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  1. The night was great fun. Met up with a few friends I didn't even know would be there, who I hadn't seen in ages!! He's a mess, but I love a hot mess kid with a good heart. Thanks!!! No fruitcake, BUT there was so much food. So many delicious things. There was fudge with BACON. And gingersnap kumbucha. I love this group of beautiful nerds. Thanks I tell this to people all the time, but it's always nice to hear it when you need it Thanks. All the bets were off last night though. There were 30 vendors at this place. 15 tiny drinks, 15 small food samples. Some were too good to have just once Thursday/Friday update It's been a pretty good 2 days. Overall, kids have been good, and the event last night was excellent. I saw a few old co workers and a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. I ate way and drank way too much, past my fasting deadline, BUT this event has been planned since July, so I'm allowing an exemption from forfeits because living is important too. Thursday/Friday Food: Too much, but so good. ❌/ 1620 ✔️ Fasting: ❌ / ✔️ Eat at home: ❌/✔️ Compliant Drinks: ❌/✔️ Me Time: Thursday (TBD Friday): Writing: ❌ (1/3) Reading ✔️ pg 71 Journal: ✔️ TV: ✔️ Meds: ✔️ Stretches: ✔️
  2. I feel the struggle with the boring and the slow build up. It's where I always fail...trying to do too much at once. You seem to be comfortable in your pace though. Awesome job for keeping to your goals!!
  3. Sounds like you did quite a bit of running around with decorations as well as scrubbing. Functional fitness for the win!
  4. This is why this community is awesome. Thanks guys!! Wednesday update: Wednesday was fine. Nothing too exciting happened. Literally, I'm wracking my brain, and the closest I can get is I got to use the word "rooster testicles" in class (Thanks, no fear Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet). Anyhoo. Hubs wanted wings, so we went out, but I ate carefully, and BWW lists their calories online, so I was able to stay in my calories, which is good, because today is probably the day I'm going to blow it, and I only have 1 a week. I have an event tonight with friends called the 12 tastes of Christmas. It's a food and beverage thing. I'm actuaklly kind of glad it's on a Thursday, otherwise, I might have looked like this I actually read yesterday too, so there was that. I tried to write but, BLAH, none of the prompts were calling to me, I started and erased a lot of stuff, but I struggled for 30 minutes, so I'm counting it. Food: creamer (100), bento box (500), wings, ranch, carrots (1040): 1640 Fasting ✔️ Eat at home ❌ (2/5) Compliant drinks ✔️ Me time: Writing ✔️ (1/3) Reading ✔️ pg 53 Journal ✔️ TV ✔️ Meds ✔️ Pretty solid day, overall Only 6.5 more school days til vacation
  5. I have a whole list. Freshmen are hilarious. Don't encourage them. They don't need me. Yeah, I have been so on and off with fitness. I am pretty excited to be excited about it. I enjoy the cardio element as well as the strength. I need both to be happy and I don't run. I have really really funny kids. I am keeping a book because they say the silliest things. The other day, one of my kids asked me if it was REALLY POSSIBLE that everyone could have been kung fu fighting at the same time. I had no answer for him. I only just started using it, but it is very easy to use and i like the variety. I also like that I can JUST do yoga some nights without messing with my program. I love a good hearted dirty comment. That is like 90% of the stuff my kids say.
  6. Thanks guys!!! Bolded text for the skimmers among us So, yesterday was another good day. My administration chose to do my surprise observation yesterday, BUT my two biggest problem children were absent, so the kids were (basically) on task and no one was yelling the word cock across the room for no reason (and then trying to tell me that "no, Mrs. Nova, I wasn't cussing, I just lost my pet chicken and was trying to find him"), so there's that. It went about as well as I could have hoped for a group of kids who are usually bat shit bonkers, especially this close to Christmas break. The rest of the day was fine. Went to (my personal) therapy and discussed what seems to be the final hurdle I can't get past to creating a healthy marriage. In all honesty, we are doing pretty dang well, but there is one nagging hold up that we are currently working through, and it drives my anxiety in circles a bit. I came home and hubs was at game night, so I made my own dinner, which I engineered around being able to eat a lemon bundtlette I had bought 5 days ago (410 calories). And then, after all that decadence, I decided I wanted to do a workout, SO I DID. I have officially decided that my issue with working out is stronglifts. I need more. I get bored. Plateauing happens too fast, and historically, I never stick with the program when I start it. So, I found an app called Fitify, and what I like about it is it has plans, and you can pick one that is more strength based, which I did, and then they have the basic body weight routine, OR you can choose a dumbbell or barbell variant. It also changes front interval training, HIIT, Circuit training, and tabata. I like the variety, and even though I just did the basic interval training body weight yesterday, it wasn't a cake walk, as I am sorely out of shape, so that was fun. It took about 15 minutes for the workout, but I can program it to do longer ones if I want after a while. It also includes a cool down, which was 16 minutes of yoga that I really enjoyed, except I am 0 percent flexible and homegirl on the app was putting me to shame. Part of me wants to make a flexibility goal for 2020 because now I have a driving need to be able to fold myself in half and such. That and I think it would help in other areas of my life too (like squat form and ). It also has the option outside of your workout plan to pick categories, so I will play around with the this challenge to see if I want to make it a daily thing. I went to bed around 10 without reading or writing, but I did get some grading done (I am behind, but what's new). Food: Creamer (100), Lunch (500), Shrimp noodle thing (460), CAKE (410), protein shake (210): 1680 Fasting: ✔️ Dinner at home: ✔️ Compliant drinks: ✔️ Me Time: Writing (0/3) Reading pg 21 Journal ✔️ TV: ✔️ Meds: ✔️ Pretty solid day. No forfeits!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!
  7. I feel like I need to tell you every time I wake up my dog laughing at your stories. She was not pleased,. I may have snorted my coffee.
  8. Schools have a text app called "Remind" now, and the kids think it's a free pass to text me about assignments at 10pm-12am at night, then be mad the next day when I don't answer them. It's a conversation about personal space that I have to have ever year. No remind after 6pm! So, I feel your pain.
  9. The fish mafia must have gotten to your optometrist. They don't want to becomes sushi. That is the only plausible explanation for an optometrist who won't do contacts in 2019
  10. That's quite a list. I hope your day goes to plan!
  11. You're welcome Also, being out for one day as a teacher is hard enough, let alone three weeks. There has to be a better system for sub work as well. Hope you feel better soon!
  12. Love it. My brain does that too. Glad you got back on track!! Thanks for reminding me I need to drink more. I regularly fail the hydration test.