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  1. Hey, I'm pretty new to all of this, been wanting to change a lot of stuff and try new things for a while and I'm finally making myself do it. Stats : 20 years old, 6ft, 14 stone I'm looking to lose a good bit of weight and tone up (Not quite sure what to aim for so i'm just taking it a pound at a time.) Basically I need some advice, I've made changes to my diet, stopped drinking soda almost completely, it was ridiculous how much I drank and I'm doing pretty well with that, I just have occasional weak moments (Hello Irn bru & sensations.) Started including more fruit & veg etc. Just looking for some suggestions on what meals to actually have? started having porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner I've generally been quite clueless, been making chicken stir frys which are nice but it'd be great to change it up. Exercise wise, I joined up to the gym a few months back and not really used it, when I do go I stick to cardio stuff (treadmill, bikes, elliptical, rowing machine) and I do some body weight & dumbbell exercises. Is this the right way to go or should I be doing something else? Looking to take up maybe a martial arts/boxing class, parkour classes & archery when funds allow it, so those will help. Any help's appreciated! - Ross
  2. I'm Ross, don't really have much of a story to be honest. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. Currently weigh 143 lbs (10 1/2 stone) looking to bring it down a little bit, well body fat percentage. Looking to get some form of visible muscle around the stomach area. Starting parkour and martial arts over summer so hopefully that shall get me in shape. Don't really know what else to say haha, hey :3?
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