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  1. Glad you got the lamb. We're doing ham, as is traditional, and we've decided to get the good stuff.
  2. Today was busy with classes and meetings, and I gave in to general lethargy. No exercise per se other than casual walking and some stretching. I logged my meals, but I am consistently going over the points values for the day. It gives me data on which to start improving ..... Not only did I do the Wordle, but my students introduced me to semantle, which is much harder. Today, I actually did get the word, however!! Story ....
  3. This series is actually for women only. Several midwest states have what they call a Becoming Outdoors Women program. The workshops differ greatly, but it's just like being an adult girl scout!
  4. I made myself go to CrossFit tonight and not be intimidated by the rope progressions. Coach laughed and then helped me find the variation that was hard enough but feasible. It was a LONG class, but very worthwhile. I scaled it to about 70% with Coach's encouragement. Story ....
  5. Returning to the classroom went fine. Most students showed up and were ready for class. Since we had a faculty meeting in the late afternoon, I didn't go to CrossFit. It was important to be at the meeting to vote. So, today is CrossFit day. Despite the partner workout (I'm not a fan because I really do need to scale things way down) and the rope climb progressions, I'm going. I signed up for an outdoors skills development weekend in May!! I couldn't get into the bow fishing or hunting workshops - which were the most Rangerly ones I could find - but birdwatching and hiking and fishing looked fun. And a chance to get away for a weekend. Which will influence the content of the next challenge, I think. For the D & D campaign tie in, I've decided that searching for traps or secret passages requires solving a puzzle. I took an easy one this morning ... solving a Wordle, although this Wordle was tough!! Still, I got it in 5 tries.
  6. Well, it's back to work today. We haven't had a proper Spring Break in years ... so it will be interesting to see how students deal with returning to the classroom after two weeks. I'm already getting requests for assignment extensions. Definitely time for me to retire. Story ....
  7. Today, I walked a mile, did a few minutes on the elliptical and the Stairmaster (so that I could climb up to the Dwarven Excavation in the story) and worked on upper body strength: Chest press: 65 lbs x 8, 70 x 8, 75 x 8 Lat pulldowns: 77.5 x 8, 80 x 7, 77.5 x 8 …. reaching a challenge point here Shoulder press: 30 x 8, 35 x 8, 40 x 8 …. want to be able to start working on handstands
  8. The party is called: "Heroic Nerds and Nerdy Heroes" and the guild is named "Nerd Fitness Rebellion". This is the link to my character's profile: https://habitica.com/profile/4991fb78-7663-4fb5-ae4a-e014c8c5ca9e
  9. The next day, I had the stomach flu!! I was pretty stiff and sore but slept most of the day. Thursday's class left my quads pretty trashed too, but I finally got a run in today on the treadmill.
  10. We have a guild and a party in Habitica. Let me know if you want help joining fellow NF members.
  11. Yesterday's Side Quest was to read a chapter in a new book. I picked up a silly magic-cozy for Spring Break: A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking. It's light and easy, but I enjoy the characters ... including the semi-sentient sourdough starter named "Bob". I also finally took the (very little) time to go to the shoe store and buy a new pair of running shoes. I went with the newer version of the ones I have been wearing. They fit fine and felt good, and I didn't bother going through the rest of the options. Now, I have a pair for outside and one for the treadmill. All in all, yesterday was a very productive day. I got 10 points on the daily habit front. I didn't do much work work. I'm ready to teach my classes on Monday. Over break, I got a couple of labs (re)written. Less than I'd hoped, but the stomach flu really was a unexpected event that took several days out of the plan.
  12. Inspired by @Artemis Prime, I added back in Side Quest cards. I draw until I find one that I think I can do today as a Trivial challenge (5 XP). If I tackle any of those that are in the discard pile, those count as Medium challenges (25 XP). Surprisingly, I can walk today!!! But I think avoiding CrossFit (more, weighted, squats today) is wise. So, today is lots of walking and stretching --- I even dug out the FitDeck stretching cards and drew 5 to get me started. Story ....
  13. Wow - missed this in all of the other great ideas around here. Reading now for inspiration!!
  14. If you use D&D Beyond, and don't use two separate accounts, make a campaign first and then create "unassigned" characters - within that campaign - that you claim for yourself. I couldn't find a different way to be both the DM and the PCs. Any tips you find, send my way. I enjoyed playing D&D with people, but finding a group and finding time has not been easy. Today's CrossFit: 8 rounds of: 10 box dips 20 air squats 30 Russian twists (10 pound plate) Then 12 minute AMRAP of i * 2 reps: Plank shoulder taps Abmat situps Burpees (I did mine leaning against a 20" box) I hope I can walk in the morning .....
  15. I'm realizing that I sneak little bits more often than I realized as well. Curious to see how you address this little ... um .... fudging.
  16. Yesterday's CrossFit class was going to be a whole lotta squat-related exercises .... so I decided to baby the knees and do my own upper body workout instead. I didn't quite make my goal for March on the lat pulldowns. Max weight yesterday was 80 pounds (not 82.5). But I think that is the most I've recorded before. I HAVE done a pull-up in the past. The distant past, but still. There's room to grow, but I'm getting there. Chest press was maxed out at 70 pounds. Also a LONG ways from the 40 where I started this year!! The story continues ....
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