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  1. Novaurora

    Novaurora Decides which of her F*cks are Newsworthy

    Thanks! I'm excited to move forward! Mistakes were made, but we will get to that. Mhmm. It felt right and really solidifies the transition I am trying to make. Okay, so in terms of to do lists and life choices, yesterday was a bit of a train wreck. We got invited to a friends house in the afternoon where we proceeded to get wasted, and we ended up spending the night there. So, not only did I crash and burn on my to do list yesterday, but I woke up MASSIVELY hung over, and only just started feeling human again like an hour ago. Hubs is still VERY hungover and asleep on the couch, but those crazies were doing tequila shots and I was pouring spiked seltzer into a shot glass so I could "participate." After recounting all the drinks I had, I'm pretty sure I dodged a major bullet and don't even want to look at booze until at least Halloween. I have been drinking more and more and I need to curb that shit. So, my to do list score yesterday was a 43 which actually bumped my overall score from an 89 to an 82, so, technically, I failed 0 week. Although an 82 isn't a TERRIBLE. starting point, especially when it was thwarted by 1 bad day. Because of this, I am adding a tiny loop hole to my challenge called the "carpe diem" rule. I get two for the entire challenge. And basically, what it means, is if something impromptu comes up with friends, and I want to go, I can put my to do list on pause until the next day. I still have to make a to do list for the next day and get all my usual stuff done, I just have an extra 24 hours to finish everything on the day before's list. I am limiting myself to two so this doesn't become a habit, but it gives me an option if I need it. Anyhoo, I'm not using that for yesterday, so the score stands. I've got a lot to do today to make up for yesterday, so I'll catch you all later!!
  2. Novaurora

    Novaurora Decides which of her F*cks are Newsworthy

    Thanks guys, I'm really proud of myself, but I kind of feel like I need to take some of the stuff off (it's habit now and almost like free points) and add in some of the stuff I really struggle with, but more on that later. Yesterday was good. Kids didn't bomb their quiz (they performed all right. I would have hoped for better, but the overall averages were Cs), and I did get a lot graded. In fact, I had the night to myself and parked myself in front of bad television, had some wine, and graded like 8 assignments before remembering the rest of my to do list. Oops. I got most of it don't but ended up with 80% pass rate yesterday as I didn't write, update my teacher website, and I forgot to take something for lunch at school. Overall it was a good day, despite being a full moon and Friday the 13th with ninety fifteen-year-olds. I'm beginning to feel like I need to "retire" a few of my to do list tasks that are now habits, or combine them into a bundle like I do my cleaning dailies. Some days it feels like I'm cheating because I do pretty much everything on my to do list out of reflex (minus school, making time for reading and writing, and house related habit building) and there are things I really want to address that aren't on there like drinking more water and eating more protein. There are also things on there that I could step up, like my mindfulness activity (because often times I fall asleep to my meditation, which is kind of the purpose of meditation for me, but also not really a practice in mindfulness). It takes no effort, so I'm no longer going to count that as an activity toward that goal. I like the feeling of success, and I needed it the past week and a half, but I don't like the feeling of autopilot and that's find of where I am at this point with many things on my to do list. So, starting week one, I will be adding a few new habit building health goals (one week at a time, and only if the one in the previous week was successful) and bundling some of my "manage anxiety" goals into "mental health dailies" to make myself feel less like a to do list cheater on autopilot. That's pretty much meeeeeee
  3. Novaurora

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

  4. Novaurora

    h3r0 gets athletic

    I feel this. I used an app that would yell at me every 2 hours or so for a while. I just got so annoyed with it i started being more consistent so i could shut it off, ha
  5. Novaurora

    h3r0 gets athletic

    Hope you made it through yesterday and can get a good healthy lie in today!!!!
  6. Novaurora

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    That's awesome. I struggle with this so much. Any tips or pointers?? Looks like you're really tuned into your goals and kicking ass. Great job!!
  7. Novaurora

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    YASSSS GET IT YOU BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONAL ARTIST, YOU!!!! We are all works in progress, no matter where we are in the journey!!!!
  8. Novaurora

    Novaurora Decides which of her F*cks are Newsworthy

    Sometimes they really are nice. Can't complain. Yesterday was another good day. Nothing too much to report. I stayed later than I should have at school, but I got two quizzes written, so I can have a more productive morning. Hubs and I made buffalo wings for dinner. And he home made a garlic/buffalo/Parmesan sauce that was AMAZING. I ate too many wings, but I have been eating very little for breakfast and lunch this week, so I'm not feeling too tore up about it. Goals were good. I didn't finish updating my grading, BUT I can work on that today now that I don't have quizzes to write in the morning. Hopefully my kids do well. I have been prepping them for this quiz all week. I get to buy coffee and breakfast this morning since I avoided the coffee shop all week. I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm crushing goals like a bad ass. Got a 93% on my list yesterday. Woop woop!!!
  9. Novaurora

    Cheetah Is Done

    I feel this, and this challenge my two "make time" things are reading and writing, and my goal is 1 chapter of reading and 30 minutes of writing a day because it's not a lot but it is better than nothing. Scheduling time for everything is a struggle, which is why I end up working out at 5am, ha
  10. Novaurora

    » shaar channels the dirgesinger within

    I feel so compelled to watch this now. Like, I'm drawn to it by some gravitational pull outside myself...
  11. Novaurora

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    This is so genius. I love it.
  12. Novaurora

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Have fun with that!!!
  13. Hey, there's nothing wrong with following your motivation. Any forward motion is good!! Nothing wrong with keeping yourself from being stressed and behind later.
  14. Novaurora

    Novaurora Decides which of her F*cks are Newsworthy

    Thanks! Therapy was great. My therapist is a Godsend Thanks!!! Its my first one!!! I want to read the Sara Knight one as well. I hope you enjoy it!! The kids loved it too. They won't let me live it down, ha. I'm literally so so stoked, and I haven't had time the past 2 days because life and shit, but it's a priority today. SUUUUPER stoked. Thanks for your support Ours are also pretty rusty (which is fine because the price was right), and really all I need for proper progressions is a 2nd 25 and 2 more 10s (I'm a ways away from needing multiple sets of 35 or 45) and then a few chips would be nice so I could progress a bit slower because those 5 pound jumps are for real when you're at the top of your register. Thanks for the recommendations, guys!!! Yesterday was pretty good. The day of school after grades go in is always crazy, so that happened. Kids trying to figure out how their grade is what it is, and how they can fix it, etc etc. I have to set some boundaries when I go in today about that kind of thing. Other than that, it was a pretty normal day. Long staff meeting afterword with the annual safety power point where they teach us important things like self harm and suicide protocol, and unimportant things, like how to tell if a kids house is a meth lab or not (we don't make home visits). Because of this meeting not all of my school dailies got done (that and I was frickin tired as frick at the end of the day). Then I went to therapy. Hubs was home when I got home so we had a nice evening together, which we hadn't had in a minute due to his working long hours, so that was nice. All in all, it was a nice, normal, boring day, and sometimes those are nice. Yesterday's to do list in Spoiler with score Today's To Do List Write in journal Do journal activity Do mindfulness activity Take your meds Read for 1 chapter*** Foster Intimacy Make a meal together Finish updating grades School dailies Dailies (AM/PM) Clean out car Make breakfast at home Make coffee at home Take SOMETHING for lunch Update NF Write for 30 minutes (no longer optional) Welp, that's meeeeee
  15. Novaurora

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    I get that. I always feel like my challenges are miles long, but (for me) I'm afraid if i stop tracking an important or significant habit I won't prioritize it any longer. Good luck and happy challenge!