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  1. Sara Kingdom Moves Into the Folly

    So having too much pork butt is an area I am very well qualified to help in, if you are looking for ideas
  2. Aikido Pre-Training

    All of you post is fantastic but this part in particular I love. I remember doing all of these, so doing between bits of tau chi is the plan. In addition carpel tunnel is a concern as I get older so doing this is just a good idea. Thank you for the great advice! Harrison is unfortunately the same distance away. I am in Auburn/Lewiston so it may be I have to commute a couple of days to practice, which is not ideal. Hopefully not though!
  3. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen

    Week 1, Day 3 (Monday): so originally I was going to head back on later. Unfortunately well, my lady and I broke up that night. We weren't in a super long and committed relationship but still it sucked. I finished an episode of the Bruce Lee podcat (15m) and listened to an episode yo the Art of Manliness episode (44m). With an hour of studying I will call that good for the day. After the break up I went for a walk and got my 10,000 steps for the night. And otherwise the day went according to plan, minus making a weekly plan. Body, 1. Mind, 2. Spirit 1. Week 1, Day 4 (Tuesday): Today was hectic. Work plus errands kept me going almost all day with a few breaks to hang with friends. Between two episodes of the Bruce Lee podcast (81m), the most recent Welcome to Night vale (31m), and an hour of communications I am good for the mind. Steps just needed a small walk to finish at the end of the day. While I won't have my weekly plan done till tomorrow I did have a plan for the day and stuck to it. So good job me. Body, 1. Mind, 2.86. Spirit 1. The Body: Week 1, 3.45/4 The Mind: Week 1, 9.46/8 The Spirit: Week 1, 3/4
  4. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen

    I wish it added to steps. It is a more modern setting and we are doing it at someone's house. So acting put things but not a ton of walking. But yeah it rocks.
  5. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen

    Alright everybody! Week 1, Day 1 (Saturday): So, the first day and it started well. There was a small hitch of my headphones dying so I can’t use them for my walks. But in other good news my previous employer kept me on the payroll till after the annual vacation. So, two extra paychecks that I wasn’t expecting. I used part of it to pay for a custom framing job on a pirate map from The Pirate History Podcast. While going to the bank and doing some errands I listened to an episode of the Pirate History Podcast and the Bruce Lee Podcast. All together it only totaled an hour and thirty-five minutes but that is why I can earn extra on different days. After the third day at my new job, I took a nice long walk to get a total of 11,046 steps for the day. I did a late-night food run as a little treat for the end of my weekend workwise, but otherwise completely on schedule. The Body: 1. The Mind: 1.6. The Spirit: 1 Week 2, Day 2 (Sunday): So, I went a bit off schedule, deciding rather than my hike for the day I would take my lady for a trip to the animal farm (her favorite place). But very happy I did. After we were done I killed some time by listening to some podcasts before my LARP. So, two episodes of Bruce Lee (97m), Pirate History (37m), and Welcome to Nightvale (33m). In addition I listened to Food: A Culinary History on the high middle ages (32m). I did this in a coffee shop which with some altering of plans later that night did effect my steps goal. ☹ Tonight was the first meeting for my Changeling the Lost LARP. Originally it was going to be three hours, but that got eaten by character creation as many people were new to it. So we went on for another two hours, which was when I was going to take my nightly walk, only 4,512 steps. Still that is progress as on other days off I was only getting 2,000 steps. Unfortunately that means no point for either steps or schedule, but it was an absolute blast! The Body: .45. The Mind: 3.31(3). The Spirit: 0 I should be on later to report on today, but so far weekly totals are. The Body: Week 1, 1.45/2 The Mind: Week 1, 4.6/2 The Spirit: Week 1, 1/2
  6. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen

    Yeah I don't want to get to end and see a bunch of failed days, more like a bunch of days I still moved a crap ton. And everything is edible, some of it is just only edible once. Yeah honestly without the podcasts I would be screwed. With them though travel time or cooking meals becomes study time as well, so it really wracks up the time. Plus with one of my classes I need to copy the vocab from the book, then provide my own answer. So I have been listening to the podcast as I do straight copying, then coming back later to reread after I have read the text for my own definitions. Knocks out a solid half an hour usually. And love Aikido. I was also interested in Hapkido but the closest place hasn't returned my calls and never seems to be open, such is life. And I am in Maine
  7. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen

