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  1. Solve the puzzle, open the box

    Hi. I kinda do negatives without the knee push push already - eccentric push ups I think they're called because I basically drop on my stomach in the end. The bruises first developed during lunges and knee push ups, so I don't know. I should start doing stuff with push ups tomorrow - today and yesterday I was soo tired the rapid heat is killing me, so we'll see how it goes. Part of what I think will help is actually static holds, as per advice from here actually, so I am working on being able to hold one for more than 5 seconds.
  2. Echocheanic's log

    I haven't been able to exercise because of a mild health issue that I don't think is a big deal, but I am going to the doctor as soon as I can. Not much to update on otherwise.
  3. Solve the puzzle, open the box

    The cave was damp and dark. Echo lowered slowly. her feet slipped from the rocks occasionally, and she would wind up hanging in mid air for a split second before she found her footing again. But the rope was long, her gear was solid, and the cave called to her with its promise of rare metals. Maybe she could find some fascinating discovery. With the new wind she had gotten came her curiosity, and it couldn't be stopped. The cave floor came unexpectedly. Echo dropped down and lit her lantern. The amount of darkness concerned her but didn't stop her from pressing on. Soon enough she came across what she could only describe as ruins. Even in near darkness, so far beneath the ground, after so many years, Echo could see someone hid something important here. She ran her fingers down the wall, reading the ancient language in her head. 'Use your mind, open the box. The box holds what you require the most.' "What box?" Echo said, to herself in this empty space, before she saw the dark object. For a second Echo could swore the darkness was denser around it, as if it emanated it. when she picked it up she heard a rattle inside, the sound of metal hitting metal. All of it was covered in maze-like pathways, that cross-crossed and swam around each other. She tried to follow one path, but she only managed to do five turns before she got lost. This was not the place to figure this out. Echo shoved the box in her cloak pocket and climbed back out of the cave. The first thing she needed to do was go to the local mage that owed her a favour and see if this box was dangerous. And then, if it was fine, she would solve the puzzle and open this box. Hiiii! I'm doing something different this time around and sticking to a narrative, hopefully a cool one. It might not be every update, but it will be finished by the time I finish this challenge. Now for the goals. Or, well, goal. Do a full push up. Okay, I am focusing on this for several reasons: I can do a 45 second plank (and did a 60 second one today) - so I don't lack the arm strength clearly. I can lower down to the floor, it's just my chest (or nose, cause for my chest to hit it I would have to lie flat on the floor, I tested it) don't hit it. My shoulder blades contract. But it feels like it's too high. When I do it from the floor up I can barely lift up though, and i think it is because my arm placement is super close to my body from the bottom up, and at a 45 degree angle and higher when doing it from the top down. I can't check my form via video either because I can't tape it well. So I need to figure out what is up with that. I find that I slow down while lowering down because I am afraid I will fall flat on my face, collide my knees to the floor and piss them off (I have scars on both knees and they bruise easily plus hurt) and hit my nose or break my glasses. I am not sure if this is the only thing that stops me, but I know it is a thing. I tried doing this by placing weights on the ground (small 4 pound ones), grab them in the middle and use them as handlebars because my arms slid on the floor. It helped my wrists too, but my palms are really sensitive (I stop lifting stuff because of skin pain not other stuff). I lack the expertise to figure this out, and honestly, sharing your problems with people that actually understand what you mean is much easier and more rewarding. Don't let everything else fall apart while you focus on this. This is obvious. I am a bit of a hyper-focusser. I need a long time to focus, but when I do I can have other things fall to the wayside. I am going to not do that this time around. SO LETS DO THIS.
  4. Echocheanic's log

    So, after doing my first challenge here, I realised I don't do well with 4 week goals. I am more of a long term, change as you go, work in progress type of person. But I do realised that I love talking to you guys in there - people like @Taddea Zhaan @Grumble and other newbies like me I sadly don't know the usernames of (I suck at names) made my days, since I don't get to talk about exercise a lot. With that and the fact I had to take a step back because not working out for over 10 days wrecked all my progress (ah, failing right as you start seeing progress and losing it all - it sucks) I decided to get back to the normal bodyweight circuit and start over and start a battle log, where I will post whenever I exercise. That way I can have the accountability I like, and not feel like a failure when don't do well. Since this is an introductory post, let me start with some stuff about me. I'm a girl, 23, from a small country in Europe (so English is not my first language), and my goals are general increase in strength and endurance. I'm pretty thin - 5.7 ish and 100 pounds, and have been like that all my life - a mix of good genes and a general healthy-ish diet from early on. My problem is I loose weight easily - yeah I know 'what a problem to have', but it does suck, because I can eat two servings of everything and have it have no impact. I've put that goal aside, because the frustration had started affecting my self esteem, so my current goal is just to not loose weight while upping my exercise. I've worked out since May this year - on and off and trying different things. So let's start with today as day one - 10:30am. The last time I worked out was Monday - I decided to work out 2 times a week, and add a third when I know I can handle it. This is also the first time I worked out before 1pm. I want to see if I like it - I had about half a bag of wheat cookies before I worked out - lot of fibre and protein - about 8.9 grams in 100 grams (120g total in a pack). I'll eat again at around 12 and then again at like 3pm when mom is home. Then after I downed my (now with 7,8 % fat milk, because I found out I like it) coffee and let it digest for about an hour, I did the entire beginner bodyweight circuit from here - plus stretching, in 25 minutes. So about a half an hour of workout. I am drenched and this is what I found: I forgot the push ups the first time and had to do them right after the dumbbell rows - won't forget them again, doing two arm exercises at once is rough. 6 kilos for my dumbbell is too light, I did 20 each arm on the first circuit just to get a slight burn going. Have to go with the suitcase - 8 kilos and eventually I'll need to find another exercise that targets the same muscles. I felt like I wanted to die after circuit number 2, but I feel awesome after the 3rd. This will never cease to amaze me. I also found I stretched a lot further this time. Like a lot further, about 10 cm - almost 4 inches, more on one exercise. I also need to find a stretch that targets my spine well, that I can do. I had poor posture when I was in high school, and it creeps up after I've been sitting for a while, and I want to make sure it doesn't do any damage. I also need to figure out why I've had lower back pain all of a sudden, my problem is usually shoulder blade pain. There ya go. This is me. Feel free to chime in with anything from support to advice, questions and yelling at me when I do something wrong. I'd like to do better, and well, as the title says, let myself kick ass.