the elliptical machine or a bike with arm movements would have been better (if they are available). You don't usually stretch much before the workout since you don't want to stretch cold muscles (that can cause tearing). With a newbie, I would expect the first session to be done at VERY light weights as you learn how to do the exercises. Strength training with JUST the barbell and no additional plates until you are well warmed up and are maybe saying "OK, that's easy ....." Always cool down 5 to 10 minutes with walking or something easy. Always stretch after. Always make sure you drink water afterwards. With someone new, I would expect at trainer to talk about what to expect and how to warm up, do active recovery, and stretch the next day (and maybe use a foam roller). Sometimes I'll have that level of pain after I've overdone a workout, but it should not happen often .... and it is a signal to pull back on intensity or do a better job of post-workout recovery. Is this a place where you can switch trainers?
  12. Ok, so we had snow yesterday with more predicted today .... .... and there was no WOD posted for the Saturday morning class when I went to bed last night. So, I slept in. No 3 x per week on the CrossFit this week. And I'm kicking myself because we did not get the snow-pocalypse (yet) and the coaches held class anyway. But we might have enough snow for me to use my new snow shoes ....
  13. I agree, it sounds like plenty to do in 2 1/2 hours .... and it sounds like fun.
  14. I see a theme emerging in our first few new challenges here. Start small, but start ... This challenge, I'm doing a point system and keeping track by repurposing an old, old online program (Chore Wars) to keep track of my points and determine when I level up and what my character's (old school DnD) class should be. One of my goals this coming year is to rewrite it in Ruby on Rails as an example for my software design and development class. Meanwhile, it works pretty well and has a cute, constantly updating, badge so you can see how I'm doing. It has a static level-up every 200 points system, which is why I've set every task to award very low points. My focus for this challenge is also to rebuild healthy patterns and habits after too many life changes. Success will be determined if I gain 200+ points .... starting yesterday. Physical activity: go to CrossFit class at least 3 times per week Nutrition: cook at home, dammit!!! I'm easing into a mostly-Paleo diet, but the big thing is to cut out refined sugars. Learn: study up on Paleo, especially reading the Nom Nom Paleo books and Michelle Tam's blog. Mental/emotional health: meditate daily Work: get the article finished!! Everything else is a step in the direction of eating better, working out, and not letting other people ruin my equanimity.