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  1. Hey, there! I'm from India. I've applied to a weekend Japanese course and plan on taking the N-4 test. I do wanna get better at the language to potentially secure a job in Japan. I'd like to interact more with people in the language down the road and also would like some advice in planning :). Any help would be great!
  2. Totes agree with this. But, then. Mark Laidlaw just left Bioware! @_@... and now I don't know what's really happening.
  3. Hey, everyone! Sorry I've been off for a while. Was so engrossed with my new youtube channel I lost focus with everything else. If you're interested, you might like to check out some of my videos. I have combined my passion for human psychology with anime to produce something you might want to apply to your real life or stories. Here's an example: Breakdown of Light's Incredible Emotional Intelligence | Part - 1 Looking to be more active here. Cheers!
  4. Hey, everyone! Sorry I've been off for a while. Was so engrossed with my new youtube channel I lost focus with everything else. If you're interested, you might like to check out some of my videos. I have combined my passion for human psychology with anime to produce something you might want to apply to your real life or stories. Here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZLm63VIZTY&t=2s Looking to be more active here. Cheers!
  5. Yo, what'd you think of the Dragon Age series post Origins? Origins is one of my favourite games of all time. (love love LOVE Alistair), but I felt it went downhill from there. Inquisition didn't really do it for me. I mean, it was a solid game from all fronts but just so... unmemorable, except for revelation of Solas... which has me very intrigued for the sequel. I'm one of the few people who is really excited about DA:4. Patrick Weekes is easily one of the best writers at BioWare and the fact that he's heading the writing team for the next game gives me high hopes. Also, Alexis Kennedy is involved, he's f***ing awesome!
  6. Interesting picks. I must say I've never heard of either of the two. What are they about?
  7. Heyo, Currently, I'm taking theater classes and my instructor is one of a kind. He made me understand a lot about the emotions of humanity rather than techniques for drama. Which is why I'm revisiting some of the most iconic characters and stories and finding out where my own voice lies. Recently, I've been drawn to the likes of Tyler Durden (Fight Club), Light Yagami (Death Note) and Johan Liebert (Monster). What makes me attracted to these people is the amount of conviction they have in what they speak. Despite their questionable character, their actions line up with their beliefs (not so much for Light ... which is again what makes him so interesting)... So I'm interested in such grey characters and what makes them tick. I really like writing things that contain a lot of humour but have dark overtones. I'm more keen on the emotions and the behaviour of character rather than the story. Eitherways, I'm still a novice at the end of the day, and look to push my interests into my strengths and hope to write characters as great as those mentioned above someday.
  8. Aye, how's school? Yea, Totes understand how stressful it might be :P. Let's just pace ourselves in a way so that we can spend atleast 30 mins everyday, yeah?
  9. Yo, what happened to the guild? Did y'all run off on some secret mission without telling me?
  10. Oh crapp! I haven't gotten to reply to previous prompt. Thanks for all your inputs people, it was super helpful. Here's my prompt #3
  11. Yep, I realised the problem is that I'm a really fast speaker. I need to tone that down. Anyways I'd rather give this a few more shots, pitch in other ideas.
  12. "Hey, so my idea is basically about this video-game that runs like the matrix system and analyses a person's psyche to procedurally generate challenges for him to overcome. I'm taking cues from all self-help books to visualize life like a videogame and how all your problems are caused by stories you tell yourself. With success of Inception and anticipation of Ready Player One, plus the whole ethical debate on videogames, I think you'd be interested in this one. Would you like me to tell you more about it over breakfast?"
  13. Prompt #1: An exercise in POV Persona 5 1:02:39 - 1:10:39 Heavy inception shit goes down as two peeps are trapped in Metaverse Castle. Bitch boy comes and fucks Ryuji up. MC get pissed and decides its time to summon his Pokemon.. I mean Persona. POV: This is from Ryuji's perspective as he watches MC unleash his persona in all his badassery. Phew! That was 3.3k words. I can't believe I ended up being that productive in a single day. Thanks for the prompt! Feel free to tear this sucker down!
  14. Nice. What made you move to India? Was it the marriage? Hyderabadi food is usually on the spicier side. Lots of Islam influence since this was a Nawabi area. Best is during Ramazan when you have Haleem and all other food on the street :D. Ohh, are your parents Indians? Or did they just live in India? That sucks that you don't visit Bangalore anymore. I'm mostly gonna go back there in 2 months. Could have bumped into each other :P. Yep the food is amazing. I can't imagine the life of a vegan in India doe.
  15. Wow, what part of England? The adjustment to climate must have been rough. I'm starting to learn a bit of cooking too. Have to, if I need to get anywhere with my diet xD. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. And as a Hyderabadi, it's really hard to resist Biryani.
  16. Ah. I had gone to Mumbai for an interview last month. Has a lovely air to it. Were you born there? I've been struggling to get my diet in order since Indian food is so heavy on rice and bread. xD
  17. I like what Sorkin said about writing and rewriting. He drew an analogy with a sculptor who sculpted this really famous man. When somebody asked him how he did it, he said "I looked at a piece of marble and removed everything that was not the man." Sorkin said that the first draft is your piece of marble. Then your remove everything that is not a part of the conflict. He also said to print the first material and have it by your side and start your rewrite completely fresh on a new page. This gives you a hedge against laziness and you'll find new and better ways to write the same thing. (Though Idk if this would be feasible for books. Screenplays are usually 120 pages max) Essentially, rewriting should be much easier since it's more problem solving. You need to stop thinking like an artist at that point and start thinking like an engineer.
  18. Same here. And what's worse is my inspirations for screenwriting happen to be Aaron Sorkin (took his masterclass), Edgar Wright and Joss Whedon. All of whom have heavy emphasis on dialogues.
