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  1. br!t3r

    Egg Monster

    I've made an egg monster a long time ago and want to get into making them again for a fast easy breakfast. Just looking for ideas on what everyone else puts in theirs so I can change it up every once in a while. Give me your ideas people!
  2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive! I'm addicted!
  3. That is one of the many reasons I love geocaching. There have been so many different parks, trails and scenic places I would have otherwise never found had it not been for geocaching!
  4. Get back into it and even with a sucky GPS use previous finders logs to help. They almost always leave some sort of clues, just make sure you don't give up too easily!
  5. Wow that is a great idea. I've never found a geocache that touching.
  6. Cool, I'm just outside of Charlottesville!
  7. Yeah but that's only for people who are going the paleo route. I'm talking about an app to track fitness, sort of like a game for rebels. Would be fun.
  8. Are there any fellow rebels out there who like to geocache? I love geocaching and as a bonus you get exercise while you do it! What are you guy's thoughts on geocaching?
  9. I agree with this fully... I mean did you guys see her when she went to way in. So weak she tripped going up the steps... She looks as if she could break. But then again if that's how she wants to look more power to her. I'm just shocked is all
  10. My friend and I hiked White Oak Caynon in Virginia one year in January and ran into this man who was ice climbing.. crazy right. He was climbing the frozen over waterfalls with spikey shoes and such.
  11. I like winter hikes other than the snow and ice simply for the fact that I don't have to worry about snakes! I'm deathly terrified of snakes. I don't let that stop me though I hike in the spring, summer and fall but after seeing one on a hike I'm not the same. Cautious the whole time and I'd rather just be carefree.
  12. Wow, I wish I could take the time off from work to do that! Please update us when you return on how it was!
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