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  1. I've had a good first week. I journaled food every day. My workouts have been productive. I've also kept my diet pretty clean. Journaling definitely helps me. I have a big challenge as I travel this week and will be off balance. My goal is to keep on logging food and watching the empty calories (ie alcohol).
  2. A little background for those who care - I started engaging my health in a meaningful about a year ago (beginning of May 2012). I had just turned 30 and had one of those "look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened" moments. I had a physical for a life insurance policy, weighing in at 237. Between careers, marriage, and kids, I just let it all slip away. Moreover, I had never really been conscious about my health up that point anyway. I just did my thing. I wasn't fit, but I wasn't grossly overweight either. I'd do some treadmill work until shin splints knocked me out; a kick boxing class here or there. Nothing crazy. If I stayed active making no diet changes, I could keep things around 225. We had our first child in 2009, and were blessed with twins(!) in 2012. And I love my kids with all my heart - I just wasn't ready for the challenge of "3 under 3". I simply didn't make time for my personal health as I was too busy adjusting to everything. Getting back to April of last year, my wife and I booked a vacation for July. Here was my event I could truly get up for. I started doing some research, found Steve's blog, talked to some other folks who have had success with improving their health, and I started with some big changes in May. I stopped chronic cardio and started picking up heavy stuff. I bought new minimal trainers - my shin splints disappeared when I did do any running. Seriously. Like *poof* gone. I wanted to be able to do 25 pushups in a row and 1 overhand grip pullup. With the help of a friend - a former college football player with boatloads of strength training experience, we put a 6 week plan together. I made dramatic diet changes with which I still tweak to this day. The first 2 weeks, I went on very prescriptive plan. This is what you will eat for breakfast monday morning; tuesday lunch will be this, etc. I needed this structure in the beginning so it left no room for interpretation. Did I do a good job eating today or not? Taking stock at the end of the day was very simple. After my 2 week " initiation, I took advice from Steve and other bloggers (Notable Mark's daily apple) and began incorporating paleo/primal principles into my nutrition. Perhaps most important, though, was that I was conscious, for the first time, of what I was actually eating on a daily basis. My goal was to be under 200 lbs by July 25th, the day we would leave for Mexico. How'd I do? Well, I got close. My lowest weigh in pre Mexico was 208. I could get to 20 pushups, and I could do 1 chin up. I didn't achieve my goals, but I did make progress and see results. I finally eclipsed 200 in the Middle of October 2012. I can now do 40 pushups and 4 overhand grip pullups. My current weight hovers right around 195 and has since December. I have, however, dropped an inch from my waist since December, so I've still made some gains in the leanness area. I've also incorporated some intermittent fasting using the leangains approach. Pretty simple. No more breakfast. Break fast after my lunch workout around 1, and I eat for the last time a little before 9 PM. So that brings me here. My last challenge was fall of 2012. Since then, I've kind of done my own thing. I've had some success, to be sure, but I need some help focusing again. I feel as if I've been resting on my laurels a bit. I still get down to the gym 3 times a week, but I'm on no specific program per se. I'm doing lots of work to get to 10 pullups and 50 pushups, but nothing in the sense of "Monday I'll be doing these exercises in this rep range, etc". Philosophically, I'm still living the paleo life but much sloppier. I lack the focus and motivation I did last summer. I need some goals and accountability. That's why I am coming back to my friends at nerd fitness and joining the challenge again. And without further ado, here are my goals: 1. Log my food in a journal at least 4 days a week 2. 3 consecutive AM weigh ins below 190 3. build the bookshelves I've been saying I'm going to build for 3 months lest I want childrens books to continue to multiply like rabbits around the house. 4. Add 1 rep to my pullup max - 5 overhand grip pullups from a dead hang. - I hope this one doesn't seem lame to you all. I've found adding reps to my pullups to be quite difficult. I'll be very satisfied if I add 1 rep in 6 weeks. What I'm doing about my goals 1. I dusted off my loseit log in and am going to get back in the habit 2. I find the food journal thing to really help so this is sort of tied to goal 1. That said, my action items here are desserts and drinks no more than twice a week and never after 9 PM 3. I Need to buy material and set a day with my father in law to just freaking build it. Gonna call him today and plan on a date. 4. By Wednesday, I'll have a lifting plan on paper that will take me through the end of the challenge. There is a boot camp fitness class today I'll go to - It's an okay alternative on Mondays if I'm feeling under-motivated. I know this probably wasn't the best place for the "here's my journey" post, but I started typing and this all came out. Sorry for that. I'll attach progress pics for those interested - Underwear warning Finally, I have to note I finally selected my guild the other day. I'm excited to join. Thanks everyone
  3. grz

