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    Currently in Sioux Falls, SD but will be back at Yellowstone in June if all goes well after surgery.
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  1. Vangrrl57 arrives at the Ranger Guild Inn after a long period of health issues that kept her from chatting and fellowship. She asks for a mimosa and takes a seat to see what's going on.
  2. Hi to all here. I'm a member here but health issues have been plaguing me for awhile thus undermining previous goals I had set for myself. This time, I joined the Academy. I need some accountability and a better approach. I will have to undergo knee replacement surgery on January 25th which will require recovery time but I will start by changing my eating habits as well as doing what I can while recovering from surgery. I will stay in touch and I look forward to when I can get into the swing of things after my recovery time.
  3. I can relate after I get out of cardiac rehab. Crap on a cracker, I'm seriously tired afterwards! I am getting better, though. VanGrrl57
  4. Heck, I will be 61 this coming April and I don't think of myself as old at all. Age is nothing but a chronological number. While my knees may creak a bit when getting up off the floor, at least I can still do so. The 80-year-old gymnast lady is fantastic if it's the same person that I saw. Pretty cool to me! VanGrrl57
  5. Sloth, I know I'm late but I'm following anyway! LOL! Here's a funny Minnesota winter meme I found. LOL!
  6. Hi Elastigirl! I know I'm late but I'm following anyway. VanGrrl57 Here's a South Dakota winter meme that I thought was funny and appropriate! Hope you enjoy it! By the way, this is the only state that I have lived in that it can be 55 degrees one day, then be -55 degrees the next! GAH!
  7. Meanwhile in South Dakota.... BWHAHAHAHAHA! I know I'm late to the party but I'm following along, Stribs! Hope you find these South Dakota winter memes funny! ROFL!
  8. While I'm not able to participate right now, it sure is fun reading all of this! ROFL! VanGrrl57
  9. I'm doing okay. I just have to take it a day at a time. I did get permission from my doctor to start walking again but at a leisurely pace and not for any great distances. It is what it is. How are you and the family doing? VanGrrl57
  10. After coming back from having heart surgery, VanGrrl57 enters and looks for a quiet place to regroup and collect her thoughts. It's been awhile and she's still playing catch up on what has been going on. She goes up to the bar and asks for a simple glass of wine for now. Spying some of her fellow Rangers, she goes up to them and says hello. She's looking forward to catching up with everyone and hopes everyone has been doing well. VanGrrl57
  11. It was great. Jennifer and Chance had a simple and private ceremony with just family and close friends. The reception was another matter entirely! ROFL! They had it at their favorite place which is Palisades State Park out in Garretson, SD. There were at least 200 people there and it was a great time. Good food, good conversation, and good laughs were had by all. It was a bit on the chilly side but not too bad---hey! It's South Dakota! LOL! They went to Maui, Hawaii for their honeymoon. They were supposed to stay for a week but cut it a bit short when Shelby told them that I collapsed and was going to have to have surgery. How the heck have you and Mrs. Sloth been doing? VanGrrl57
  12. Hello. I am not sure where I should post this. If it's here, then that is okay. If it goes in the Ranger forum, then please move it as I still consider myself a Ranger. I am coming back after having to have mitral valve surgery. While I was at Yellowstone, I guess I aggravated the issue with my mitral valve more than I realized (my high blood pressure was off the charts when I first got to Yellowstone but I did eventually adjust to the altitude). While I didn't have a problem at Yellowstone, when I got back to South Dakota, I started experiencing shortness of breath and other symptoms. Subsequently, I collapsed shortly after my daughter's wedding in November and I had to undergo surgery shortly thereafter. I have had the surgery and am now recovering. I expect to get the all-clear from my doctor by May or June. Right now, I am following the protocol/therapy for cardiac patients as prescribed by my doctor. I hope all of you are doing well and I look forward to getting back into my normal weight loss/fitness routine but for now, that's out of the question although I am getting stronger each day. After all, the heart IS a muscle but I have to be sensible about things. Given my Type A personality, well, it's not easy but I have to do it. I gained up some weight but nothing that I can't deal with since I'm now able to walk some. I can't do what I used to do but that's a goal I can work towards after getting the all clear from my doctor. I am still in South Dakota for now as my loved ones feel that's best for me right now. I will have to miss the 2018 season but I will be back out there at Yellowstone in 2019. My old boss says when I'm ready, he has a job for me. However, I still plan on taking early retirement when I turn 62. Since I will be 61 in April, well, I have at least a year left. LOL! Take care and hope to chat with you all as well as my fellow Rangers soon. VanGrrl57
  13. @DrFeelgood I agree. After ANY home improvement project, you just gotta have pizza and an alcoholic beverage of your choice.☺ @LadyShello Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. ☺ Keep on going, girlfriend! ☺
  14. Yep! I knew them, too. ROFL!
  15. Sending prayers and comfortable thoughts your way, Stribs.
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