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  1. It seems so ..... anti-Rebellion. Although, if it works, then it is pro-Rebellion?? OK, time to firm up plans and put numbers on goals ..... Weight Loss Category: Weight by end of challenge: 156.5 BF% back down to below 32% Strength Training Category: Lat pulldown max at least 97.5 lbs Deadlift max 100 lbs That's going to be a challenge!! I'll be happy with any improvement. Behavior changes (and how they are measured, with bonus D&D tie-ins): Stay within WW points limit each week. That represents a balance between food and exercise, but also rewards vegetable and water intake. In game, I'll pack rations for 35 days. At the end of the week, I'll assess whether or not I'm dipping too far into stores with the forfeit of having to do extra cardio or strength training, representing taking time to do foraging or hunting. Minimum of 10 strength training sessions over the challenge. I can always do CrossFit, my kettlebell workout, or my upper body training workout. But I also pulled out my Pathfinder adventure cards and have a stack of barriers, traps, monsters and bad guys to inspire a workout. Darebee, of course, has many themed workouts .... and I'll try to match those up, particularly after classes are done May13th. For cardio, my land cards should arrive Monday. Tomorrow, I might go run .... between Mother's Day brunch, a call from my daughter (I hope .... and hope she's in a better mood), and watching the new Dr. Strange movie. D&D .... I'm using D&D Beyond for encounters and quests. I'll write story snippets when I can.
  2. My recommendation is to adapt and simplify! Modify the rules to make it fit your goals and not stress you out.
  3. I'll be loading all of these songs into my "It's Friday, damn it!" playlist.
  4. Curious on what your thoughts are on this? For long-term goals, major goals, I like the sense that smaller quests are part of a larger picture. I can even make the three-quest challenges into an episodic group with a cohesive story line .... if I were not tired and non-creative at the end of a semester. The quests and episodes also allow for adjustment on the way to a big goal. It's not a failure, for instance, that I didn't reduce my BF% - I just got hit with a curse and now have removing the curse as a goal for a future challenge (can you say 6 weeks of meditation retreat?? Yea, me neither ....) I don't have much energy right now. I've got a low-grade virus. Not COVID, although I've now been exposed more times than I can count (students in the classroom ......). One more week of the semester to go. Story discussion .....
  5. Mostly ... WW is easiest, and they have been adjusting their algorithms. I can use the app to track food, exercise, and water intake ... plus eating veggies and drinking 64 oz of water gives me points. The algorithm finally calculates an accurate balance - for me - between the energy value of food and exercise. So, that's the majority of the tracking to be done right there. As you say, it's easy. I have the app, which handles any prepared foods with the bar-code reader. I've gotten used to estimating , and we have a bunch of their cookbooks. (I've been tracking this dragon for a long time.) I might get a dehydrator and start making my own chicken jerky, although protein shakes are handy and don't require a lot of WW points. A combination of cards and D&D Beyond sets the challenges for the week, which I am going to log in a Google spreadsheet. Plus, I make notes in my physical calendar and add stickers and images ..... I'm hoping that won't feel like too much logging. We'll see. D&D Beyond holds the character sheets, but if I'm feeling too stressed, I can ignore those in favor of working out. Gardening and spring cleaning chores cry out for some attention, as well as language learning. So, there's the addition of a house and related buildings that will serve as the base for at least some of our hearty adventurers. That's recorded in the spreadsheet as well. Since some downtime RPG rules include "Influence" as a type of currency, I don't have to feel like a mercenary by taking payment for improving the town's safety with a pair of swords.
  6. I'm still working on most details for this challenge. The basics: Eating a slight deficit .... not so much that I'm hangry .... but not having snacks frequently. I hate to say it, but WW has been working for me. The possible alternative is My Fitness Pal, which gives me a better handle on macros. Or maybe the LoseIt app and site. But the emphasis on protein, veg, and fruit has been working. Cardio 6 out of 7 days. Using the MTG Forgotten Realms land cards so that I can mix up the types of cardio I'm doing. Strength train 2 or 3 days per week. I'll be able to get to CrossFit more regularly once classes are done May 13th D & D solo campaigns for fun, flavor, and some creative expression I was going to be learning Swedish, but hubby decided to book next summer's trip ..... to Iceland.
