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  1. I think my new challenge ended up in the drink too ...... But while I'm here .... some iced tea, barkeep??
  2. I'm back. It's been a challenging year, but I'm working on looking forward instead of dwelling on the past. Goals are few and short with the hope that they will be achievable: Weight 157.5 .... I am using WW+ right now as my tracking app. The goal is to maintain a positive points balance while also tracking honestly. Do my first (since 1998) pull-up, following @Steve's pull-up progression plan. Finish my Run Across America Summer Splash with 150 KM That's it. Few bells and whistles. I'm getting ready to go back to teaching normal, in-person
  3. July 23, 2021 Establishing a baseline here .... Lose weight down to 150 lbs. I'm at 161. In 5 months, it is reasonable to get down to 150. The challenge is that I often get down to about 157 and stall out, get fed up, and give up. Must keep going!!! Nutrition-wise, it was not a stellar day, but I did avoid snacking (except for a banana). Hubby really wanted to go to the wine bar for beer and pizza. I had told myself I would avoid the alcohol, but I didn't. Next week, maybe I'll be stronger. Exercise daily (mix of cardio, strength,
  4. It's meant to be body fat % and it is calculated by a formula at: https://www.calculator.net/body-fat-calculator.html
  5. Ok, to put numbers on a couple of things. Weight: 161 (and change .... I was sleepy and didn't write it down right away) Neck: 14.5 inches Waist: 34.5 inches Hip: 40 inches BF%: 34.4% The good news is that there is lots of room for improvement!! Boy ... belly fat .....
  6. Thanks!! We were close (Northfield, MN) and then moved to Iowa to be near our daughter (she invited us to move here ....). Who then changed jobs and moved to Northfield!! 🤦‍♀️ Since hubby and I now have JOBS in Iowa, we're staying for at least a couple more years. Good news is that the sparsely populated city is pretty safe during the pandemic.
  7. I also used my 20 seconds of courage and contacted the local TKD school. It's about the only martial arts option in this very small town.
  8. Or ... this is the most recent one. And the title is appropriate. Again. Goals for the remainder of the year 2021: Lose weight down to 150 lbs. Exercise daily (mix of cardio, strength, flexibility, etc.) Do a pull-up Reduce BF % by 1% (I have to measure and see where I am) Minimize carbon footprint Community service activities/goals TBD I've been slowly losing weight, although we will have to see what vacation did to my progress. I know that we don't do "diets" but the tracking system for WW+ has been working for me, and it
  9. I'm back?? OMG - what a year!!! Deciding if I should start yet another battle log or keep going with this one, which is my most recent??
  10. Good plan! I've started following some of the teaching blogs again and even going to some virtual workshops. I hope a break brings back some creativity for you!
  11. OMG. What a month ....... I kept going with self-care as much as I could and leveled up: We are still healthy and safe, and I hope that all of you are the same. I was spending so much time at the computer these past 5 weeks, between work and news, that I had to start setting limits on computer time. I was just scrolling through email, news outlets, Facebook, and Twitter all day and getting more angry and depressed in turns. I think the College finally has a plan, and I can start revising my courses. The last 5 weeks have taugh
  12. Oh my. It's been ...... I don't have words. The end of the term was rough. My department chair and I ended up shouting at each other on Friday. Final assignments got forgotten or eaten by aggressive spam filters and virus checkers. Students fell ill and barely had time to withdraw from classes before they failed. I hope we figure out how to avoid falling apart by next fall. I HAVE been working out. It's amazing how many miles I can log when I'm furious. But that has always helped me calm down and refocus. I am so glad that the weather has been not too wet or cold.
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