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  1. Here to provide a wide variety of poke memes on the rare occasion that I am also not ghosting!!
  2. I like abs (in the "hurts so good" way) as long as I can avoid a lot of planking. My wrists arent great, so I'm fine on my elbows, but rotating or side planks on my hand just exacerbates my wrist issues. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about them. Herdez taco sauces are the shit. All their cremosa sauces are incredible!! Thanks! I'm pretty excited to start! I'm hoping to reset HARD this month. Fasting until 2:00 was difficult, but I feel better about not snacking during the day and drinking more water to make up for that hunger. I know I will get u
  3. I am here to support once again. I'm sorry things are going to be more challenging this month, but we are here for you!!!
  4. Thanks! I have really been kicking myself about losing focus, and I'm excited to be getting it back. The fork is more powerful than the barbell for sure. Though I know I want to focus on abs because I'm sure my weak core had various repercussions on things like balance and lifting forms sooo... Yay!!! Welcome!!
  5. Today wasn't much of a prep day because I hadn't planned it into my schedule yet (and had enough school work to do that I ran out of time), but here is what we are working with for the week: No breakfast due to IF Lunches: Every option includes apple or clementine, carrot sticks, homemade tomatilla salsa for veggie dipping, and a seltzer water Option 1: ham and cheese sandwich Option 2: leftover pasta bake (sausage and spinach) Option 3: Peanut butter, banana, and oat smoothie Dinners: 1: Chicken Tacos with Chipotle Cremosa sauce OR sm
  6. Here to follow! Good luck with cooking, research, and revision!!
  7. So, last challenge went well until school started, but all that has settled down a bit. I'm hoping if I keep a laser focus on one thing, I will do a lot better. Things are going great mentally and financially right now (finally, and it feels so good) so I am finally ready to focus on my physical health. But for the sake of simplicity, I will just be focusing on food. I have not been doing well with food recently and it shows in the way my clothes fit (or don't) so I'm starting back on the weight loss train. So, here we go! Strength: Intermittent
  8. Not like I have room to talk, but.... How's the job search/to do list coming?
  9. I'm sorry this is hitting you so hard, but you are a hero for still being supportive of your coworker. Though, it is okay to remove yourself or kindly steer the conversation a different way if needed. You're burning on a lot of ends right now. You are doing the best you can! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  10. This is true willpower. Awesome!!!!
  11. Congrats!!! This is awesome! I hope self-promotion comes with a pay bump!!
  12. These are great adjustments!!! I hope this week goes well!
  13. This is great! Congrats!!! Hopefully you find other ways to spend your free time that don't impact your piano playing!
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