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  1. Supplementaries & Workout Plan

    Hi Eric thanks for your comments, You're certainly right these supplements are not for everybody and as you said above some protein powder involves BCAA too. I'm using nutrade premium isolate protein powder, weider pure creatine and grenade defend BCAA 2:1:1. These are good up to now for me but most important part is to go to gym regularly and stick working out programme.
  2. Hi everybody, This is my second topic on Nerd fitness and I'm very happy to found out this website. My first topic was about my first month at the gym. You can read it from here if you want. My second month has started today at the gym and my coach changed my workout schedule and recommend me some box of supplementaries. I bought all of them and it is nearly $300. I really want to learn their benefit for me. He also gave me a plan about how I should use them correctly. GLUTAPURE He suggested me this supplementary as much as sweet spoon with a glass of water an hour before going to the gym. NOX2 - BCAA MATRIX He suggested me these two supplementaries mix both of them with a glass of water an hour before going to the gym. ARG 1250 - BCAA ATB6 - AOL - ZMA - AMINO FULL He recommended me use these supplementaries 30 minutes before going to the gym. These are tablets and I will use one for each. WHEY 3 MATRIX He recommended me use this supplementary with a glass of water (200-250 ml) after workout. My new workout schedule is like that. First Day : CHEST : Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Press, Flat Dumbbell Fly, Lady Butte Fly. FORE ARM : Standing Z Bar Curl, Incline Dumbbell Curl, Scoth Dumbbell Curl. SIT-UP : Roman Chairs, Leg Raise, Crunch, Coaester. Second Day : SHOULDER : Barbell Shoulder Press, Standing Dumbbell Fly, Standing Front Dumbbell Fly, Barbell Upright Rowing. REAR ARM : Barbell Lying Rear Triceps, Seated One Dumbbell Triceps, Rope Arm Rear Push Down. SIT-UP : Roman Chairs, Leg Raise, Crunch, Coaester. Third Day : WING & BACK : Front Lat Pulldown - 7 number, Long Pulley Rowing - 10 number, One dumbbell Rowing - 33 number, Lat Front Free Line - 9 number. LEG : Leg Curl - 14 number, Leg Extension - 15 number, Leg Press - 16 number, Huch Squat - 17 number SIT-UP : Roman Chairs, Leg Raise, Crunch, Coaester. Well, What do you think about these supplementaries and also this workout schedule plan? Thanks.