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  1. I wasn't going to do a challenge this round. And then I got frustrated. So, here I am, in hopes that by talking it out with some of you guys, I'll find a solution. Because honestly I am kinda sick of my "what am I gonna do today" type of workouts I've been doing for 3 years. I get bored and demotivated easily when there is no progress, and due to the fact I haven't been working on the same things often enough to see said progress, it has resulted in me sitting still and getting annoyed. When it comes to what progress is for me: two things count. - Something I can do often and regularly- this has been my focus for a while, and I have gotten a handle on it. When I know what I'm going do exercise-wise, I can do daily or every other day easily, when nothing comes up, which is the ideal. - Something that will make me stronger - most of my workouts have to be body weight based. My own body weight plays no factor in this - it doesn't change, I don't track it or pay attention to it, and I like it that way. So, if by the end of these five weeks I have an actual exercise plan - I count it as a success. Will this plan be a full body one, or divided in sections, I have no clue. It will be free or something I make myself (which I have tried but I keep nitpicking or completely forgetting a group). But I know I'll be trying until I find something I like, can do all the time, and will actually work for me, my space and my sanity and will not include any jumping exercises. This will be a loose log of all of my frustrations - with rants of what doesn't work. Feel free to contribute and tell me if I'm overthinking things or not.