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  1. Thanks! It was annoyingly long and drawn out! But done is good, lol. I really like it!! Lots of room for adjustments to preferences or available equipment. Good range of exercises and stuff for ability levels! I'm here, I'm here...lol. So, life (as it does) has gotten in the way a bit this week. I am currently doing the job of 2 teachers (minus the teaching) because admin dropped the ball in the hiring process even though they knew the person was retiring Feb 1st in OCTOBER and they don't have consistent subs, SO I have been insanely busy and stressed this week, but it wasn't all bad. Strong Curves: 2/3 (counting the one I'm about to do...) Create a night time routine that starts winding us down at 9, resets the house for the next day, and has us in bed, reading at 10. I have the routine, and I have used it, but I also hang out with B a lot at night (he gets out of work at 8:20) so I need to be better about doing my night routine early if we are hanging out so I can just come home ad go to bed Limit tik tok usage to 30 minutes a day: HARD FAIL. It's too easy to click "ignore limit" so I have to work on being better about this. Plan meals weekly: So, slight set back this week in terms of dinners when my hellofresh box didn't come, but it was fine because I had plenty of food to eat at the house and B cooked for me twice. I planned, prepped, and ate my lunches though!! Plan budget weekly: I did well with this and did not spend outside what I planned! Finish a short story by 2/28 (my goal is 1 a month and I was successful in January): So busy with school stuff this week, but Imma spend the weekend trying to crank it out!!
  2. Hi Nerds, We are back…again…after a 3 challenge long ghosting streak that we are determined to break. I am freshly (officially) divorced and ready to take on the world. I have done big goals for 2023 and a great support system, but my consistency just isn’t where it needs to be, so here we are to try this again, lol. So, let’s get right to it: Goals: Strong Curves: in the mornings on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday Create a night time routine that starts winding us down at 9, resets the house for the next day, and has us in bed, reading at 10. Limit tik tok usage to 30 minutes a day Plan meals weekly Plan budget weekly Finish a short story by 2/28 (my goal is 1 a month and I was successful in January)
  3. Hi Guys, Nova here, professional challenge ghoster extraordinaire. I have no excuse for last challenge except that I wasn’t doing the things and then I got distracted and well, yeahhhh Anyhoo, the thing I love about NF is that you can always try again, and I need to try again, so here we go. And this time there is bribery. How it works: Every evening, I will make a to do list for the next day, like so this looks way more complicated than it is, and I actually thrive off lists and have done challenges like this successfully in the past, so there’s that. If, I get an average of 80% each week, and don’t miss my meds more than once that week, I get to go to Target and spend $15 dollars on winter/Christmas decor. I chose Target because I will not accidentally pass it. I have to go across town and it’s effort to go there. I can also go to other stores if I want, but we must earn our Christmas decor. I think this will motivate me because I’m super excited to decorate this year because STBXH hated holidays and I love them, and it just wasn’t fun with him at all. Speaking of STBXH, he is supposed to serve me in like 8 days, but he is notoriously horrible at doing anything in a timely manner, so I might just contact my lawyer and serve him if he can’t get his shit together. It doesn’t matter who does it. We both want the divorce. On a completely random note, I’m back to bento boxing my lunches, so here’s a picture of tomorrow’s combination: carrots and hummus, a mandarin orange and blue berries, cashews, crackers, and Greek yogurt. Happy mini challenge everyone!
