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  1. Yes, that is also a real thing that is happening in crazy town. The guy is very very pro economy (over everything else) and he's mad because our governor keeps vetoing a bill to open bars and gyms because public safety. It's a big election stunt because he is running for governor this year.
  2. You are not alone in this. Just wanted you to know. I have left a class full of kids (who probably did not need to be left alone) to cry in the hallway before. Hopefully you're having a better day today.
  3. I will fight a person who says that there is such a thing as too many reading nooks. Asserting dominance over what they assume is a meeting of their new team of minions. A man after my own carby heart
  4. I love a goods chart. That clears things right up. Thanks!! Great job keeping up the last few days! We all need a reset sometimes!!
  5. I should know better by now. Every year it's something, and every year I'm like HA. Our yard isn't terribly big, so it's not like when I was a kid and it took FOREVER. That's a fun way to get myself on a watch list though. I'll put it on my bucket list
  6. Some random ideas to try: Whenever you open the freezer and reach for it, just give it the finger instead (this is a strategy that has (weirdly enough) worked for me in the past), or bury it waaaaaaay in the back so it's effort to get to. Great job on your workout and runs!!! I love that your daughter keeps you honest with them. Also, you said this twice in your post, and trust and believe I say the same kind of stuff, but my therapist has pointed out to me many times that even seemingly harmless phrases like these impact our self esteem and how we think about ourselves. I'm still working on reframing these kinds of statements in my mind to see my own health as a journey of improvement, and I'm definitely not judging you for saying it. I didn't realize how often I did it until someone pointed it out to me, so I just thought you should know that you're not an idiot
  7. I'm going this as well. Like, I feel safe in my bubble where I know people are following the same precautions I am. Our governor's (lack of a) decision on schools has me a bit on edge, but it is what it is. I love your bingo updates!!
  8. Hey, even small victories are victories! Your kitties and your floofer doodle are so cute!!!! Hope you get your mojo back soon
  9. I do this too, no lie Face to Face is so much better for so many thing. The automated phone voice is my arch nemesis!!! I don't know why this made me laugh so hard, but it did. I'm so glad you're embracing that self love!!!!! Good for you!! Get that stress and BS out of your life!!!
  10. It feels like your work needs one of those terrible corporate seminars on boundaries. That's just nuts. Is it your bosses hounding you, or just co workers/whoever else? If it keeps up, I would start documenting because it sounds like (and I could be misreading based on the info I have) your work place is becoming an unsafe place for your mental health (or hostile at worst). And if people are badgering you and fobbing work off on you enough that you are crying and hella stressed, I'd go to HR or your boss. CONGRATS! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!
  11. Thanks for the information!! Gotcha, I just wasn't sure if it was a common biker thing (asking for actual medical advice on the forum probably isn't a great plan). Thanks! I wish I wish there was a way on strava that I could section off bits of the ride to see speed because around the lake, I feel like I'm consistently higher than my average because to get to the lake I have to cross a few streets (so I slow down) and toward the end of the lake loop, I'm on a sidewalk in the park (I ride on the road otherwise since it's pretty empty at 6am) and it curves and twists, so I have to slow down there too. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my biking. Thanks guys! I let go of A LOT OF HAIR (I have fine hair, but I also have hair for DAYS). I did end up getting a baby bit of an undercut on both sides as well. It was my first time with this new stylist (my old one had to get a new job during Rona to support her family), and he hasn't experienced my fearlessness in terms of getting my hair chopped so he was like, "Are you sure?" and then when holding the clippers "are you ready?" It was nice of him to be concerned (I'm sure lots of people make rash hair decisions that they regret) but I assured him than his implements of hair destruction did not scare me, and to have at it. He did accidentally cut my mask off WITH HIS CLIPPERS (there's a first time for everything), but since it was a cloth one, he paid for it, which I thought was nice. I'm really happy with it and plan on spending part of today playing with it because I think it would look cute a little messy, and I want to find ways to show off the undercut. So, I went and looked at my goals, and the three I am really ignoring are reading, writing, and yoga. I tend to to hyper-focus on my fitness goals (food has had a few iffy days), but this is a self care challenge. I need to focus on that too. Yoga kind of fell off when hubs started working, but even if he's not up for it, I need to do it for myself. In other goal updates, I have baby fingernails, and my duolingo streak is at day 70. I'm feeling really good about my Spanish progress. While I'm still struggling with minor things (gendered words, when to use certain articles) overall, I am doing very well as long as I don't get too confident and try to rush. So, the Governor was supposed to announce the school plan yesterday, but he put it off. However, the way he sounded in his press conference, he wants us back in school, so he is trying to see if the numbers get better (because they are currently surging). I just wish he would have made a call, because if he chooses plan B, and I have to be simultaneously online and in person, I would need time to prep for that, and I would prefer not to panic cram it all into August (because that's when Nova's anxiety tends to grab the steering wheel and run us off cliffs for fun.) Whatever he picks, I just want to be prepared so my students get the best education. Today's big cleaning task is my closet. It desperately needs reorganizing. It is a rather tiny space because the house was built in the 1940s, but I manage to cram a lot of stuff in there. HAPPY THURSDAY
