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  1. I just worked out that OP means original poster. Took me long enough!! I'm not so sure about feelings of guilt that are a direct consequence of viewing excessive amounts of porn, more so feelings of guilt due to lying to those close to me. I'm looking at possibly seeing someone about it, but I'm a bit cashstrapped, and I can feel my self-discipline is growing stronger by the day, so it may not be necessary. But if I need it I will definitely make it happen.
  2. I'm pretty sure I have hit rock bottom...I damn well hope so!!!!! Thanks for the link, I'm watching now.
  3. Thanks everyone. It's been a week. Things are going awesomely!! I signed up for Tough Mudder this afternoon. Thats it, no going back - No matter my uni workload or financial state, Sunday September 23rd 2012 will see me on that course. Already pumped. And yes, the plan has been put in place - Sort of. I'm starting off with the Angry Birds workout here on NF - trying to Keep Things Simple, as the TM workout plan needs all sorts of extra stuff. Going to begin trail running in a few weeks when I have access to a vehicle so I an get to the trails, but for now I'll train for running just on the r
  4. Wow, this has gotten interesting. I'm not going to address all of what was said on the previous page - I respect their right to rationalise it and won't attempt to sway their opinions. There's nothing constructive that can come from addressing it, as it will just start a flame war - what works for them doesn't work for everyone. I have a very addictive personality, so maybe that plays into it. Thanks for those stats MrsDave. It's a really controversial topic, as it seems to be polarised between those who think the definition of "being a man" means to look at porn or to not look at it, and it
  5. Thanks heaps for all your encouragement, particularly to those whose points of views are different to mine - I really appreciate your understanding. @Sambalina: Yes I have spoken to her about it. She's the main reason I'm doing it - not the only reason, as I've been unhappy about it for quite some time - but I guess the best way to describe it is that she's the reason I went from merely wanting to change to actually wanting to change ENOUGH to do something about it. I've been really busy with uni work over the last few days but I've set myself the deadline of sorting out my fitness plan for
  6. Thanks for all your replies. @KnightWatch: I have the same feeling as well. I'm not here to get help with that aspect of my life - I'm getting help through other channels for that. I'm here to develop the habit that I want to replace this negative one. My plan for mudder is undefined at the moment - I'm going to come up with it in a day or two, I have some big university assessments which I need to study really hard for. I also have a habit of setting myself goals which are too extravagant when I'm in moods like this, so I figure it will be best to wait until I've settled down so I can devis
  7. G'day everyone, My name is GWally. I'm 21 (soon to be 22) years old. I've had the rare fortune of growing up in a stable family, with parents who had their differences but graciously waited until me and my sibling/s were old enough to not be adversely affected by them. My parents worked hard to provide for me and my sibling/s, and all in all I had a great childhood. The reason I told you all that is so you'd understand who I am. I wasn't abused as a child, I wasn't exposed to anything a child shouldn't be exposed to. Excluding normal adolescent curiosity, I had a normal childhood, my two lov
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