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  1. This is me right now. I'm here for this to watch you make positive steps forward
  2. WEEK 1 GOAL TRACKING POST: Allison: Luther: Diego: Klaus: 💊 Number 5: 🍽️ Ben: 💙 Vanya:
  3. I started a to do list journal back in 2019, and added a food journal in 2020 that stuck for a while. Rebooting both for this challenge. Consistency here we come (hopefully) lol
  4. Good goals for challenging times! I'm here for it!
  5. I went with actually obeying my alarm because so many things (work outs, writing, healthy breakfasts) depend on not rolling out of bed 20 minutes before I need to leave my house. This is a great way to support my challenge without adding more to it.
  6. Thanks guys! Funny enough, like 2 months ago it was a nice deep purple, but the fade out (on the walmart salon color) has been GLORIOUS. I like it even more than the original color if I'm being honest. Happy accident for sure., Ant bite update: all good here. They have gone down considerably and I was able to avoid the DR. Oh Aquarii, I skipped the last challenge and bailed on the last 3 before that. No APOLOGIES NECESSARY! So, WEEK ONE HERE WE COME.... My plan is to follow last week's plan that
  7. Girl. We are twinning in so many ways right now, but I am here for the reboot. I'm glad there is a light at the end for you!!
  8. Hi! Where's your challenge? Or are you doing the lurky-lurk this go round? Yay! Welcome!!! Sweet. I'll be stalking the forums for it. Well, it's been an interesting few days. So, what I failed to mention about yoga was that I happened to lay on a fire ant hill, and apparently I'm more than a little allergic, so I have this... It is well outside the circle now (this picture was this morning). The other arm has 5. That was last night. They have also doubled in size. Woohoo. Luckily, my skin is hella fucked already, so
  9. Here to follow!! Looks like you have a good plan moving forward!
  10. Here to support your triumphant return to the gym! One step at a time!
  11. Thanks! I'm gonna have to add good old Reggie and his journalling to make sure I check in at least every day Thanks! Have you posted yet? How's life with your fiance? I just started season 2. It is glorious so far. Sorry to disappoint, ha. Welcome! Well, it's been 2 days and thank god it's 0 week because I have been on a slow start Allison: not yet...but its a notoriously forgotten goal. Luther: Not strength specifically, but I did go to an hour long yoga class today. A girl in our neighborho
  12. Thanks! I'm hoping to keep it simple. When are you posting yours?
  13. I was on the fence, but the rainbow colored spreadsheet got me. Well played.
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