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  1. Sorry guys, everything is still spiraling. What I thought was a fix was a very flimsy band-aid and I have been spending all my spoons doing my job, telling my anxiety to fuck off, and maintaining my relationship...I am looking forward to a restful break where I can actually relax. I am already working on my next challenge which will focus all on headspace and things I can control, as that list of things feels very small at this point.
  2. So, last challenge, I figured out that I lost my workout mojo because my quest for fitness that I started 3 years ago had a lot to do with the fact that I hated myself...a lot...and working out was the only thing that made me feel good about myself, ever. Well, flash forward three years, and with the right drugs and all the therapy, everything is kinda coming up least in my romantic and professional life. (There's still Rona and the fact that insertamericanpoliticsranthere) and I realized that working out had stopped being as important because I didn't have to stave off the self loathing anymore. BUT more and more of my clothes aren't fitting, and we really don't have the cash laying around to buy new ones, SO practicality says GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE GYM. But in all seriousness, my body is unhealthy and I am out if shape. Those are facts, not judgements. I have the tools to improve, and I don't want the self loathing to come back and manifest in a different way, so I need to get my shit together. Usually, this is the part where I come up with some insane bulleted list that includes a table of contents and TLDR, BUT NOT THIS TIME. Goals are as follows: 1. Meal plan dinners and eat at home. Always include a vegetable. 2. LIFT:M/W/F: bring back my workout chart from a few months ago that I created on my own and really loved 3. Check in at least 3 times a week and comment on at least 2 people's threads. Update yourself at least once a week 4. Track spending: we are TERRIBLE with money. It's time to cut the fat. That will be an add on to next challenge. The meal planning should stop us from eating out, as well. That's it. In other news, school has been insane, but I will get more into that when I'm not typing on my phone, and I made a BALLER Eggplant parmesan tonight. I like the occasional meatless meal and this was a winner.