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  1. So, after watching Captain Marvel and being filled to the brim with all the glorious girl power, I felt really pulled toward doing an Avengers challenge, but the more I thought about it, the less like an Avenger I felt. I have yet to really get back on the wagon, I’m kind of all over the place at school, I’m not eating right, etc etc. It’s starting to get to me more and more, and I need this challenge to re-energize me, but I’m not perfect and I need to stop holding myself to some impossible standard, so we’re going to get a little unorthodox with our inspiration So, while this challenge IS an Avengers challenge, I’m going to focus some stellar HUMAN characters, who aren’t necessarily saving the world, but they are doing the best they can to keep their shit together and support the Avengers. And that’s really what I need right now, to accept the fact that I am human, I do make mistakes and back slide, and THAT’S OKAY. Self-Care: Agent Coulson As one of the most compassionate characters in the MCU, Coulson is the perfect choice for my self-care goal. I need to show some of that compassion to myself every day!! Meditate Take meds READ 2. Keeping a schedule: Pepper Potts I am changing the structure of my goals here, and clumping a few different things into this idea of a schedule, and who better to lead the way than the person at Stark Industries that actually does WORK. She has to be organized and on top of she stuff to handle all her responsibilities, so I’ll be channelling some Pepper every week. Do your dailies (PM) Work out 5 days per week Log grades once a week Organize desk paperwork once a week 3. Writing, writing, writing: Maria Rambeau Maria Rambeau has a serious passion for flying, and it’s the kind of passion I wish to rekindle with my own writing. We are starting very small this month, as I know how this generally goes mid school year. Write more than last month (which was nothing) Bonus if… I write more than once a week Reach 1000 words in one sitting 4. Eating Right: Maria Hill While this one might seem like a stretch, what I’m really doing here is trying to borrow her discipline. She takes orders and does what is best for SHIELD, which is exactly what I need to do for my body. I need to follow the rules I set, and do what’s healthy for the most part whether I like it or not. Eat at home x5 per week Try to keep it under 1500 calories per day 1 sugar snack daily