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  1. So, big win for today was meal prepping for the next few days.  I did a simple stir fry and will be using the rest of the rice for egg fried rice tomorrow.  I started out as lazy as ever today, but got super fed up with my straight up laziness around 1, so I pulled my thumb out of my ass, cleaned my kitchen and living space, started my laundry, and made a bunch of food for myself.  I WILL NOT buy any more food from anywhere except a grocery store this week.


    Everything is done and I am working on creating DnD characters.  Not that I have anyone to play with, but I am really interested in it right now and writing the back stories and stuff may inspire me to write in general.  Again, I'm just letting my fancy do whatever this week as long as it is relaxing and productive and now just dicking around on the internet or watching TV.



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  2. Happy weekend, everyone!


    Yesterday was a great!  Successful spa day with the girls.  I put little baskets together with masks, nails polish, cooling eye masks (thanks dollar store) and the products i made and my friend brought her foot spa.  We made brunch and drank lots of sangria.  No picture, but it was breakfast tacos.


    Shark week also started yesterday, but it managed to hold off the worst of the cramps until this morning, and so for today, I am lifting my TV and social media rules because occasionally I get to be a couch troll.  I am going to write a bit and clean up the house still because I don't want to get behind on any of that.  I did get wax all over a bookshelf because I made the terrible choice to not put candles in containers...oops.  I already worked on cleaning that up this morning before my life became a nightmare of cramps.


    I'm struggling with food.  I bought a bunch but I'm just so uninspired to cook for just me. I have been trying to convince myself to just eat something in my house for the past like hour and a half.  I am going to win.  I need to work on being better with money and better eating. I may just make a shit ton of a chicken pasta with vegetables and eat that for a few days.  I'm not a person who cares if I eat the same thing a few times over if it's good. 


    Also, I need help making a judgement for my challenge.  I have been listening/watching Critical Role from the beginning for the series.  I have been thinking about it as an audiobook in the car, but I have started watching the youtube versions in the background while doing other things (like now).  Should I limit this like I limit TV?  Am I skating my own rules?


    Anyhoo, I'm have my bleeding couch day. Hope your Saturday is awesome!

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  3. On 7/26/2020 at 5:07 PM, DJtrippyT said:

    Some of this, too, is caused by my constant need to be doing six things at once to feel my existence is justified, which means I get three and a half  things done (none of them well) and two things undone, which I then feel bad about. This is not an optimal state for me. 

    This is me.  I feel this so hard.




    If you need help with your phone free hour, look up the forest app.  It has helped me a lot.

  4. 20 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Don't argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

    I would like to think that my facts win out more often propaganda or hysteria, but I'm not going to change their minds, so it doesn't matter.  I will definitely keep this quote in mind to help me resist temptation.  Tanks!


    19 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

    I truly hate online teaching.

    I am right there with you, especially since we will be forced to use a platform called Edgenuity as our shell, and I have used this before in credit recovery situations and there are multiple website that have the whole course on there with answers.  It's a plagiarism nightmare.  For ELA 1 and 2 (both courses that I teach) the county already has online courses built by teachers in the county.  I emailed our ELA lead to advocate for the possible ability to use those because teaching is going to suck if I can only use the canned course.  We are getting more info about it this week, but I'm not hopeful



    18 hours ago, fearless 2.0 said:

    you teachers are all not valued enough!!!! I had a partner who is a teacher and she worked soo hard.... don't let it get to you! ❤️


    PS. thanx for the food porn! ;)

    I appreciate your support!  And before I get on my soap box for just a second, let me say first that as teachers, we have been incredibly lucky so far because, unlike other non-medical essential workers (grocery store and other essential businesses), because we were allowed to stay home last semester and keep ourselves safe.  And I get that online learning isn't ideal and kids need to interact with each other and that single/working parents are going to struggle to work and help their kids as a result of this decision.  I'm not saying that all those points aren't 100% valid, HOWEVER, when the school board is meeting remotely to decide whether or not we go back in person, and people can't see the irony in that...I mean, come on!!  


