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  1. Totally jealous!! Glad you got outside for a bit.
  2. Maybe with repetition, you won't be spending so much effort on getting to the daily stuff.
  3. Enjoy the burn - you earned it!!
  4. That sounds a lot like my flu from last weekend .... Hope you all recover and feel well soon!!
  5. So far, the pounds have not returned and I'm settling in at my October (pre-holidays) weight. Yesterday, my coffee and a walk meeting turned into a 4.5 mile walk!! My friend really needed to talk, even though the weather was very cold and windy. We were on a loop trail around the fitness center and just kept going and going ..... Nice way to spend an hour, but I knee started to feel sore (didn't wear shoes for a long walk), and I started to feel flu-ish again. So, I skipped CrossFit yesterday. But I had a good habit-filled day and earned 9 points. It will get harder as classes start up again, I'm sure. Story journal writing....
  6. I signed up for this afternoon's CF class, planning to scale like crazy and take it slow. I might get in a walk with a friend this morning .... or we might decide to have coffee inside.
  7. Yesterday was still mostly "in recovery" mode, although I started to eat normally and avoided the couch until it was time to watch TV at night. Exercise was restricted to walking. I got in two 1-mile walks and the usual walking between parking lot and office. I have been using the Charity Miles app on my iPhone, and I think the link between the app, Strava, and the FitBit are doubling up some miles. So, definitely time to fix that and probably delete some apps. Good thing to do during Spring Break .... digital cleaning! Some light stretching ..... and that was it for the day. But, I was very good on my habits and ended with 9 points! So far, with Sunday's 8 points, I'm at 17 ... perfectly on track. I'm looking at today's WOD and weighing my energy level. We'll see .....
  8. And it is a LOT easier to acquire a calorie or 3,000 than it was pre-Industrial Revolution.
  9. There is a lot of variety, but they do generally aim for full-body workouts. So, it does sound like a lot to me as well.
  10. I have not done one, but my understanding is that switching to and from the swimming portion can be logistically challenging ... good to practice.
  11. Yesterday was a good day, and I am gradually feeling better. Did some chores around the house and garden, took a walk (while hubby went on a hike), and worked some more on playing D&D solo. The latter was partially because my WoW installation is acting up and refusing to patch. I didn't take any naps, although I did "put my feet up" a couple of times ... once to "meditate" while listening to the choral music channel. Today, I am thinking of getting in a couple of walks since I'm still not feeling 100%. We have a week left of Spring Break, but that week is now prep for the second half of the semester time .... Story journal time ....
  12. It is mostly written for coaches who might be working with CF athletes aged 40 years and up. Made me laugh at that age break. It's probably best suited for coaches of large boxes, although I'd say that more than 1/2 of our regular athletes would fit into the "masters" category ... and a lot are "late masters" at 55+. You can find it at https://assets.crossfit.com/pdfs/seminars/sme_masters_trainingguide.pdf I have gotten some good advice and ideas out of it. Some advice is just blessing what I am already finding works well for me. 1) archetype or category of the athlete is important to how to develop programs that will interest them. I'm a wellness-focused athlete right now. One of our coaches is a really good fit and the other is more competitive-focused. I just know that I need to heed my own needs when working with the competitive-focused coach. 2) I SHOULD be resting more than a younger athlete: two rest days (active recovery ...) per week. BUT - I should not be dodging the box for 3 days per week. 3) it gave me a good place to start when scaling from the Rx for the weights. 70% of Rx is a good starting point for me on most lifts. 4) the advice to coaches that late masters athletes might try avoidance techniques when they are uncertain or unskilled made me squirm a bit. There are a lot of days when I look at the WOD and say "Nope" and find something else to do. 5) Some CrossFit gyms take months to teach newbies individually before putting them in a group class!! I know that would have helped me avoid overextending and getting so sore that I couldn't come more than once a week ... or even two weeks. I quit and took about 6 months with a personal trainer instead, with the goal of being able to do the basic, bare minimum at CrossFit. It worked out in the end. But the 12-week onboarding example progression was illuminating. The references list at the end might have some resources that will be more useful. I'm going to take a look at some of them, but we probably know the majority of information already.
  13. As a starting point, I created an online spreadsheet to keep track of a few numbers: Chris-Tien Tracks the Dragon. Needless to say, anything involving D&D is .... complicated. Which is why I bailed for the quick reward hits of WoW in 2006, but we'll see what comes of the experiment. Turtle speed engaged!!
  14. Thanks! I am still not entirely well, but at least I'm not spending all of my time on the couch! Yesterday, I got a shower and a walk, and we went to a movie (Lost City). I managed to eat the traditional BRAT diet and even had some popcorn at the movie. I felt a little guilty at the movie theater. Normally, there is almost no one there. Maybe two to six people besides us, scattered around the theater. Yesterday, it was PACKED. I don't think I was contagious any more, but I guess we're back to normal levels of public social contact and the associated risks. Most of the time, I fiddled with how to play D&D solo. This site is a good starting point, if anyone is interested: DnD Solo. I'm going to try playing through a modified intro campaign as inspiration for RPGing challenges.
  15. I know what you mean. I have a section of closet for that very purpose too.
  16. Welcome to the Rebellion!! Do you have a plan for logging/measuring your success?
  17. I am so sorry for the continued disruption and hope that something good begins a positive trend.
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