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  1. I'm definitely aware that parents are under a ton of stress. I am VERY glad I'm only a dog mom right now. I'm not trying to say they haven't sacrificed because they have. It just seems like the current attitude is more about parents getting what they want, teachers be damned, instead of making decisions based on facts and health info. I want the kids back when it is both safe for US and them to be there. I miss my job the way it is, but it's not worth ending up in the hospital over!
  2. Thanks. It's all about planning and portion size for me. It takes effort and I'm not always that great at effort. Thanks!!!! I missed you guys, just a got a bit over my head. Me too. I will need all these good habits when things change soon. So, the last 2 days have overall been an emotional roller coaster. Last night, our school board voted to return to a hybrid model of schooling starting October 6. Kids will rotate in 1 week on 2 weeks at home. It's not the best plan, and there are many flaws, and I have about a million logistical questions, but it is what it is. One of the school board members main arguments was that "a parent had called him about needing a vacation from her kids" ...not to mention no one from the health department presented, so if that tells you anything.... But, on a MAJOR plus side, I FINALLY GOT A CLASSROOM!!!! One of the teachers in my department resigned because she got a new job, and I was told today that her room was mine!! But don't worry all you Cartlos fans, he will still be good old Cartlos, my handy sidekick, but he gets to retire to a stationary existence, and I'll tell you that he is quite happy as well. Food has been going well still. We are getting sushi tonight to celebrate the momentous occasion (I have been floating for just over 5 years) but other than that, we have been cooking for ourselves and doing well.
  3. Thanks! It's good to be back Thanks!! It's something I have needed to do for a while. The last 2 years I have not been kind to my body. Yeah. I was so proud of how we did all summer that it kinda bummed me out to slip like we did, so it was good to get some focus on us. As always, things are busy, but I have been doing the things, mostly. Take meds: 2/7 (missed Sunday, oops) Move: 0/3 Getting moving early Monday morning is hard! Im thinking of moving to a W/F/S schedule because I don't Monday very well currently. Vacuum: 1/3 Get up early: 1/5 30 min Spanish 0/3 (but I'm planning on doing a long session tonight) Overall, my eating has been great, I'm tracking again as part of my "healthy breakfast and lunch" goal and have done a great job packing my lunch the night before. I'm happy enough with this start.
  4. So, the title pretty much says it all. I've been a little bit lost lately. Life hasn't been bad, but I have let a lot of things slide and I want to get back to it. My challenge fell apart last time when everything started to unravel due to the first real lapse in my relationship since April, when we really turned it around. I got a little scared and anxious, and coming back in is hard for me mid challenge after a failure, so I let it ride, especially with the start of school. I almost didn't make a new one this go, but I'm struggling with stupid little things like taking my meds, so I definitely need to be back with some accountability. I'm going to try really really hard to keep it simple because that's what I need right now. So, without further ado, I will ... TAKE MY MEDS EVERY DAY MOVE 3X A WEEK (bike rides or workouts prefered, but walks will do in a pinch) VACUUM 3X A WEEK GET UP EARLY ENOUGH TO MAKE HEALTHY BREAKFAST, PACK HEALTHY LUNCH AND WORKOUT (6:00am) DO 30 MINUTES OF SPANISH 3X A WEEK That's it. No frills or craziness. Back to basics...again...