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  1. Echoceanic

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    You're more like a fighter, cutting through a thick jungle and ducking and fighting monsters on the island you got stranded on. Not a loser. Sorry about your funding but don't give up. Be sad and angry and disappointed (in them not you) and watch out for the next thing.
  2. Okay that was freaking adorable, and your sense of humour is amazing.
  3. Echoceanic

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    Sometimes you need silence. It's okay to need it. I'm glad you're doing okay. Your voice is adorable btw.
  4. Echoceanic

    Beyond Barbells: Tanktimus Bashes Barriers

    Hi Tank! Sorry I'm late. It's cool to see you tackle bodyweight. When it comes to HP houses: I have no idea why Ravenclaw has a eagle to it (or why Hufflepuffs have a badger), but our usual descriptor is 'trying to herd cats into a box' because the hat didn't say anything about discipline, just wanting to know all the things I usually either get Ravenclaw or Sytherin which is freaking hilarious to me.
  5. Echoceanic

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    You can say you just don't feel well (usually people assume cold when you say this and don't give details). You don't owe them a big explanation, and taking care of yourself is important. You're the only one that knows if it helps to go out or doesn't (with you it seems to make you feel worse 80% of the time, especially when alcohol is involved). You are your priority, your best friend. A missed night out won't kill someone
  6. Echoceanic

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    It's normal, and apathy is killer and annoying. But you're trying and that is good.
  7. Echoceanic

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    This is why I love my planner - when I get down on me and call myself lazy I flip over and see what I did and why and it makes me feel better. It makes sense. It's a habit and habits are hard to break - think like a well-threaded road in the snow vs a road covered in snow but leading you in the right direction. You are trying and doing it. And oven chips are good, less greasy than other chips anyway. Maybe start with one exercise, like the treadmill, and make an endurance goal you slowly work toward. So, for example you can handle 30 minutes now, see if you can improve the time byt let's say the end of the month by 10 minutes or whatever. Having goals and doing things help.