    So, this morning is brought to you by dogs that don't know how to share a king sized bed with little old me.IMG_20200730_051456.thumb.jpg.f30b7e861460eebc5bce25c60d3b4586.jpg

    My side is the one with the light on, and I woke up at 5am(ish) with both legs hanging off the side because personal sleeping space is not a thing in my house even when my husband isn't home. BUT, I haven't gotten on social media yet (NF doesn't count because I prefer to do that in the AM), I already did some Spanish, and I'm feeling a writing day coming on.  Woop Woop.


    This morning's breakfast isn't much to look at, but it's a cup of strawberry greek yogurt, half a cup of blueberries and a quarter cup of granola with almonds.



    Yesterday was okay in terms of goals:  Social media before noon is a hard habit to break, but yesterday was better.  I did a bit of meal prepping (Shrimp, avocado and salsa salad) and delivered presents to a friend's son who graduated this year. I did have to go to Costco for dog food, but I survived.  Everyone was wearing masks and keeping distance, thankfully, and there wasn't a line.  Bonus: I made it out of there with only 1 thing I didn't intend to buy.  Them one of my friends in our "quarantine circle" came over for dinner and we watched a bunch of Trevor Noah clips.  I'm so glad so many of my friends are taking this so seriously because I don't feel bad social distance hanging out with them.  Being off a regular schedule has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I need to get back to my rehab and daily house upkeep, though I did wash the dishes yesterday because I can't stand a dirty sink.  


    Wednesday Summary

    • Meds :) 
    • Communicate my needs :) 
    • Healthy breakfast :) 
    • Yoga/Hip Rehab :( 
    • Sweep/Vacuum/Dishes daily :( :( :) 
    • No TV until after dinner :) 
    • No social media until after lunch :( 
    • Limit work stuff to less than 2 hours a day :) 
    • Prioritize things like: writing, hanging with quarantine safe friends :)

    Happy Thursday!!

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  5. Spoiler

    Pretend there is something phone won't let me get rid of it, lol




    (I clicked, taking a break)

    If you want to try a few, I use a free app called "simple habit." It does want you to pay for things, but there are enough free mediations to make it work.  The nice feature is it has a wheel (pictured above, because my phone is being difficult, in spoiler) and it gives you a few options depending on what you click on and how much time you have) and they are all free.




    (My phone has also decided to put this picture here and not let me delete it.  I guess it's mad that I'm up before 6 am )

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  6. On 7/29/2020 at 2:37 AM, Salinger said:

    And you are probably right about the stress...i also think ive built this up into such a big deal that it makes me anxious. Im slowly getting into it though... the hang of things, cooking again. and enjoying cooking. I hope it continues/gets easier !

    One of the things I do to combat the stress and anxiety of "cooking a meal" is I have some go to "easy" things in my freezer that I can lean on when I'm not feeling up to it but want to resist going out (fish and chips, pan fried dumplings, pizza rolls (because I'm an adult, obviously), perogies, etc) or, you could batch cook and freeze a bunch and then have healthier meals that are easier to cook later.


    Also, your flowers are LOVELY!!!

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  7. 8 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    I'm not hoping I have it, I'm just seeing the upside to having a mild case. My attitude is fine. I'm generally pretty easy going when I get sick.

    No judgement here.  In times like these, we need to hang on to the positives that we can.  But I hope you don't have the COVID and you feel better soon!!

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  8. On 7/27/2020 at 11:48 AM, fearless 2.0 said:



    On 7/27/2020 at 11:48 AM, fearless 2.0 said:

    difficult conversation about needing time for myself with my visitor.

    I feel you here.  My teenage cousin was visiting last week, and we had a GREAT TIME, but she ran me ragged. However, she was kinda like a toddler and would take naps in the afternoon, so I got a few hours to breathe everyday, which was nice. (Now I understand why "quiet time" was a thing at my grandmother's house every day when we visited)

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  9. On 7/27/2020 at 1:19 PM, iatetheyeti said:

    mean, I got up today and the first thing I did was walk into the door frame.

    Our house has two baby gates.  They are in front of both bathrooms because our dogs have a terrible habit of rooting through bathroom trash to find various "treasures" that could harm their insides.  So many morning I have run into these or kicked these or hit my big toe on the top as I'm stepping over.  I feel you.


    1 hour ago, iatetheyeti said:

    My streak is broken already... I'm going to set the xp as low as possible right now so I don't get that burnout though.

