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  1. Echoceanic

    Echocheanic navigates

    WEEK 1 DAY 6 Wow did the time fly by! Half has been the fact I've been busy as heck, half that I didn't have a computer for 2 days cause tech is weird and half because I was trying to spend less time on it and more doing things. Today I'm sewing - pillowcases, because it was about time to use up the fabric we have and have more than three of them to switch around all the time. I also need to study for my exam. I will be done with two classes this month if everything goes to plan, leaving three for next month. The rest of the days have mostly been either computer stuff or me worrying. Inclines are at 383 - low for a thousand, but I have a reason - I changed the level once I was able to do 15 inline push ups in a row. Now I can do five. The diminished sets and the general 'holy hell' of this week is the reason the number is so low, so at this point I just hope I get over 600. I also had to carry the PC down five flights of stairs and up so I mean yeah that's not that bad. The trackers are okay-ish, I still need to get up when I wake up.
  2. I wish mine way, ha, but these kids keep encouraging me to drink LESS coffee. Apparently no one wants a teacher jacked up on caffeine and happiness at 8am. Who knew... At my last office it was weird to be the one that got up earliest and the one that was most chipper in the mornings, while everyone else grumped about. And it did kinda put a damper on it for me. Also, HI YES I'M ALIVE AND FINALLY CAUGHT UP.
  3. Echoceanic

    Nic Rangers Up!

    Sometimes we don't have it in us to meditate and that's fine. I find journalling helps then, and it's a type of mindfullness. I just write down everything going on in my head rapid brain-sump style, and sometimes I wind up figuring something out too, even if it's 'I'm nervous because of X'.
  4. Echoceanic

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    HI Sal, hope you're doing well. Wow that is frankly amazing. You're kinda basically running a company solo and that takes guts and skill. I'm impressed. I'm glad you keep pushing and taking care of yourself.
  5. Echoceanic

    JonFirestar: I am Awesome

    I just caught up so I'm late, but congratulations! You are not just a runner but an awesome runner I hope you have a nice weekend.
  6. Echoceanic

    Echocheanic navigates

    I have no idea why the company sends mini busses on their busiest route ever but it was one of those situations where all you can do is laugh.
  7. Echoceanic

    Echocheanic navigates

    I dye my roots a dark brown, and that colour persists about half way down my hair, and after that is the old dark red I had (summary - had flaming red hair, got bored, put brown over it and got a dark deep red, started dying my roots brown and left it to grow cause both colours are the same depth but a different shade and it looks kinda cool and subtle). I just randomly read the label after I bought it cause of the size. I have no idea how but it does work - on flyaways too to a point. I will most likely pass out - insomnia doesn't feature heavily in my life.
  8. Echoceanic

    Echocheanic navigates

    WEEK 1 DAY 1 Well yesterday I simply ran out of time to do my inclines. The day before I tried and I can do my normal five sets on a much lower level too. Will stick to the previous for now but might switch mid month. Today I didn't do them because I wound up with less than 1 hour of sleep, and then went to my class today. I also forgot my bus time so I missed one and got back home later. Also my abs and arms were tired because I rode in a mini bus - half the time sitting on the one stair in front of the four seats in the back, squeezed between two seats, less than my shoulder width apart, and standing up in the middle row, as the pot-holed and swaying road swung my 100 pound ass around. Cause yeah there was no room. I have no idea how fast the dude was going but I have been told me drive fast and everyone was swaying even if they sat. Despite this I had a nice time. In the morning I made lemon and avocado, cause yum, I needed something heavy to hold me over, and I meditated nicely for 5 min. I dressed nicely - wore a dress and my hair was really nice cause I discovered leave in conditioner (and dyed it yesterday as well, it is always softer then). I don't have a full length mirror so when I did get a chance to see how long my hair was it was a nice surprise - half way down my back. I bought a new hairbrush too - my old one was no longer cleanable and the teeth itself were already done, it was also too big. I have long hair but a smaller brush works better apparently and this one is anti static. Also I had two coffees, nice walks, nice interactions with teachers and made progress on the new stuff I need to rewrite. And I will get one class and one exam done this month. Next month I might be able to finish the other three and year two is done. Hopefully. I need to carry my PC to get reinstalled again cause yeah. So this week will also be that. Classes aka trips are on Monday. Now I just need to go and not fall asleep, it's 5 am and I need to not go to bed till like 9. So I don't think I can do something really complicated now cause I am yawning.
  9. Echoceanic

    Echocheanic navigates

    Hello guys! One of my biggest problems right now is discipline. I know what I want to do and what I need to do to make it, but I tend to trip off the wagon a lot and it makes me not want to set any huge goals for me out of fear - because the goals are small I manage not to fail spectacularly. This obviously has to stop, because if I only keep to what I know I can do I won't challenge myself. So I need to make discipline itself into a habit. I am worth making an effort for and sitting around doing nothing will not make me better or stronger. And I want to be both of those things. Last challenge was a good way to dip my toe back in. So now we have four goals: Fitness: incline countdown This is pretty much me tackling something really hard - I have a total of 1 000 inclines to do this month and by the 28th (so middle of week three) I should do every single one of them. Do I incorporate them with other exercises? Do I do sets of 5 or 6 all day? It depends on the day. I have started with this already - 70 down, but missed yesterday which means I'm already behind and need to catch up one of these days. This has the added benefit of me getting used to the fact I am an exercise person. Big life goal: book, exam and classes Week Zero - read your entire book, fix stuff and send it to the editor. Get your classes set up. Week One Two and Three - classes and your one exam. Do them. Study and work. Habits and discipline: 80% completion for all monthly trackers; complete all of your monthly goals The trackers are all mostly to do with curbing procrastination and fixing my sleep, along with making good habits stick. Mostly boring stuff like - turn off computer at 10 pm, do the dishes, make your bed, get up from said bed, meditate, exercise, don't procrastinate, etc. It's a table in my planner that I tick off. I will count these at the end of February and I will decide if I succeed. Goals are a paradox cause some of them are included in this challenge. Some of them are - write 15k words, finish the book you're reading, call people you need to call. I have also been experimenting with time blocks, aka I do my to do list for the day and then time block the day under it. Will give my thoughts on this as I go. Miscellaneous: two narratives for the challenge Cause I like writing, and I want to pursue the narrative I started last time.. These don't count in the word count thing. As you can see the goals are mostly ending in the middle of week three. After that we get new ones.