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  1. I just resurrected my NF account to say HELL YES YOU CAN DO THIS GIRL. Also play bass with me. Pls. 🎸
  2. I will when I come home. Currently in Florida, soaking up the humidity. Vacation, yay?
  3. I was almost gonna go for my actual cat, but she was sleeping so peacefully.
  4. Ok guys. I made this for you. You wanted curls? You'll get curls.
  5. Curls aren't very fun to watch.
  6. Now officially hold all the masters 35-59 records in two weight classes. http://newenglandlwc.com/records/womens-master-records/ OMG you guys are too much. I am a sucker for large glasses though. Have a new pair on order. (with an updated prescription, a bit out of date on that...)
  7. Clean work yesterday. And lots of ab work. Ab work is so so so so important for weightlifters - it helps you be a lot more stable with a ton of weight over your head. I have a goal to be able to do a full hanging leg raise. I'm getting there slowly. The next couple of weeks for me will be a bit ad hoc training wise. On the 20th I'm flying to Florida to visit my brother for the week. He does have a garage gym, so there will be no problem with lifting. I probably won't go back to any structured program until I come back, but I still plan to follow my bro goals as much as I can.
  8. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OY OY OY! I spent a few years in Sydney, late 2005 to late 2010. I miss it down there sometimes! Mostly the Tim Tams.
  9. Did some light work yesterday to get back into it. Feeling mobile.
  10. You are always lifting enough to do meets!!! The idea is to do one to get the experience. It has nothing to do with how much you can lift, only that you go out there and do your best. For me it's a lot of shoulder raises, upper back work, lunges and other glute work, and abs. All of those are extremely helpful with Olympic lifts. Yeah weightlifting always appealed to me more than powerlifting because it's more complicated. More frustrating, yes, but so very very rewarding when things go right.
  11. Now that my meet is over, it's time to change things up a bit. The next 5 weeks I'm focusing on a lot of bodybuilding type accessory work that should help translate itself into better olympic lifts. I'm still doing the lifts, it's just not going to be as much of a focus on a daily basis until these 5 weeks are over. Weights will be low-ish, volume higher. Monday - Snatch work, bro session Wednesday - Jerk work, bro session Friday - Clean work, bro session Saturday - Full lifts (snatch, clean & jerk), squats and pulls. My goal? Just keep going. Do the work. Keep my diet as on point as I can. The week of June 20th I'm going on vacation to visit my brother, so my training and/or diet may not be AS perfect as it should be. But I'm ok with that. The only meet I have scheduled so far is American Masters in November. I may do one more, maybe two, before then, as tune-ups. I haven't quite decided yet.
  12. I'm such a nerd for this sport, I know it by heart.
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