  7. Last night, our Rotary club filled bags with books and toys for a local summer reading program. With the cold weather, it's been difficult to remember that it is MAY and that classes will be done soon. We received 2+ inches of rain over the last few days, but today is finally sunny. Time to get in a walk or a run tonight after work.
  8. Weather is cold and wet. The semester is dragging on to its inevitable conclusion. I just want to curl up next to the fire (metaphorically speaking) to sip hot tea, read fiction, and nibble on cookies. And play around with my D & D solo campaign. I took a little time to look over the d20 suggestions for downtime activities. The rules are a bit complicated at first glance and so I am adjusting them to motivate me and fit the things I need to do to maintain my real life environment and do some self care between challenges. I did order the MTG land cards so that I'll have a variety of cardio activities for next challenge, although I reserve the right to simply walk instead .... maybe to walk around a barrier, I'll need to do three walks just to keep me honest. I still need to sort through my Pathfinder cards to pull out feasible challenges to intersperse "on the road" until a campaign location is reached. It's still a bit fuzzy. The main thing is to keep me moving and doing my strength workouts. And have some fun. Story
  9. Tavern Time!!! I am an adventurer in search of a challenge theme!!! I'm in pursuit of that elusive goal .... to lose weight while building muscle. And, I'm actually succeeding at it!!! Except for the increase in Body Fat% because my waist size increased (probably because of stress), I was quite happy with last challenge's results. I want to track less .... because I getting a bit burned out of tracking so much in so many places .... but track smart and track the important elements. So, what should I retain?? Eating a slight deficit .... not so much that I'm hangry .... but not having snacks frequently. I hate to say it, but WW has been working for me. The possible alternative is My Fitness Pal, which gives me a better handle on macros. But the emphasis on protein, veg, and fruit has been working. Cardio 6 out of 7 days. I'm thinking of getting terrain cards so that I can mix up the types of cardio I'm doing. Strength train 2 or 3 days per week. I'll be able to get to CrossFit more regularly once classes are done May 13th D & D has been a fun way to challenge me to think of real life challenges that fit the on-going challenge. That's a good set of things to bring forward to the next challenge. Plus, I'm learning Swedish. We want to go on a big trip in the summer of 2023. And we might want to spend more time there as we head into retirement. But, we have decided against early retirement and the move to do the extended-family lifestyle near my daughter and SIL. Over the last three years, we have been walking on eggshells loaded with explosives whenever we try to talk with them or visit. It's getting old, and we are thinking creatively about what we'd like to do after we do retire completely. Travel is certainly a big thing we'd wanted to do but couldn't because of family obligations (kids, parents, and pets), and Sweden .... or somewhere else in Scandinavia .... is starting to sound very attractive. So, I've got 5 things to work on ..... but how do they connect and become an adventure??
  10. Hoping you feel better soon!! I've got lots of students who are in various stages of recovering from COVID. It's been .... rough. If you don't mind my asking, where are you moving to?? Hubby and I have started toying with the idea that we could spend large amounts of time ... or permanently relocate .... in Scandinavia.
  11. So ... I ended up working out today anyway after I got tired of sitting in front of the computer .... Walked a mile, did 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then did my upper body strength training: Chest press: 65 x 8, 70 x 8, 60lb x 8 .. I seem to run out of gas on the last set Lat pulldowns: 85 x 8, x 8, 87.5 x 8, 90 x 6 (new PR and met milestone goal for the month) Shoulder press: 45 x 8, 50 x 5, 50 x 3 Story ....
