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  1. Hey, a party only STARTS with two! ( I guess unless you're a beast master or something!) sounds like what you need is another party member to get the ball rolling! Toss you a raise when you're down, and cheer you on when you're close TNL! If you're looking for another party member, I'll be glad to lend my support! We are all ok a journey here, and we don't have to be stuck doing it solo! Drop me a PM if you're interested in grouping up for [Long Time] and I'll be happy to join in! Motivation is no question when you've got a party full of numbskulls to get into trouble with!
  2. Hi Adventuresarah, Its hard to find sidekicks in your own area- I live around Cincinnati and I've yet to find one yet, but I think an accountability buddy at distance would be helpful too! If you're interested, shoot me a PM. I wish I could do cycling as a change of pace- I would first need a bike! I mostly do strength training 3 times a week and running 3 times a week. I ran a 14K this past Saturday and am training for a half coming up next month, and just recently got back into the swing of strength training. Hope to hear from you and keep up the good work!
  3. Thanks to all of you for the warm welcomes and great information! I'll definitely check out the resources that you all pointed out so that I may take advantage of them! Nice to meet all of you!
  4. Hi all! New to NF and decided to give it a whirl to add some spice to my adventures! I'm a 30 year old Adventurer who has been up and down on a yoyo weight loss journey for several years until recently. Changing my lifestyle choices has caused me to lose 66 pounds this year so far. I typicall enjoy running and hiking for exercise, and occasionally weight training at my local gym (although my partner is pretty flakey, and I end up doing it alone most of the time!) I was once a coach for Beach Body, helping others with weight loss and dietary advice. I honestly did it for the discounts on products, and I can tell you from the inside, Those workout DVDs are not worth the money! I've been more successful with my own regiments than I have ever been doing their workouts! Additionally, Shakeology (and other pre-made "super food shakes" are an expensive scam that do almost nothing for you that any other meal replacement shake (like slim-fast, or protein powder) could do for you. I'm looking for community, as I feel like I am the only person within my circle that is both into fitness and is a nerd. An accountability buddy would be fantastic, and meeting anyone in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area willing to Party Up would be excellent! I hope to soon get into martial arts to strengthen my core, make my body movements more deliberate, and hone my focus and discipline. Any advice from any Monks would be greatly appreciated! Nice to meet you all!
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