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  1. So, here we are again. I should be sleeping, but I couldn't. I have let my last three challenges or so trail into the oblivion due to lots of different things. But mostly sloth. All things considered, 2020 was "good." My relationship survived, and even thrived in many ways thanks to extra time to be together; I taught in every different conceivable mode (virtual, in person, hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous, on zoom and in person at the same time) and only contemplated throwing in the towel a few times; both of us kept our jobs, and my family and his family are all healthy.
  2. I'm here! I'm here! Thanks! The rest of the week was so so, but it is what it is. It did something, ha. We have become breakfast people this week. I'm usually not, but we even had breakfast for dinner this week. I think I've been dealing with a little bit of depression this week. I'm also a bit overwhelmed because it's the end of the semester and I'm trying to keep up with everything. Thankfully, I basically have a week to grade at this point since all my exams are online. I am really looking forward to break. I put the Christmas
  3. So, there is no tenure in NC because they hate us and want us to burn out and quit early so they can hire newer, cheaper teachers. But every year we have 2 observations and get a summative rating (based on this rating and years in a district we can get longer contracts as the standard contract is one year) and every 5 years we have to renew our license with the state by doing a bunch of CEUs, more observations, and paying a fucking fee. Also, no admin for 12 years. That's crazy. Ours are everywhere all the time. I don't mind that most of our observations are unannounced becau
  4. Great job! It's always good to get feedback, especially when times are CRAZY and we all feel like chickens running around with our heads cut off. This is my renewal year, and I've already had 2 official observations. One was while we were fully remote and the other was while I was teaching on zoom and in person at the same time. I need one one more...and who knows what that will look like
  5. My family is pretty straight forward. We all make wishlists and just pick things off of them. I'm glad you were able to get everything sorted with your running coach. That would drive me nuts too. If my week isn't planned out Sunday, I go a bit crazy. I used to have a job at a tutoring agency that would let parents schedule all week and they would send out a new schedule every day. I stayed at their beck and call way too long
  6. Well, one dice roll went in my favor (I'm just splitting it 1-10 and 11-20) we will see how the rest go. I'm hoping to finish up this section tomorrow. I don't have kids, but life with dogs is definitely one long game of "What's in your mouth?" Indeed! It's going okay so far!! You're welcome to them! I like the red ones and the blue ones It worked better than I thought. Especially the smell bit. I went to the hall closet and smelled all my favorite candles that are stored in there. Very helpful. Well, the big disappointment
  7. Sweet fuckity fuck. After you dust your hands of this guy, go leave some very dissatisfied reviews!!! I'm so sorry he is making life stressful for you.
  8. Congrats! So exciting!!!!!! I really need to get on this. Because of my job, I wear a mask like 8 hours a day, and the colder it gets, the dryer my skin gets.
  9. This sucks! I'm sorry your contractor let you down!! I just mentioned this to my contractor husband who just shook his head in disgust. I can relate to this so hard. HUGS!!!!!! I would probably chuck that scale out the window too.
  10. I love how "not much" would decimate Wilmington, ha. Perspective is everything.
  11. I enjoyed your narrative! I'm glad you don't have anymore of those devil shifts, and I'm sorry to hear about your DM's health! Good luck in week 1!
  12. Here to follow! Good luck with those essays and pulling off your gift for your grandmother!!!
  13. You know what. If you don't, there's always the next day. Or later in the day, or later in the week. There is no such thing as perfection, only improvement. Maybe have a back up plan (some body weight stuff) that you can do at your house if it takes a while to get out of bed.
  14. Thanks, it was definitely not the week I hoped it would be in terms of challenge goals, but I'm turning it around. We always get together with our quarantine couple and cook something. We did fried chicken yesterday. So very very tasty. I only enjoy numbers when patterns are involved. And I like the non judgmental aspect of the 5x5. I mean, you COULD, I'm just not a fan of hairballs. Basically, it is supposed to take you out of the racing thoughts of your head and into your environment. You list things non judgmentally ("I se
  15. That's a good one too. My brain really enjoys patterns, and 7 is an odd number, so counting by something sounds much more focusing than just counting. I also play alphabet games where I try to name an animal or country or girl/boy name for every letter of the alphabet
  16. Yay!!! Glad to inspire! We really enjoyed that. I just wished I had chopped the artichoke a bit more. Your journal is so pretty!!
  17. This was a LARGE part of my anxiety last month. COVID has been hard on hubs' business , and we lost our savings to emergency dog surgery in June, so we have been a bit above our means lately. Last month super fucked us, and we had like 2 dollars in our bank account for 2 weeks. We survived, but it wasn't pleasant. I hope you find some distractions asap!!!
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