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  1. First week update! - Following bodyweight exercises and succeeding at them to a certain degree. Had to cut back on squats and lunges because of knee pain, but the exercise does seem to have helped it along in becoming less pained. Was able to do the full four sets of squats today, so that's pretty awesome. - I have done a pretty good job on refocused paleo efforts. Had a half cheat day on Sunday as I was out to dinner with the in-laws and y'know, it's hard to keep paleo at the Cheesecake Factory. But otherwise doing well and cutting out dairy has gone better than expected. - Not doing all that great at productivity though. Working on it, trying to be mindful of it, but struggling. Hoping for renewed focus on it this week. - I am making flossing my b***h. I read a great tip on how to get into the groove with it, where if you just focus on flossing one area of your mouth per day, instead of the whole thing, you are more likely to keep with it since it is less daunting. And it has worked great for me so far. Haven't missed a day yet. You are all doing great! Keep it up!
  2. Hello Rangers! This is my second challenge. Last challenge I hung out with the Scouts (nice people, they like to go really far) as I was working towards an event. This time around I don't have an event to work towards, so I am going to be doing some general overall improvement! Somehow, through the magic of inner-brain-working, I have formulated goals that go along with my day! They are as such: Morning: Follow the bodyweight training laid out in the NF Bodyweight Brigade book. I have done this before and enjoyed it and am looking forward to doing it again and progressing even further. On the off days I will be doing some light running or cycling as weather permits. (Note: I injured my knee during the last challenge, and while it feels a bit better now, it still hurts occasionally, so some workouts may be shortened or altered to take care of my body) During the day: I let myself stray from strict paleo and am looking to get back on track. So with that renewed vision I am refocusing on paleo while attempting to also cut out dairy products. The only exception to this will be a few spoonfuls of yogurt in the occasional post-workout smoothie. Mmmmmm smoothie. Another day goal: Who is awesome at opening the same 3/4 tabs in their internet browser when they could be doing something more productive? This guy! Going to try and cut down on internet un-productivity this period. I am open to suggestions as to how to help enforce this. Thinking of trying Freedom or a similar program, but I would love any other ideas! Evening: The hardest challenge that anyone on Nerd Fitness has ever tried. I am going to floss... EVERY SINGLE DAY It's so scary I can't even handle it. Good luck to everyone else! Enjoy it!
  3. Well, there went a month without any updates. How silly of me! As I said before, I was aiming to get ready for a four day event in early Sept. Leading up to this, I was able to achieve my first goal of riding 3x a week and my third goal of waking up early. I was not able to reach my 2nd goal of a longer ride before the trip however. I guess that goal could be considered achieved over my trip, though as I rode four days in a row distances of 75, 88, 93, and 70 miles. Quite a rough four days. My lack of training led to a slight knee injury, but it is recovering nicely now. So all in all, things have gone okay this 6 week challenge so far. I am going to focus more on the third and fourth goals, as well as getting more grounded in a schedule as I started a new job recently while also doing grad school. Tricky times! I hope everyone else's challenges are going super swell.
  4. Updates! Goal 1 - ride 3x - completed with rides of 4 mi (but supes hilly), 12 miles, and 14 miles Goal 2 - 45 miles - not yet, working towards it Goal 3 - wake up - Successful M-F, and almost on sat/sun, so Im giving it a completed Goal 4 - 3 nice things - hmmmm, didnt really keep track. I would say completed a few days, not completed a few days Here's to a new week of fresh adventure!
  5. Add my numbers to the tally - rides of 5 miles, 12 miles and 14 miles for a total of 31 miles.
  6. No, there is too much. Let me sum up." I am participating in a 4 day bike ride at the end of the month with my father. This is the 2nd time I am doing this ride, however this year I am a bit behind on my training. So what better way to get caught up than a 6-week challenge! This is the first challenge I am participating in, so I hope it goes well. Goal 1 - Ride 3x a week (at least!) Goal 2 - Complete a 45 mile ride Goal 3 - Wake up before 9am (Don't ask, it's just something that I need to work on) Goal 4 - Say 3 nice things to myself everyday Wooooo. I guess as an update, I've ridden twice this week, so I'm close to that goal for this week. I've also set up a little blog as another form of encouragement/accountability. Check it out if you want to - benrideshisbicycle Good luck everyone!
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