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  1. Yeeeaaahhhhh. That's like during my masters degree (gender, sexuality and culture) I did my thesis on the American justice system/public and the role they play in the perpetuation of pedophilia (through the lens of a play). I almost accidentally put myself on watchlists constantly because my Google searches where things like, "child pornography in America" or "pedophile support groups"
  2. Mine is kindle as well (it was cheaper) but I'm not exactly hiding that I'm reading it. I'm trying to be really open and share passages and insights and I'm really trying to get a teacher book club going (you know, where you actually discuss the book and don't just drink wine and talk smack about your significant other). Happy to help! And I hope so too. It's very much time that we all get a grip, accept our privilege as a weapon we can wield in the name of change (instead of a shield we can hide behind) and try to make the world equal and equitable for everyone. Funny enough, when I picked that one, I thought of you. I'm thinking I'm getting that one for sure, and I'm trying to decide between 1 and 2. I can't get over how awesome my boobs would look in I'm feeling better now. I'm trying to engage more and stop being scared of pissing off/offending my white friends whose views don't make logical sense (I'm not a racist but buildings are more important than people blah blah). I'm also trying to decide how much energy to put into people I know are lost causes in terms of understanding the social/economic/historical implications of this fight and can't get past the "but I'm not a racist" stage.
  3. Lol. I do like that one, but I meant like 2 individual suits. Maybe I was just speaking my truth with vague phrasing 😅
  4. Sounds like you're doing the best you can for your kids. It's so sad they they have to go through this on top of everything else. I hope you get internet back soon! So, watching everything over the last few weeks had me feeling pretty helpless as an ally. Sharing stuff on facebook feels like a halfass effort and we unfortunately don't have the funds to support some of these groups in any significant way, so I was feeling a bit lost. As a teacher, each summer I dedicate 1 of my summer reads to professional development, so i decided to dedicate at least one book to better understanding my minority students in order to help them be more successful in my class. This isn't to be a white savior or some Freedom Writers copy cat. I just want every student in my class to feel safe and like they have a similar chance to succeed, regardless of who they are. As a teacher, I feel like I have a responsibility to all my students to treat them equitably, and that's hard to do when I have no frame of reference as to their struggles or where they are coming from. Equity is a hard concept to teach to high school kids. They are very much still stuck in the "fairness" frame of mind, so it can sometimes be difficult to give kids exactly what they need because other kids see it as unfair. I really want to spend time when I go back discussing and helping them understand equity. I know it won't get through to all of them, but I can at least try. If anyone is interested in some good reads on racism and race relations (especially teachers) this is a great list Okay, now to my challenge goals: Everything is still going really well. We are still communicating well and getting past minor frustrations with relative ease. Intact streaks: Yoga Duolingo Cleaning Communicating Things that need Work: In bed by 10:30 No screens after 10 Also, I decided that my prize for this challenge will be a bathing suit. Help me choose! I will probably end up getting 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. Same thing with my husband. Morning yoga is life and we enjoy doing it together. I wish I was better at meditation. I do need to work on it. It's great for anxiety and sleep. I get this. Not having consistent workout friends is hard. But it's important to be kind to ourselves, especially now, so I'm glad you're embracing that idea.
  6. This is awesome. So glad you were able to get that sorted. I feel you about the weight. I'm right there with you. The situation is impacting all of us in different ways, and we are all doing the best we can.
  7. I think if you explain it just like this (you feel for him, but have your own mental health issues and self care needs and hopes he can respect that) he should be okay.
  8. We were supposed to have school until the 11th, so we still have to work to get paid. They just cut it off because June is just test prep and tests, and with no tests, no point, I guess. I'm sure there will be some zoom PD for me too, but first, I have to do some gradebook magic and then contact every parent and ask them what they want their students grade to be given 4 options. Super fun. When do you finish?
  9. Today was the last day for students. I have 2 weeks of admin type stuff to deal with in terms of grades and whatever else. It wasn't my favorite semester, but I made the best of it. Thanks!! It feels great. Yeah. Hubs will never post a challenge, but apparently I'm a great accountability partner (at least when it comes to waking up, vacuuming and doing yoga) Yes. I think having him on board is helping too. It always felt weird before to kind of make my challenge goals work around him. This is much better. Today was just like the other days. All tasks accounted for. Hubs and I still doing well. No complaints. We are adding night time yoga next week and I'm excited because I really wanted to focus on flexibility this year as I am VERY tight. We are also adding a food goal: healthy salads for lunch because vegetables are very much lacking in our lives. We are banning heavy dressing (basalmic vinigarete and zesty Italian will be our go tos) and prepping some chicken and eggs for easy protein this weekend. I'm still not fighting him much on the eating out for dinner because he was super excited about the salad thing and his depression really is making good progress, but I did tell him to pick a number of days he wanted to eat dinner at home, and we would stick to that. He said 4, and I can live with that. My hope would be to get that down to 1 eventually, but again, baby steps. My heart has been really heavy with everything going on, and I need to step away from the news and the various reddit rabbit holes I find, but it's hard. I don't pray very often, but I have been praying a lot lately. Places are burning and people are being needlessly killed. Americans don't feel safe in America. Violence is being glorified and there are so many hypocritical double standards I lost count. I'm scared for our country right now. It feels like we are approaching a place where we can't come back from, and I don't know what that will mean for our minority populations or my vulnerable students or people in poverty or anyone else in this country that is marginalized. Anyway, before I go to far or make this overly political, I should probably head off. Goodnight everyone.
  10. I feel this. I have so many different people that it's a constant buzz.
  11. I feel this on a spiritual level YOUR CAT IS SO CUTE!!
  12. I'm so sorry Sloth. I'm sending all my good vibes to you and your family and your students and your community. I can't imagine how scary and how frustrating it is watching everything get destroyed and good people getting hurt.
  13. Sounds like an awesome day! So glad you guys got to get out and have fun!!
  14. Hope you're still loving your hair. How is your challenge going?