  4. I mean, it's pop music... Jax, Ava Max, Maisie Peters....among others So, I can't set it on fire at my place (burn ban inside city limits), but it will be taken to my friend's house (with everything else that needs set on fire) the next weekend. Thank you! I am beyond ready for 2023!!! Thank you! The weekend was good too! It's gonna be the shit! It's been planned since February. The whole process has been a long time coming, and I'm excited for January and my opportunity to truly start over without ANY DIVORCE BAGGAGE! The weekend was pretty solid. Yesterday, I went shopping for a dress for my friend's wedding, and found the most gorgeous dress I have ever owned. It needs hemmed, but IT HAS POCKETS!!! I had to have it. After that, Brotato and I went to a Halloween party with a few of my friends. It was a glorious gathering of nerds!! Lots of great food, and even better company! Today was ALL THE ADULTING. But I was most proud that I got my food sorted for the week. I had another successful shopping trip keeping my food budget in check, and I prepped one dinner and my lunches! I'm linking the salad recipe here because its the perfect fall salad!! (prep pic below) It's got roasted butternut squash, bacon, walnuts, cranberries, goat cheese, and red onion (with a maple/dijon mustard balsamic dressing). I'm low key obsessed. Other than that, there was lots of laundry, grading, and general organization. Solid day, and I feel prepared for the week. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  5. Hi friends! Well, it's week 1 and we are still here! In terms of goals, we are doing pretty good! Meds: 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Sleep: 🥱🥱🥱❌❌🥱 (the nights I haven't gotten it, I have gotten at least 6) Clean:😀😀😀❌😀😀 (Wednesday was girl's night...came home and crashed late) Really, If I can keep up my med streak, the other shit will fall into place. I'm really proud of a 6-day streak (which shows you how good I was doing before 😬). I have been pretty busy this week because it's the end of the grading period and I am trying to get all my grades done. I did end up taking a half day Thursday, and it was gloriously productive. Because 2022 is coming for me like I insulted its mother, I am really trying to lean into a healthier work/life balance. I have taken steps to give myself the space I need to deal with all the BS and random other stuff that has happened this year, but that also means I get a bit behind sometimes. I'm basically caught up though! Yay! There's lots of good things going on right now too. I'm finally financially stable and SAVING money, everything for the divorce is basically done, I have started painting the house to get rid of the room colors that he picked that I hated, I'm in therapy working on important stuff, I have a fun casual thing going that I am beginning to see potential in beyond casual (NOT IN A RUSH, trust me), and I have a super healthy social life and THE BEST FRIENDS in the world. 38 days until I officially get served with divorce papers, and 42 days until my SINGLE LADY RAGE PARTY. If you want to take a beach vacation to NC on December 10th and celebrate my singledom by trashing my wedding dress, graffitiing my wedding pictures, and having a few drinks while petting needy dogs and listening to angry lady music, let me know! That's all I got for today! Have a great night everyone!
  6. Mail is the worst! Great job keeping up with your goals!!!!
  7. Heyyyy So many great things here! Great jon with moseration of booze! Your breakfasts sound DELICIOUS!!! And I love that fall inspired flower arrangement! Have fun on your bike with your fancy new seat, and keep rocking on!!
  8. You got this!!!! I'm cheering for you!!
  9. Thanks for the link to those core exercises!! Great job on your workouts!!!
  10. So excited for you!!! Love to see the creative goals you're working toward!!
  11. Thank you!! indeed! Just trying to keep it simple enough! Day 2 of success doing all the things!! I have managed to get my 7 hours of sleep the last few nights on pure luck because I don’t set my alarm right, ha. I should be getting up at 5, not 6…so I do still need to work on an earlier bedtime, but Brotato does a twitch stream at 9:30 some nights and I try to support him by watching til 11, so 6 still gets me about 7 hours… I still don’t love how taking my meds feels (like my weird psychosomatic reaction), but I am forcing myself to do it because for the love of God I need to get my brain chemistry right. Cleaning has been easy. A lot of the time doing my dinner dishes and organizing a thing or 2 will get my my 15 minutes, and then I get to wake up to no clutter in my kitchen, which is so nice. I’m thinking about taking Thursday off work to catch up on grading so that my kids can see their grades on Friday. It’s so frustrating that this is something I have to do, but I will still be working, so I won’t feel bad. It will all depend on whether or not I can get a sub. Maybe even just a half day….since I have 3rd period planning I would only miss one class. Maybe that’s the ticket. My first not-out-of-the-box hellofresh meal (Pork Sausage Rotini Rosa) was DELICIOUS and tasted especially good because I shared it with a friend after a 4 mile walk around a lake. We needed a good catch up and the loop is just over an hour, so it was nice. My workouts beyond that have been non existent, but I have been in such a grading rut that spending my spare time doing anything but that makes me low key stressed…though, I have been doing well with my eating habits and have slowly crept under 170 lbs for the first time since 2019. Im not super focused on this right now…I’m really just trying to at least maintain through the divorce crazy, and then I can kick it into gear in 2023 after I officially lose 210 pounds of dead weight 😜😆. That’s all I got for today! Happy Tuesday!!
  12. Yeah, the convenience was huge early on in the year, but I know I can do it cheaper now and eat the same delicious things, so I probably won’t go back yeah. I definitely saw that. I appreciated their efforts to make everything recyclable though No time for a really big update…just checking in to report that I did all the things yesterday! I probably should have graded more, but my space needed some serious attention after me being sick for a week, so I deep cleaned my bedroom (moved my clothes from the bed drawers to the dresser and made the bed drawers into storage), did the laundry and dishes and graded a few assignments. Then I headed over to watch the House of Dragons finale with Brotato (casual new guy) and DANG. It was a pretty good episode. I do not want to have to wait for the next season! Successful day 1 overall!!
  13. Sorry for your loss! Here to support an autopilot challenge!
  14. Sorry to hear about Lottie! Thinking about you!!!
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