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  1. Can I join in the group? I've taken a long break from challenges, but I've got some pesky habits I really want to break this time around. I just read the book, so it's lucky timing!
  2. Morning Update: Day 2 Ugh, I snoozed my alarm, went back to bed, and way overslept. I still made it though everything, but I have to remind myself that sleeping in is not worth the rush! Study: 20 minutes of meditation Movement: 10 minutes of pushups and weights (sigh) Eating: Green smoothie, banana (for snack) and chickpea tart w/ salad for lunch. Solid!
  3. I've heard of omurice, but since I've only recently started eating some eggs, I've never had it! It sounds super simple though. How do you make it ahead of time; do you make the egg, wrap it around the rice and then pack it? Or assemble the egg and the rice right before you eat it?
  4. Morning Update: Day 1 So far, a strong start! I spent some moments last night making sure things were ready to make my goals as easy as possible (workout clothes ready, breakfast ingredients prepped, meditation space set up...) I think it helped, and I plan on trying to make that 'prep-work' a habit as well. Study: 25 minutes of meditation Movement: 45 minutes of yoga (YES!! Big win here) Eating: Smoothie and coffee, and no snacks as of lunchtime. I've prepped a chickpea tart for the week, and plan on eating a slice a day with a side salad. Feeling pretty good about this so far.
  5. Thank you!! So, one of the things I really liked about the Whole30 was how it simplified my meal choices a LOT. I started drinking a green smoothie every morning, and I'm definitely going to keep up that habit! I also want to find a meal template for lunch, although I haven't been liking any of my Whole30 lunches. I think if I can make a healthy plant-based lunch disguised as a favorite food, and batch cook it on weekends, it would help me eat reliably well while not feeling like a pain. That's my overall goal; low-effort enjoyable healthy eating. By the way; my first lunch experiment is veggie-filled vegan quiche (chickpea-flour based) and a salad. Yeah, I'm always looking for snack alternatives! I have been doing poorly at incorporating tea into my daily routine, so I'll be working on that a lot. My current books are Turning the Mind into an Ally, Start Where you Are (both meditation books) and The Blue Zones Solution. (But, only because I have already finished all the Avatar comics - and I loved them!!)
  6. I'm game! Yes, I wanted to join up a group last time around, but everything I've seen is either really specific, or closed... Here is my challenge - looking forward to an awesome (and productive!) 4 weeks!
  7. Morning Update: Days -5 and -4 Warming up to the challenge this week, but I feel like I'm off to a good start! I really had to mentally battle myself to do a 30 minute yoga routine as opposed to working on a strategic messaging project that was keeping me up late. But in the end, I'm happy I chose to move around! I am still doing the Whole30 (one more week!) and honestly I can't wait for it to be over right now. This is my 4th W30, and my 2nd as a vegan, and honestly I wouldn't recommend it. In the future, I may opt for a 22 Day Revolution program instead. Has anyone else tried that? Or another plant-based nutrition challenge?
  8. Whoaaaaa your art is super cool! Bravo! Hopefully you will be sharing more, yes?
  9. Way to go! Also, props to you for formulating the gym as a backup plan; sounds like you've got it really thought through!
  10. Haha, that is also a risk I have to take! And thank you very very much!
  11. Haha fantastic; I'm sure you'll find some awesome facts! (and even if they're not awesome, no one will mind, of course. Learnings are cool) Right-o, travel responses: Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia (new fact!). I went there to work/volunteer in dental clinics at local universities and in some more rural areas. For Brisbane, I went there to study Creative Industries at a university (lived there 8 months). For Hong Kong... well, when I was little I was obsessed with Zodiacs. And it was a dream of mine to go to China for the Year of the Horse celebrations (my birth year) ... when I was 11 I was too young, but when I was 23, I booked my flight, a hostel, and went there by myself for a week and a half. It. Was. Amazing. One of the best promises I've ever made to myself. Wow, @WhiteGhost where were you living in Hong Kong, and why were you there? I've traveled a ton, but it's absolutely one of my favorite places I've ever been to!
  12. Haha, with careful planning and a whole lotta willpower, that's how! No seriously though, it's everything Whole30 approved, but without the meat, and with organic legumes (not soy). And since I'm mostly vegan, I'm eating a couple eggs a week, but that's about it for the animal proteins. It looks like a LOT of veggies, so many salads, too many nuts (for me), and eating out is the pits. I think personally, 30 days is too long, but I could easily see myself doing multiple Whole7's a year as a reset!
  13. How cool! I do hope you'll be reporting back to us with each thing you learn? Not only is the concept really cool, but the things you're focusing on sound fascinating. Can't wait to follow along! For the 'furthest from home' question, I had to look up actual distances (since I couldn't quite get how far away each of them were). But in the end, the furthest away (from CO, USA) has been Addis Ababa, followed by Brisbane and Hong Kong.
  14. Love it! I also have an Avatar-themed challenge, but not nearly as ice-themed. You are gonna break out of that iceberg for sure! (Alright that's LoK, but hopefully the point is made...)
  15. This looks awesome! Actually, our challenges look pretty similar. I am trying to break my snooze button addiction, and I'm just finishing up a Whole30. It feels way better knowing we're not alone! I'll be cheering you on for sure! Also, 4am, dang, I thought I was hardcore with 5am. You'll have to tell us if you get any good tips for waking up that early! Go you!
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