  12. Party poopers, those council people. I had a yard in the very first house I rented by myself. It was my first job out of school and I barely had money for what I needed, let alone a lawn service or a lawn mower. It was a very religious part of NC, and the fact that I was 23, unmarried, had no kids, and was living alone made my next door neighbor take pity on me because apparently I was a spinster. He mowed my lawn for me, and I paid him 10 dollars a month for gas. He also tried to hook me up with his son (or his son's friends)...more than once. We all started as soon as we were heavy enough to hold down the seat on the riding mower. I thought it was great in the beginning because I liked riding it around, but when my dad told me that I couldn't just go where I wanted how I wanted, I wrote my name in the yard and that was pretty much the end of that. Earning them wifey points ( friend made that joke the other day and asked if I would eventually be able to trade in like 10 chores for a massage or a vacation, ha). It's really nice to be able to support him. MORNING!! The rest of yesterday was fine. Calories were in line, and when I put in all my exercise, MFP gave my a huge deficit. I want to trust it, but I'm not because it seemed a bit much, but I know I ate to calories, so regardless, I had some kind of deficit. Just got back from my bike ride. Quick bike ride question for Sloth or whoever (won't let me tag for whatever reason). When I first get on the bike and start pedaling, my knee clicks once or twice. Are there stretches that can be done to avoid this? It's not painful, just weird. Doesn't happen during other exercises either. I'm getting a bit faster. Went a whopping 11 mph today WOOOOOOOO. Now, could I actually do 11 miles in an hour, that's a question for Saturday. I'm gonna try it. I just have to plan my path in advance. I thought about going around the lake a few times, but I feel like that would be akin to a treadmill or a thanks. We have other bike paths, but I have to drive to get to them, so I'll probably just deviate from the lake. The roads surrounding it aren't busy in the early AM. I have therapy and a haircut today. I'm going back and forth between 2 haircuts (going from medium length asymmetric bob to a pixie with an undercut), but I'll get some advice from the stylist at well. Thankfuuly, the hair Salon is taking tons of precautions. I have to wear a mask, the place is already set up where each stylist has their own room (it's a shared space more than a salon), no one goes into the building without being escorted by their stylist (you text them), and everything is sanitized between appointments. I feel safe. I'm still doing teletherapy because my therapist cares for an elderly relative, and I 100% respect that. Anyhoo, not much going on today except writing and my PD course. Also, I have been going through a power metal phase (thanks hubs) AND LOOK WHAT CAME UP ON THE GOOGLE POWER METAL RADIO YESTERDAY You're welcome.
  13. It smells like cake and the aftertaste is DEFINITELY cake. Fancy as fuuuuck, ha.
  14. More proof that our birthday twin-ness was fate So, thus far, today has gone as planned. I mowed the back lawn in shady 83 degree weather (thankfully our yard is not that big), and then came in and did my workout. Today was cardio trim and iron born with a 5 minute warm up and 10 minute yoga cool down. Cardio Trim: Part 1: (X6 WITH NO STOPS) 30 side to side hops 30 half jacks Part 2: abs x5 20 sit up punches 20 sitting (leaned back) punches 20 flutter kicks 10 back extensions 10 back stretches 10 climbers Iron Born: Arms (all done with 10 pound weights) Shoulder Press (12, 10, 10, 8 ) Chest press (12, 10, 10, 8 ) Lateral Raises (6, 6, 4, 3) Tricep extensions (5, 4, 4, 3) (each arm) I rewarded myself with a LimonCello La Croix because I deserve fancy things.
  15. I get that. It is hard to slow down when you're enjoying what you're ding. Are you considering seeing a doc?
  16. I feel this. When I was at my worst with my anxiety/ADD, I knew what should happen and (in theory) how I could make it happen, but I would always try to do it all at once and would fail every time. Learning patience is the hardest part because it still feels like everything around you is on fire even if you did the one thing you set out to do well. Awesome! It's great when you can share your goals with someone and get the support you need!!
  17. I think it's important to remember that we all need time to step away. We can't change the world overnight. This is a marathon for sure, and we all get to step back and let others take over for while. Your willingness to continue is what counts.
  18. From someone who tried to exercise through a serious injury (because I didn't realize how serious it was) this is the best plan. Great job listening to your body!!!!!!
  19. I forget where I read this, but a woman wrote a blog, and was like "if you do nothing else before bed, do your dishes and clean your sink." Like you, I didn't understand the profound difference this would have for me. It's seriously so much better to wake up to, so I understand.
  20. What is the order of meals in your house? Sometimes you talk about tea, but supper is eaten before dinner (which are the same thing in America). I'm not telling you to change the way you talk about it, I'm just curious what means what. Great job acing your goals yesterday and not giving into the tantrum!
  21. Welcome to the club (my entire master's thesis was about society's role in the discourse about pedophilia (with a focus on older man, adolescent girl (because I was basing my analysis off a play) and how as a whole we (including the media and the government) are complicit in it's continuation due to how how we handle it, including sexualizing your girls, and other things (I was not very popular with my Irish professors...should have read the room better, ha)
  22. If your friend minds or makes a fuss (if they know the circumstances) this is how you handle it. I'm sure your mom appreciates all the help and you are helping her with her stress levels