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  1. Welcome, fellow MD'er! Goals, a positive attitude, hard work, and NF = a great start! :-)
  2. [ this is my physical therapist opinion :-P ] You can probably expect to be sore for a few days :-( I recommend ice to the area after doing any kind of activity (walking, exercising, or anything that makes it sore), and/or heat alternately if that feels good. Might not be a bad idea to pop an ibuprofen as well. There are LOTS of muscles and tendons that insert onto your pubic bones, so any of them could be affected. Avoid things that isolate your adductors or hip flexors for the next few days, and it probably won't feel too great to spread your hips too far apart either quite yet, especially if you do have a muscle strain. Did it feel like a pop in your hip, or just right there in the middle? You may have just adjusted your pelvis unintentionally, which will lead to some soreness, but quickly feel better in < 1-2days!
  3. I'm "tall" too at 5'8"... it just helps my nerd flag fly higher ;-) Welcome, Seraphim, and congrats on your progress thus far!!
  4. welcome!! Yay pull-ups! Break-dancing sounds exciting - good goal!
  5. Don't give up on yourself! It's hard to eat out, period. It's HARDER to eat out when the people you're eating with aren't concerned with eating heathily. Eventually, you're friends will get over themselves and realize you're getting healthy for yourself, not to make them feel bad! Try to surround yourself with people who support you :-) If eating paleo is too extreme of a change for you and making you unhappy and frustrated, don't do it! OR try it one part at a time - cut out processed only and keep the grains initially? Maybe take out one thing at a time. I agree with Evicious; you have to find something that works for you. I personally don't eat paleo.. I just don't think it's for me. My focus is on eating cleaner, eating less processed junk, and just overall trying to slowly cut out unhealthy foods one by one. Cheap, "quick" healthy foods: avocados, apples with peanut butter, bean salads/chilis, nuts (for a delish snack!), hummus (on everything). I know not all those things are paleo.. You can find packaged foods that aren't processed, which are quick and easy. Frozen fruit, for instance, to add to yogurt, oatmeal, etc. I love my crock pot... it's quick and easy, and makes enough food to last a few meals. Do you have a gym at school? If so... GO THERE! Finding something fun for you is key! I used to work out just to do it, and didn't enjoy it. And that's why I wasn't successful in the past at sticking with it. Now, I CRAVE exercise :-) Anyway, the point is... don't give up! Goals are adjustable :-)!
  6. Welcome! Love the starting goals. I agree with Elastigirl's advice to start jumping. Find a low enough surface to start box-jumps to, even if it's just a step :-) Plus they're really fun! Congrats on the diet changes. You're doing great things for yourself and your family :-)
  7. welcome! I have had my own ED battles in the past, and like Susie_D said, it's great to be able to focus on a fitness goal v. a weight goal :-) I have faith in your pull-up abilities. I am working toward one too!
  8. you have great, healthy goals! Just start making small changes, and you'll end up with a big result :-) Welcome!!
  9. welcome! you're in the right place for change and support :-) Maybe setting some specific goals will help you get going!
  10. until about a week ago, mostly body rows (sometimes on the TRX straps, sometimes from under my picnic table in the backyard :-P) and using the assisted pull-up machine. A trainer at my gym came up to me the other day and reinforced how much the pull up machine does all the stabilizing, so now i'm a little less excited to use the machine (though I think for the pure upper body strength needed for a pull-up, it will likely still help somewhat, similar to a lat-pull-down) The trainer also told me he recommends doing an "assisted" pull-up from a bosu-ball or step. he had me set up my arms on the bar, start the movement doing what I could, but jump from the step/bosu into as much of a pull-up as I could get into. I didn't love this, because it felt like a LOT of pressure on my biceps, and my negative is so weak that I just came back down in an uncontrolled way!! Plus I nearly fell off the step because my core was NOT stabilizing me enough!! Basically too uncontrolled of a movement right now. My new plan of attack is to do: -body rows on the smith machine -negatives (using a BENCH so I don't come flying down!) -ab work (planks and hanging from the bar with scapular stabilization while pulling my knees up toward my chest) -lat pull downs v. pull-up machine We can do it! What have you been doing to get there?
  11. Hi friends! I'm Lauren, I'm 27, I'm a physical therapist, and I am ready to come out of the lurker shadows of NF and introduce myself, so I can start replying to all of your inspirational posts and blogs!! I've always loved exercising, even though I've only recently started back into a routine (actually exercising again v. talking about how I used to be able to run and lift!!) I love reading about other people's challenges because they inspire me to do them too, and I love reading about other people's success stories, because I love happy people! I am making my current goals public so that I can hold myself accountable! :-) - 10 push-ups without losing form or dropping to knees - squat my body weight (in time) - incorporate dead lifting into my routine (this one involves ignoring the personal trainer who keeps trying to show me other "better" exercises to do instead!!) - run 3 miles without walking (possibly more of a mental block at this point :-P - PULL UP!!!!!! All I want out of summer 2012 is to do a dang pull-up!!! (okay, maybe not ALL, but MOST!) I've been saying it for years, but now I am COMMITTED to doing my first pull-up ever, and NF is going to get me there :-)
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