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  1. Hey Guru nice to have you here, I am a SUPER NOOB so if you ever wanna let some of that knowledge out I am stoked to hear it. Are you following that Paleo eating plan as well ?
  2. Thanks so far this board has rocked and all the info on Steve's blog is just amazing. Admittedly found myself laughing at all of his leggo humor.
  3. Beck. You sound like you have serious resolve, that rocks and is inspiring to just hear.
  4. Last year I went to the "Biggest Loser Call Outs" in Orlando, got there at 3am and was of course one of the first people in the line. By 10am when they opened the line there were about 6,000 people behind me. It was a safe bet that I was the biggest guy there, maybe not the overall fattest though I was in the running. You learn in the first few seconds of sitting down with the producing staff this is a "tv show" not your golden ticket to your weightloss dreams. 15 people share 2 minutes to explain why they are different from the other 15,000 people who likely showed up. All I could come up with in that moment was, "I was almost 600lbs and now almost 450lbs and before I am done I will see 300lbs" and of course I bear hugged one of them. As I was leaving I saw producers and staff just cut people from the line who were "too big", they showed up in their carts and a few with food. That was my "point" not so much the bottom though the true realization that no one is really gonna help you till you help yourself. I was looking at those people only 100 or 200 lbs bigger than me, in their roller carts and I had anger for them, though they were there for the same reason I was. They were broken and they saw this "tv show" as some salvation. That has been my way my whole life, I am Xavier I am the 7ft 500lb guy, ooh look at me. That was great in my twenties though how many 7ft 500lb guys do you see at 40, NONE. I have never completed much of anything, I have no wife or children, I have been a depressed net nerd for almost a decade now, my best friend has been food and the computer. I have been offered a chance to move to Orlando right next to some nice gyms, and there looks to be work there too. I have started learning how to eat clean and have "really" been trying to learn what muscles are and how my body works. Would you believe till a few days ago I never knew how many calories were in a pound or how to measure my caloric intake or bmi. I learned this here this site and Steve are totally amazing. I need to learn how to do everything over again, eat, sleep, exercise and live my life. Just saying that feels intense yet totally cool. There seems to be a light in the tunnel and finally and I am heading for it !
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