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  1. This !! I lift as i love to i get fit because i like being fit do i have body issues yes big time . id love a 6 pack but at the same time i know having 2% body fat is bad for ya . at the moment i am at a very happy medium in my life body wise i look Fit not really big nore skinny i look Fit I Have Tone with a healthy layer of Fat My legs or solid i am really enjoying my training. But I still feel uncomfortable at times on the beach no idea why i just do that will probably never change but i am happy with how i am . Regarding the Hand shakes i would be one person that always like to give a f
  2. Me have being on a horse since i was 2 always had horses and ponies on the farm .Don't do as much these days but still have 4 horses and Still Training one of them for the wife as she wouldn't be as experienced as me on a horse. But her Horse is a 17hand Sport horse Skewbald pretty decent jumper and great cross country , the other horses i have are a 12 hand pony for the kids cool little thing but has a habit of throwing kids .
  3. I wouldn't go under the knife either only think i would consider getting done is my eye sight if it was bad it isn't so no bother there . My thinking is you are born what way you are bar being Fit and Strong i don't need to change anything physical , Maybe my nose but that is only cause i have broken it 3 times and really when i think about it it fine that way it is .
  4. I have a camalbac Mule really good backpack with a 3ltr camalbac in it i use this for pretty much everything from Adventure racing to Trailing running to MTBing loads of pockets and hold quite a lot of water , really well worth the money.
  5. Will Be playing a nord Warrior have a few friends playing this over the weekend i will be getting online tonight after training , but looking forward to it never played the first one but it look a little different then other mmo's
  6. you have Crysis that isnt bad COD and BF are more built to multi online gaming now as are allot of the First person shooters tbh , Crysis is pretty decent but if you playing on PC need a very good rig to play it . Other then that i have not really seen any good ones there is a few out there but not many good ones .
  7. Some Doctors really do not deserve to be called doctors with the crap they come out with
  8. What is this Scrum-cap you speak off real rugby players just get collie flower ears , Once i had to wear one of these in a Game ( had stitches in my head ) man they are hot didn't like it at all .
  9. Don't Worry too much about the endurance that will come , for the shoulder do push ups and pull ups best to get the shoulders strong especially if you have problems , I have dislocated mine 3 times playing rugby over the years mind you i have played since i was 6 . if you really worried about you cardio just start running it build slowly and once you start training with the team is come more . Only real way to get match fitness is to play the game . What position are you going for ? also best of luck and enjoy Rugby is a great sport .
  10. Cheers guys Speed work kinda hard where i live as no tracks near me but i have a few footie pitches and lots of hills will add more of both into me work and less cycling . Fitness wise i am fairly fit but i would like to be better in regards to races not winning but improving etc . will mix in some more running and hill/speedwork and report back on how i get on .
  11. Hey guys id be interested to get your thoughts on this . Race a 8k Trail/mountain race on Wednesday and i just feel i'm not really improving . First 4kms i was in great form then had to stop to tie a shoe lase and couldn't get back into that Flow and was passed by a friend who i would consider to be allot less fitter then me i just couldn't catch him ( very competitive streak) . Now i had also done a adventure race on saturday previous and was still a little bit tired from that . I feel that i'm either not training enough or i'm doing it wrong as i had to walk some of the hills in the race whi
  12. Listen too you body , Shin splints are caused by the calf muscles pulling off the bone due to excessive use when they are injured or not used to that type of work , basically too fast too soon. Running barefoot takes time take it slow or end up injured with some nasty damage . like Randonwander said go for barefoot walks throw in some running but above all listen to you body it will tell you when it has had enough . Running through an injury only causes one thing a bigger injury . Rest and stretch the calf's allot and take it slower then you have being .
  13. Some good Advice there also another posted added every time you pass the bar do a few pull ups , i used to do this as well and it worked great strict pull ups i can push 10 easy at a go but tend to like Waldo use less reps and more sets this way you get more in and tend to work harder i find . also Ring rows do help + also resistance bands will help to get you stronger with you first pull ups if you not used to them .
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