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  1. Good plan! I've started following some of the teaching blogs again and even going to some virtual workshops. I hope a break brings back some creativity for you!
  2. OMG. What a month ....... I kept going with self-care as much as I could and leveled up: We are still healthy and safe, and I hope that all of you are the same. I was spending so much time at the computer these past 5 weeks, between work and news, that I had to start setting limits on computer time. I was just scrolling through email, news outlets, Facebook, and Twitter all day and getting more angry and depressed in turns. I think the College finally has a plan, and I can start revising my courses. The last 5 weeks have taugh
  3. Oh my. It's been ...... I don't have words. The end of the term was rough. My department chair and I ended up shouting at each other on Friday. Final assignments got forgotten or eaten by aggressive spam filters and virus checkers. Students fell ill and barely had time to withdraw from classes before they failed. I hope we figure out how to avoid falling apart by next fall. I HAVE been working out. It's amazing how many miles I can log when I'm furious. But that has always helped me calm down and refocus. I am so glad that the weather has been not too wet or cold.
  4. YEA!!!! Might have to put this on my rewards list .....
  5. Chris-Tien Jinn

    I'm awake!

    Yea, I did ONE 1/2 marathon, and the amount of time it took each week to be ready was enough to convince me that I would never do a full marathon. My friends who run a LOT generally manage to do it because the whole family is into running .... or the kids ride their bikes with parents who are training. Any way that you can trade "me" times with your wife and let her have some solo self-care times??
  6. I am enjoying the morning wake up routine with the Water series from NF Yoga. Not too hard, but it really wakes up the spine and feels good. I'm fitting in the shoulder and wrist mini-sessions during the day. They are GREAT ----- especially after a day of sitting at the computer. Although I'm pretty sure that bodies are not actually able to move in some of those directions. I think the instructor is an alien. A nice alien. But I'm not convinced that my body will ever move that way. Today was a LOVELY day and I took the opportunity to do my long run of the week.
  7. Today, we celebrate a beautiful morning. And add some balance to the threads ...
  8. Chris-Tien Jinn

    I'm awake!

    And yet, it makes me want to go for a walk along a burbling creek. That's art, sir.
  9. I used to work in software development and teach software engineering now. There are lots of job going begging in the USA, but it is hard to find them. You almost need to decide where you want to live and start looking in the area.
  10. We had one living in our neighborhood, 2 miles from the center of the city. Surprising what becomes normal. Glad that the semester is almost over!!
  11. A glass of ANYTHING palatable and some face-to-face conversation, please ......
  12. Yea!! I haven't tried the wrist mobility yoga again. Some of those stretches just feel WRONG .... although I know I need them.
  13. Chris-Tien Jinn

    I'm awake!

    Watching people practice muscle ups at the gym, it looks like you kinda need to get some "air" in order to adjust hands from the pull up to finishing with a push on the rings or bar. I'm a LONG way from trying them myself .....
  14. I'm starting to settle into the new challenge and be productive. I took a 1 mile run around a small lake and then did a double-long ROMWOD (felt great!), and I asked hubby (yea for asking for what I want) to make one fewer meatballs for me for dinner (spaghetti and meatballs are kinda the Thursday standard meal) AND I didn't eat his extras when he realized he had still made too much. So, super nutrition points there!!! Today I do truly celebrate the Writing of the Final Final!!! Time to hang out and relax .... .... oh who am I kidding?? It's
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