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  1. Friday Evening update: 7 minor surgeries, a sinus infection, and two 20 page papers due has kept me on the sidelines. So even though I didn't go to the pool this week, I did empty and fill the dishwasher while doing laundry. So I am counting that for one of my workouts. As far as daily stuff goes, doing it as best as I can, given the pain I am in. Writing in my blog has become painfully discouraging this school semester, I just don't want to type much after hammering away all day. Tomorrow I am gonna try to go for a bit longer of a walk and rest and recover and finish t
  2. Hey y'all! Friday Morning Update: Positives: Tai chi is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Definitely using a chair to help keep balance to keep my mindfulness. I have a crush on Adrienne from Yoga with Adrienne, she's fun and she offers alternative movements that I ended up finding helpful. The pool is warm and it's nice to be back in the float. Nega...wait...Needs work: The water thing. I am drinking a lot of water, but I am also peeing a lot too. That's fine, but it makes me nervous about my diabetes because drinking and peeing a lot is a symptom. I know I am a
  3. In reality I am only doing 4 things once a week rather than trying to do more stuff and beating myself up for not following through. The daily stuff is just becoming second nature for me. I just know that once in awhile I need to take a break to walk around and drink some water. Little changes in order to master the big change when it happens.
  4. First update friends!! I drank the water, I did the walking, I brushed my teeth, Meditated, picked up my house, and logged into the site and posted an update. This challenge is simply phrased, but holy cow is it busy! My pet fish Gandalf the Mostly Blue passed away last night, he was a good boy. He is swimming in peace on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
  5. The question "Why shower in the morning, you aren't even dirty yet?" seems important right now. Also; I feel like you're due for a perfectly executed challenge, and summing up the negatives from the last is a great way to start the new one. I wish I thought of that. Well I am going to do that from here on out!
  6. Brief Intro: Hi, I'm Shoesasaurus, or Shoes for short. Long Intro: Check out my character sheet or my blog by clicking the links in my signature Current Status: Stagnant Former Strategy: Sign up for Planet Fitness Realization: I'm just collecting more underpants New Truth: I have two indoor pools at my disposal, the Academy, and y'all for support. New Strategy To Break Free: Below In order to gain full credit, I must do the following things once a week: Yoga. Tai Chi, Pool, Blog In order to gain full credit, I must do the fol
  7. Not shabby. Just slow, I caught a bit of the crud and it took me out of commission for a bit. I've had veggies at least once a day. My house is pretty organizied. I've been breaking a sweat from cleaning and organizing the past two days. So I am gonna count them as a workout. HBU ?
  8. Well done, well done, well done!!! I believe in you!!!!!11one!
  9. Heya Butter, what choice do I have other than to be positive? :-)
  10. I am back home in the Zoo and excited for my little yoga/beginner workout area!! I've been eating my veggies, which is a good sized hurdle for me.
  11. I am restarting as well. We've got your back!
  12. I suppose my signature says it all, doesn't it? For a TL;DR, I was losing weight and feeling great, then I wasn't, then I was hiding from the world, then I spent a lot of time with doctors, finding out that I have diabetes, MS, and at least one heart condition. FUN So I am rebooting and keeping it simple, going from a newbie's standpoint. I just want to re-establish healthy habits and get my brain back into the swing of things. Level One Challenge Eat a vegetable with one meal every day Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a
  13. Hi there!! I am most looking forward to spending a week in Iceland, and I am most scared to spend a week in Iceland. Have a nice day!!
  14. Hey, @Hazard! Do we still do the individual stats thing? I've come down with a case of MS ;-) and am rebooting my system and character.
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