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  1. Kae

    Kae Picks a Program and Sticks to It

    I'm pretty sparse on how frequently I update my challenges, so I only do them weekly unless I'm responding to someone. So here goes! Weekly update: Body: - On Sunday, I completed a 7 minute bike ride without stopping. - On Thursday, I complete a 10 minute bike ride a stopped for a 3 min. walk during the bike ride. Mind/Spirit: We've had some snafu's this week but, mostly, we've been sticking to it. - Day 1 last Friday, did not run the program correctly due to a misunderstanding. When I made my spreadsheet, I only created 1 working set with 5 reps, rather than 3. Figured this out on Tuesday when it clicked that workout was too easy and quick. - Day 2 last Sunday, finished the working sets from Friday, and completely followed through on the programming for the day. - Day 3 past Thursday, was short on time and feeling anxious with a crowded gym. Did not complete my working sets (failed on the last set) and had to cut my assistance work in half due to time. Had an opportunity to finish it the following day but chose not to. = (
  2. Kae

    Kae Gets a Battle Log

    9/20/2018 Bench: 2x5 @ 65 1x5 @ 75 2x5 @ 85 1x3 @ 85 (bad day, failed last two) Bodyweight Rows: 10, 8, 4, 7 Pushups: 6, 3 10, 8, 7 @ 3/4 pushups Squats: Paused squats w/PVC pipe for challenge Did not have enough time to complete the entire programmed routine for the day so I cut down the accessories to about half of what was called for. Also noticed that my endurance is pretty low for both.
  3. Kae

    Students Gonna Ranger: The Back to School Ranger Mini Challenge

    Step one: Completed 6 pause squats using a pvc pipe for the bar yesterday while watching my form in the mirror. I noticed that my weight was shifted too far forward and I leaned really far forward so I spent some time at the bottom of the squats shifting my weight back and forward. Next gym day is my squat day. Hoping to take a video and practice with an empty bar before my working sets.
  4. Kae

    Rubik's Cat Goes Old School

    I really like the idea of placing both your target miles and current miles at the bottom of each log. What a great way to keep motivation!
  5. Kae

    Kae Gets a Battle Log

    Realized I did the programming wrong and did not complete 3x5 for my working sets last day at the gym. So I tacked some onto the beginning of today. Press: 2x5 @ 55 Deadlift: 2x5 @ 120 1x5 @ 135 2x5 @ 155 1x8 @ 155 Glute Ham Raise: 10, 10, 10, 7, 10 Leg Raises: 10, 10 - hanging bent knee 15, 15 - laying straight leg Every single deadlift platform at the gym today was occupied by other female-bodied people. I lived a gym dream I didn't realize I had.
  6. Hey Ya'll, Kae has a bad (?) habit. They pick a program, run it, make alterations in the first month or two, and doesn't complete it. This is even something they did as a kid, going from baseball to dance to track to tennis to soccer - likes activity but can't stick to a thing. As an adult, they switch things almost every 1-2 months and don't really run programs as programmed. They would really like to turn this around. So here goes: Body: - Increase conditioning to be able to complete a 15 minute bike ride without stopping so as not to initiate "nah-that's-what-cars-are-for" mode. Mind/Spirit: - Run the 5/3/1 program with bodyweight assistance programming, as programmed in the book, for 4 complete cycles* so as not to initiate "this-is-boring-and-the-internet-has-fun-tweaks" mode. *my transportation/scheduling does not always allow me to get to the gym 4 days a week, so I go by "cycles" instead of "weeks" Wish me luck!
  7. I typically handwrite my workout in a notebook, which I will continue to do, but it does not allow me the opportunity to reflect on how I feel after my workouts. Also, I don't track daily movement such as stretching, jogs, etc. So, that is what this is for. - 10 minute yoga from youtube - 10 minute meditation