    When I really REALLY don't feel like doing ANYTHING my hack is to do a story (these open up after you get past level 1) or review a section I already did because you still get the streak if you don't reach your daily XP and those 2 things tend to be easier/shorter.



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  10. 18 hours ago, Jupiter said:


    Wow, I love it!!!

    Thanks!  Me too!!  It finally stopped bleeding everywhere, lol.


    Good morning!  Today will be the first official day of my challenge.  It started with a good breakfast.  30 grams of protein, about 500 calories (but I have to go to Costco because I'm out of dog food, so I needed to not be hungry so I shop like a normal person, not a hungry person).




    I decided for the time being to just experiment with making spa products and give them away to friends and family so everyone can get their relax on.  Like I said, I need a fun, low stakes hobby, and this will be it.


    Yesterday, our school board voted to go virtual for the first 9 weeks, and I think I need to add a "no arguing" clause to my social media usage. I'm getting way too caught up in people's opinions about teachers and teaching during the pandemic.  There was no good answer, but when I see a parent blame teachers for the state of things, and say things like, "this isn't about the pandemic, it's about you wanting to sit at home" I can't help myself.  I miss my job.  Online teaching is boring and it's more work than regular teaching, and there aren't the same connections with the kids (my favorite part) and no matter what I plan or do, sometimes things just feel like busy work, and I hate that.  Yesterday, I got into it with a parent who thinks all teachers who want to work from home are lazy and that we don't care about teaching because we have second jobs (HA HAHAHA HA...yeah, THAT'S why we have multiple jobs) and when we signed up to be teachers, we signed up to deal with shit like this (we didn't).  Arguing with her was pointless.  She's frustrated because she's an essential worker who now has to help her kids navigate digital learning (and I totally sympathized with her and told her that her frustration with the situation was 100% valid but that she was pointing it at the wrong people).  Long story short.  I'm cutting myself off.  I will not argue on the internet for the remainder of this challenge.


    Hope everyone has a great day!!



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  11. 10 hours ago, Xena said:

    finished everything available on Netflix a while ago

    We have netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. I like Hulu a lot.  Amazon is Eh.  You have to rent a lot of the good stuff.

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  12. 6 hours ago, foxinthenorth said:

    I also did my meditation before starting work, but it was a rough 5 minutes. I essentially forgot I was meditating at one point.

    I feel this struggle.  It is my life.  Do you go it alone or do guided meditations?



  13. Just now, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl, that's murder Carrrrrrrrrrl.

    I just watched these all the way through the other day.  So dark and wonderful.

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  14. Uneventful day so far.  Hubs is packing and getting ready to leave.  My challenge is really kicking off tomorrow once he is gone.


    Breakfast this morning was simple and quick.  It is the yogurt of my dreams.IMG_20200728_110028.thumb.jpg.8dd00719da82ce911c52fe3dd1026363.jpg

    I threw some granola in there for good measure.  I will begin my food experimentation after I grocery shop today.  


    We had Moe's for lunch (which means I probably won't have much for dinner because homewrecker burrito is life).  We are borrowing a laptop from a friend since mine died in May and hubs needs his (that I have be n borrowing...he has a desktop) for the trip.  So I'm currently sitting in the truck giving hubs an easy excuse to leave instead of getting sucked into an hour of conversation (as happens with this friend).  


    So a few friends and I are going to have a DIY home spa day on Friday, and it gave me the idea to look up how to hand make spa products, and now I want to experiment with making my own, and perhaps selling them as a side gig.  For now, I am keeping it simple and just going to try to make a few things for my friends.  It'll be a fun hobby.  No need to stress myself out with it. If I started anything, it wouldn't be until next summer. My guess is that hand made products aren't hugely popular in the times of Rona, and it would be nice to have a hobby that doesn't come with expectations (like my writing tends to).


    Welp, that's all I got for now.


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  15. 3 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:

    I was crushing Duo last challenge until I got burned out by doing too much and now I keep thinking I should do at least a little but, but I just can't get myself to do it. 

    I go through phases with Duolingo.  I have a 96 day streak currently, but some days, logging in and just doing a story or a single lesson is enough for me.  Other days, I can do it for hours, no problem.  I get the burnout though.

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