    This is the first of a four-challenge long trend to use the Defenders to inspire some goals. For the record, I will be using the Marvel TV universe versions of these heroes, not the comic versions. This is a way for me to build up to practicing again, so at the end I will be practicing a martial art again! Aikido is the first choice BUT there is only one dojo local, so if it isn’t in business anymore (I have run into this before) I will have to try a different style. But ideally it will be! First up is… Gifted with extra sense when blinded, trained to fight in a global war, lawyer by day, and fierce protector of Hell’s Kitchen. This guy has some remarkable things to focus on, and that is what I intend to do. The Body: This is my city (Walk 10,000 steps a day). Matt is connected to his city in a way few others can be. He knows it better because he has been there his entire life and walked its streets daily. I have been in my new place for a year, but have yet to wander due to my commute. That changes this challenge. Goal: For this challenge, I will aim to walk 10,000 steps a day, each day I do earning me 1 point. Because I also like walking I will build in a weekly point for taking a walk through nature, there is a bird preserve near me that fits the bill well. While the intent is to get to know my area more, I am not about to not count steps because they were in a separate city. Strategy: For the past challenge I had a step counter on my phone. On days I work I averaged around 5,000 steps, which means this goal is achievable. Given that I am no longer commuting 1.5 hours a day to work, I will have plenty of time to dedicate at least half an hour to a walk. In addition I intend to walk to and from work each day. Between these two I anticipate some good things happening. Scoring: Eight points per week, one a day and a bonus hike. Like my previous challenge the points will be tallied for a percentage score. So at the end I should have 31 points, last week is a day short. The Mind: I’m your attorney (Study 2 hours a day) Alright so Matt is also a lawyer, a profession that takes an ungodly amount of work both to become and be. I may not be going into law but learning is an important thing to me. So I am upping my game. Goal: I will study 2 hours a day. This is a pretty big amount but I do believe it is doable. Listening to podcasts at least one way when commuting and reading half an hour put me at an hour and fifteen minutes of learning. It will be a challenge but that is what I need. Strategy: So this will be working with my walking goal. Walking to and from work while listening to a podcast as well as a walk at night will cover a good percentage of my daily goal. I have a few podcasts that are more fiction and story oriented, but they are three out of forty. So I will count them as learning if they are on, after all literature counts. Otherwise sitting down and studying will be a thing. I need to sit down to study for school so no matter the circumstances I will have motivation, it a is a lot of money spent otherwise. But some ideas for studying. · German with Duolingo · Communications for Class · Pirate History · Culinary Texts I have (Art of Fermentation, Food Lab, Professional Chef, Food Bible, Etc) · RSS Feed (not the comics) which features a bunch of blogs that are academic. · Literally dozens of books I have on random subjects. So I have plenty of things to choose from. Scoring: Each day I will divide the number of minutes studied by one twenty for a point score (x=m/120). Seeing as I know there will be times I just won’t be able to study as much as I want, each day can have a total score value of three. So up to an extra hour of study to be graded. However not enough to make me thing I can get it all in with one marathon study session. All told 54 points total. The Spirit: Night time Hobby (make a schedule) So one thing I didn’t like is how much being Daredevil cost Matt. Massive amounts of pain were caused to those around him because he just took on too much to be effective. I have this problem as well so I am going to try and change that. Goal: I need to set down essential things for the day so I don’t get so lost while I am trying to do things. It is honestly a trial as I am either rushing around, or worried I forgot something. So at least some lists of things to do daily and weekly. Strategy: So a bujo seems to be the ticket. Not a terribly artistic person but maybe this will be a good mindfulness thing for me as well. Regardless the plan will be to sit down and plan what needs to be done for each week, then split it up according to the days. Not micro manage though. Scoring: One point per day scheduled, one for a sit down during the week to plan the next one. So a total of 31 points. I am wicked excited!
  8. Aikido Pre-Training

    Alright I know there are a few people who train and are very talented in Aikido and I need some advice. I used to train and very much enjoyed it. However due to a whole lot of factors I ended up stopping, but I am done with that. I want to get back into it. However I know enough not to just jump back into things. Right now I am in the first steps of turning myself into a bad ass martial artist, you can look at my challenge right now if you would like. Once I complete this one I am going to start on a Defenders themed series of challenges, all based on my goal of becoming like Iroh from Avatar. My thoughts are I will base a challenge off each member of the Defenders using it as a build up to once again practice Aikido again. For more of an idea I tend to make my challenges three goal ones with a Body, Mind, and Spirit inspired goal. I am looking for some advice and ideas on this. Specifically things I can work on or resources to help me. An example will be that I need to work on my flexibility and mobility to get it to better levels, so examples of some stretches that are well suited for it. Things to read/study to get the philosophy of of the style in my head, as I personally believe understanding of what something is based on allows you to better understand it. The spirit if you will. Keep in mind this is not focused on what moves to focus on, throws, etc. To use a cooking example, I am not looking for a cuisine or dish suggestion. I am looking for things like knife skills, understanding ingredients, the roots of a cuisine to look at. Make sense? I sincerely appreciate any advise you can offer.