  12. Challenge Wrap Up Ok, I'm a bit early, but tomorrow will be busy. I'm kinda enjoying a unscheduled Saturday. And really looking forward to the semester's end. Read the CrossFit Masters Athlete Training PDF I read the PDF and have started reading some of the related articles and resources, but I’m finding that most of the information is not new. It has been good to confirm that the 70% rule (for weight AND reps) is appropriate. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t find any secret sauce to improve my performance or recovery time. JK!! Well … mostly kidding. Journals such as the Health and Fitness Journal publish research that indicates that master’s athletes have the same nutritional requirements as young athletes. Provided I can find the calorie level to keep losing weight slowly, what worked when I was thirty will apply now. I noticed that I performed better in the last challenge, while I was focusing on protein and water intake rather than calories (... WW points ….). So, I’ll be swinging back to MFP and working on balancing calories and protein to fine-tune my strength gains and gradual weight loss. Log Points in WW and Stay in Points for the Week I did really well at logging this challenge and stayed within limits each week … even with anniversary and Easter!! Result: I lost 3 pounds. BUT, my BF% bumped back up a bit … I decreased some measurements, but the waistline was up a half inch. I’m blaming stress. No, I’m not crazy, there's a correlation between elevated cortisol and belly fat even among people who are at a normal body weight. CrossFit classes AND/OR Strength Training 10+ Times I did pretty well on this. I had aimed for 10 strength training sessions or CF classes. I got in 9 sessions. I could have pushed it and done a gym session today, but I had too much fun looking over the D&D and Pathfinder rules for downtime “adventures”. I increased my lat pulldown weights to 87.5 pounds. Charity Miles app and trying to get in about 7+ miles per week I got really tired of turning on the app every time I was going out for a walk. In fact, I generally don’t want to take my phone with me on a walk. So, this petered out. I walked, but I stopped logging. At some point, I just rebel against recording everything. Daily prayer(book) or Meditation Also, this is something that I don’t really want to log. As soon as I start measuring it, I stop doing it. Good Habits in Habitica On the average, I did (or I recorded) 7 habits each day. I’ll finish the current party quest, but then I need to put this on hold too. I think I’m doing well enough to coast on habit for a while. D & D This has been a fun adventure so long as I don't get too wrapped up in RULES. I started looking at the rules for buying a house and downtime in D&D or Pathfinder and started to get stressed ... since I'm not playing with anyone, the only thing that matters is motivating me and making positive activities a bit more fun.
  13. It's from the movie Free Guy .... which I recommend. Lots of references for nerds.
  14. It was a pretty quiet day. Worked and didn't feel like going to the gym afterwards .... it was a long day trying to cover a difficult subject in lectures. So ... we went out for dinner .... and made mutual promises to workout tomorrow. Fortunately, we probably will do so .... accountability is a good thing. Besides, working out is much preferable to working. Story .....
  15. Wow. We make one like that but without the cheese. Add some capers and serve with starch of your choice.
  16. Knee is still bugging me, but I walked about a mile ... made sure to wear my good walking shoes, but that doesn't seem to have made a difference. We are coming to the end of the challenge!! Wow ... April just flew by. I'll calculate my BF% again. I'm pleased with the weight loss and hope that body composition has not degraded. Story is coming to a point where we'll end up in town Friday .... good timing!
  17. Got in a walk ... about 1.5 miles. I was going to run, but my left knee is bugging me again. Too much sitting, I suspect.
  18. Chest press: 60 x 8, 65 x 8, 70lb x 8 Lat pulldowns: 82.5 x 8, 85 x 8, 87.5 x 8 (new PR!) Shoulder press: 40 x 8, 45 x 5, 45 x 6 Down the cliff today. Across the bridge tomorrow, and then one last climb. So, that's three quests in the 10 quest campaign. Plus, eliminate the white dragon. So, a full campaign can easily take 3 NF challenges ...
  19. Hiking boots .... mostly water-proof, although that feature is always more aspirational than actual. I actually have gone a couple of days now without a new report of one of my students having COVID. But the Hunger Games is starting to sound like a good theme. As well as the ".... And Then There Were None" flavor of murder mystery. Administration has decided to give everyone a "day off" on Wednesday .... we'll see if that makes the situation better or worse. I am hoping to get into the gym for a couple more strength-training sessions so that we can deal with the in-game cliffs again.
  20. Wordle 310 3/6 Heading into the last week!!! We have a COVID wave on campus, and only three weeks left in the term. I have at least a dozen students out because of illnesses, but I've been lucky (and taking precautions too) so far. I am so ready for summer break.
  21. We had a good hike this morning, although the trails were sodden from the recent rains. We've had 2 inches in the past two days ... so we took the firmer paths, covered with grass, but it was pretty wet. A lot of up hill and down ... so I counted rock climbing and crossing a wet bridge as accomplished. To find the mimic, I decided to roll a d8 to determine how many puzzles I will need to solve to find the beast: 3. Got today's Wordle in two guesses!! Wordle 309 2/6 And ... OMG .... I got the Semantle for the day!! (So, that's two of three puzzles done.)
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