  19. Thanks! These are things just bouncing off my head. But my dream since a kid has always been to write an epic fantasy series following this guy from his childhood to veteran adult age. Right now, I really just wanna write something fun and cheery that also features an underlying sadness. Teenage years are best for this and it's no surprise that my two favourite stories this year happen to be Persona 5 and Spider-man: Homecoming. What I love about these two and what I wish to do is just focus on a small part of a town and really flesh it out so that it feels like a real neighbourhood. You know, a place where everyone knows where to get their sandwiches. A place with it's own local sports club, etc. I want to do something really small scale and give an impression of a larger world full of adventures which I may or may not visit. BTW! I read your blog. The idea of ferryman is really interesting. I'm very curious to see how this goes forward :). I read the first chapter and I do share the sentiment about Wilem being a total dickwad. But, I'm interested to see how his character progresses. I'm also curious as to why he is such an ass to his aunt and wants to do things by himself. Is there a backstory to this? Tanim started the water boiling, and got out the tea things ^this line kinda made me go what? XD Interesting setup though, all things being said! My problem with writing is I struggle to make relatable content for people in my country. I'm from India and I grew up having really niche interests. I got a computer early and gorged myself with videogames and RPGs (JRPGs, which is a niche even in gaming industry) while also watching lots of animes. Needless to say, I my tastes and interests were totally out of sync with my country. So when I try to write something that is "relatable", it just falls flat and I don't know what to do. I just want to write on themes that are universal.
  20. This is most interesting. Thank you for making me a part of this guild. You may call me The Mad Bard. I used to write as a hobby. I won a writing competition at a national festival which I leveraged to pitch some sketches to this youtube channel. I got kicked out of that but one of the girls there was dating this dude from a game company who was looking for a writer. So I got referred and then worked on my first videogame, which flopped and I was laid off. I'm trying to put together my own game with few people I grew rapport with. While at the video game company, another writer told me he used to be active in a writers forum and interact with Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club). He passed me over a workshop document for writing that Chuck had given to him. I never got time to get around to it. I think I will now. If anyone here is interested, I'd be glad to send you the document as well. (I know I'm breaking the first rule here with this) I am always confused as to what I want to write. What genre? What aesthetic? Should it be a game, movie or book? Since I love anything and everything. I wish to write about anything and everything. Only yesterday did I scribble down the purpose of my writing. I made a page long description as to what kind of stories I wanted to tell. Then, I realised I could boil it down into one sentence. "I'm going to show people the deepest darkest truth about themselves that they refuse to see." I think, I can work around anything as long as it follows this purpose I look forward to this. ^^ p.S - I have also written a brief description for a new idea for me book here. You can check it out if you wish
  21. Yo! I'm currently in Hyderabad and will move to Bangalore in few months. Anyone here from around these areas?
  22. Ooh I do love narratives as a means for therapy. I just read Man's search for meaning and it's one of the most inspirational things I've come across. It really lifted my spirits and also made me gain interest in logotherapy :). I might just seek a therapist. Thanks for the info!
  23. Hey, thanks a lot! Great to find someone else with similar backstory. Does therapy really help? I really don't want to try any medication. I mostly realise that I have deep anxiety because my mind became an empty vessel in past two years. While in college, I'd always be researching something and taking online courses on psychology, philosophy, etc. So, my mind was always occupied. That stopped when I got the job. I'm getting back to reading/learning, and it's helping. I have a lot of problems with overthinking. Thanks a lot for the suggestion! I've bought other books by Greene and Tim Ferris. I'm also looking at Man's search for meaning and The way of the superior man. But, I'll definitely be adding this to the list. Thanks again!
  24. Hi, so I've hard the worst year so far. I graduated out of one of the most premier colleges in my country with an engineering degree but I wanted to pursue writing/filmmaking/game design. So I quit my first job and joined a screenwriting gig and then moved to writing for videogames. Things were great but then the game I was working on flopped and I was laid off. Meanwhile, I had 4 string of flames that ended so terribly and iconically they can be part of a movie. Also, because I was so disorganised, I was dead broke. I had to move out of my home and live with my friend for a while. I went for several interviews and none worked out. Meanwhile, people kept talking how I was wasting my prestigious engineering degree. I had to leave town and go back to my parents where I'm currently stationed. Dad's giving his usual shit talk about how I'm a disappointment to the family so atleast that thing is still normal I guess . Due to severe depression, I lost all my gym gains and have ended up weighing 90 kgs (I'm just wee bit under 6 ft tall). I was ready to give up on life, but things changed when I took a flight for my last interview. I grabbed three books from the store there with last few bucks of cash I had. Those were: Mastery by Robert Greene 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris I had never considered self-help books before and these certainly changed my life. I realized I was giving an interview for a job I'd have hated. I did not want to get away from gaming industry. I called a few friends and luckily, one of them told me that he got his idea for a gaming event company seed funded and was actually going to approach me to be a content marketeer. But that startup won't be live till 2 months from now. I saw that as a great opportunity and decided to dedicate these two months to correct all my faults and turn everything around. I've been taking courses, polishing my speaking skills, practicing daily chores, everything. As for fitness, I was looking at fasting techniques and that's how I found this site. I've tried intermittent fasting with a bit of paleo diet involved. Sufficed to say, I've lost more than 1 kg already in a week! (not faking it) I'm tired of life just happening to me as I sit back, feeling victimized. I'm tired of this feeling of helplessness. I seek to have control. I look towards turning this year into my best by ascending and becoming another person altogether. I have never been more driven to give it back to the world. I'm glad to be a part of this rebellion. Thank you for having me!
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