    First Challenge

    Sorry this took me so long to get back to. Here are my results: I can do 1 chin up from a dead hang. +3 STR. Hopefully a pullup is not too far down the line. I have put out 20 pushups i a row several times now +3 STA +2STR I even got my weight down to under 210! +2CON Unfortunately, I didn't get my lighting project done until this past Saturday, so I can't count it Oh well! Thanks to everyone for your support! I think I'll go update my signature now!
  4. grz

    First Challenge

    Lots of progress since I last checked in! I'm currently at 209. However, I've had a cold that put me down pretty good for a couple of days, so I'll see if my weight creeps up a bit in the coming days. Also, I leave for my vacation on Wednesday, and I'll have to be careful not to undo things while I'm there. I can do a chin up from a dead hang - not there on a pull up yet. I've also managed 20 pushups in a row. The chances of me getting my life goal done are getting slim as I'm running out of weekends - and I won't be able to this weekend. Alas. Anyway, that's the progress! Woot!
  5. grz

    First Challenge

    I hit 20 pushups in a row today! Woot! I tried earlier in the workout and got to 19. My 20th attempt just couldn't go. Toward the end, in between some sets, I thought I'd try again. The first 10 felt really good and I thought I'd keep going. I was pretty tired by my 20th, so I didn't do any more. On wednesday, I'm gonna try and capture on video to make sure my form stays true. It feels like it does, but I need proof Thanks to you all for your support!
  6. I'm bookmarking this thread for all the great veggie recipes! How's the running and planking coming along?
  7. grz

    First Challenge

    Alright - I've been able to do 12 pushups in my workouts. I haven't tried to go for a max. But I'm fairly confident that if I keep working it into my routine, I'll be at 20 pushups by August. Pull ups - I'm not so sure. If I start with some momentum, I can chin up to the bar. But I can't do one from a dead hang. No dead hang - no exp. My weight is another struggle. I had a great weekend with my family (read:my blog), but it set me back on my weight loss goal. However, 10 pounds isn't that much. And if I'm monastic the rest of the way through, I know I can get there. It may be getting too hot to get my lighting project done - attic time + dog days of summer = you're gonna have a bad time. But if I can help my brother in law get his AV equipment project done at his house, I'll give myself +2 for the karma.
  8. grz

    First Challenge

    I'm gonna alter my pullup goal in that if I get a chin up but not a pull up I'll give myself +3 STR. Fair?
  9. Those are good goals! Might I suggest that in addition to your goal of exercising 3 days a week, maybe include some specific fitness goals? 5 pushups in a row, for example. Or 12 miles walked over the course of the challenge (2 mi per week). That way, if you have to miss a day for some unforeseen event, you still have that physical challenge to shoot for. I found that has pushed me to really go after something in my workouts. Good luck and keep your eyes open for those snakes - yikes!
  10. Your food logs inspire me - and make me hungry! Great work on the physical benchmarks! Keep it up! You should track them in tabular form - It's really motivating when you can look at where you are on week 6 from week 1!
  11. http://writingfrommyheart.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/challenge-accepted.png Loved your thread title! Good luck!
  12. Good luck! Those are well thought out goals!
  13. Good luck! http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/12/02/3-big-reasons-why-failure-breeds-success/I like this post from Steve on failure. And it sounds like you have the same attitude!
  14. Alright here goes nothing! I started working on my health about 6 weeks ago. So far, I've been able to build up some good momentum and stay with it. I've lost about 15 pounds, and I stopped running on the treadmill and started lifting some weights. My wife and I are going on vacation July 25 - Aug 1. This was the original impetus for getting in shape. But I think I might be getting addicted to the pump. We'll see. I'm having good gains, but I haven't really done any lifting before, so gains were pretty easy the first 5 weeks of lifting. These next 6 will really be important to me achieving my fitness goals. Without further ado here they are Do 1 pull up unassisted +5 STR DO 20 push ups in a row +3STA +2STR Get my weight below 210 (Currently 217) +2CON Complete my living rm and garage lighting project +3CHA I've set my initial stats as STR 2 DEX 1 STA 2 CON 3 WIS 4 CHA 3 Another goal I have indirectly tied to the challenge is to get in 3 workouts while on vacation and maintain weight.
  15. I heart Archer. That is all. Carry on.

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