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  1. Echoceanic

    Echo level up: consistency II

    Echo didn't run this Saturday, but Echo exercised. I knew something was up when I woke up at 7 am and didn't want to run, but when I through about exercising, I did want to get up. So I did the day 4 of the darebee - THIS ONE, and a day of yoga. I want to do some tomorrow too even if it's my no tech day. I need to vary up my planks - the way I understand it is: elbow planks are the advanced version if you're going for a core workout, full arm planks are the ones you want for arm strength. Now I want both, so I should do both. I didn't do everything I wanted to do today because I SLEPT FOR 4+ HOURS DURING THE DAY - long story short I just wanted to lie and day dream for a while and I would up falling asleep. Dammit. But I didn't feel bad about focusing on one task, finishing it and now feeling like I can take these last few hours I have left to watch some shows and not bother.
  2. Echoceanic

    » shaar gives no. frickin'. quarter.

    I loved the writing, they are kinda like different types of abusive people and it's both weird and awesome in a 'I appreciate nice words that make me feel' way.
  3. Echoceanic

    [Wolfpool] A Pleasure to Burn

    Honestly when i first say this my brain went 'who anime-d Drick Grayson and shoved him in Deadpool's costume?' The I figured DP would approve no matter who did it.
  4. Echoceanic

    The Silver Archer: Black Mask

    I hate when this happens. But I guess they have to at times.
  5. Echoceanic

    Xena vs. the Dog Days of Summer

    Finally had time to read! Yay for the weather being motivating for once!
  6. Echoceanic

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    You're going to great, have fun! I'm glad you stopped yourself from berating and kicked the voice's ass.
  7. Echoceanic

    When a Ranger is down, she turns to the Corps

    I'm glad you're dealing with this so well. Family problems are always weird and tough. Also, have fun dong the E&E!
  8. Echoceanic

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    I'm ss sorry life seems intent on beating you up right now. But you'll survive and kick it's ass back. Don't feel bad about people rallying around you, it's a good thing.
  9. Echoceanic

    RhiaWolfe Fights in Westeros

    It sucks you feel that way but I am glad you're taking steps to work through it. And while we might not be there psychically with you, we can still tell you you're doing awesomely through the screen.
  10. Echoceanic

    JonFirestar vs The Lakes

    Good luck! You'll do great!
  11. Echoceanic

    Elastigirl: The Mission Continues; Part 2

    Sitting can suck.
  12. Echoceanic

    Maigs Does One Thing

    YEEES! I am so happy for you.
  13. That WAS nice of her. Stepping in vomit is not a good way to start a day.
  14. Echoceanic

    KCAleece and The Two Miles

    You definitely are!
  15. Echoceanic

    DJTrippyT: AMAZON

    Hey there is no harm in trying it out for a while. If your energy picks up you'll know.