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  1. Echocheanic's log

    And now you have another friend from there.
  2. Echocheanic's log

    You're not misinterpreting! The whole thing is that they want experience in sales, and this is the only sales experience I have but 'freelance' doesn't have a good reputation here. I used to not tell people I freelance/volunteer at a magazine, and I got the 'so you have no experience' look. Now I get the 'wrong experience' look (even though it made me feel comfortable communicating with people). I can't get experience if someone doesn't give me a job, for hell's sake. I might try your advice though and just say freelance next time and see what they do. I've had some training for a dispatcher and a fast food worker but when it came to the first the other two quit and I was told that I have to work 7 days a week with no insurance, so I noped out, and the second one I got a creepy 'you don't have a boyfriend, it's okay we'll get you one' from the girl that trained me and I couldn't wait to run home. Yay! What country, if you don't mind me asking. Today I got up late, but I didn't go to bed till the morning because I got stuck reading. This is exactly why I avoided fan fiction for so long, but dammit I got roped in.
  3. I don't know if this was supposed to look like bleeped out curse words, but it made me laugh.
  4. Echocheanic's log

    Thanks, it really did hep to hear all of that from someone else. She is mentally exhausted and pissed off to boot (all the good people that had the option to leave left, so only jackasses are left), I can see it. She sleeps more, forgets things, and is basically falling apart, but she is strong and resilient - I don't know how she does it, but she does it so I don't have to. She was a math teacher for hell's sake. She used to be really fit, like move a 7 foot solid wood wardrobe on her own, chop wood fit (she's also one of the reasons I have always wanted to be strong physically). But now we are in a tiny apartment and she has been at this place for 5 years. But I do know I ways I can help - lifting heavy things and doing some stuff she can't (even though I still suck at doing the dishes regularly). And like both of the careers I am drawn to are super shitty for where I am - graphic design/typesetting and writing. So it's 'how fast will the store clerk's eyes glaze over when I mention I am fluent in English and freelance doing this?'. Usually pretty fast. I don't think I've actually told you guys where I live. I usually don't think anyone will know where it is, so I don't bother. Balkan Peninsula, Europe.
  5. Ye Olde Ranger Guild Hall: General Chatter

    Dude, I might just come to you next time I need an inspiring speech for a character and just soak in the inspiration.
  6. Ye Olde Ranger Guild Hall: General Chatter

    Never apologize for this, I love conversations like this. I have always had an idea of an adult in my head. I have always wanted to be that adult, though when I was younger I thought it was just going to happen. Now I know it takes effort. I sometimes think I am so far away of my goal, but then I meet other people my age and am like 'nope I am such an adult'. I do find that making habits works for some stuff but don't for other things. Like procrastination. Trackers don't work there for me.
  7. Hunters Gonna Ranger: The Find-The-Bastard-Who-Stole-The-Hype Mini Challenge

    I managed to finish strong on my strength feat, 7 x 10 sets - 70 total. Now combat is on. Stretching is essential to improve your range of movement (so I can kick more effectively), and the back of my knees are the worst. Like I can't even do this (for now I'm trying to do it on the floor and with my legs not moving): But I can do a candle pose so far up that I am basically bending at my neck, and I can cross my legs so far that my knees rest on top of one another. So for this week, starting tomorrow I will be working on stretching the back of my knees more. Anyone that has any ideas on how to fix this, let me know.
  8. Echocheanic's log

    I'm glad you're here! Even listening helps I woke up at 10:30 today too. 7 hours again. I was super sleepy at 8 pm, but then I couldn't fall asleep till 3 am. About to do my 5th set of elevated push ups, and will do I think one more during writing this. Today my goal is to start work earlier than yesterday, aka not procrastinate. I am improving on the push up front, hell I didn't do less than ten push ups for 6 days. I might be able to do this every day in addition to trying actual push ups and see if it helps. And now on some personal stuff: I have been trying to get my mom to stretch after work since forever. She is 57 and she works in a factory, which means she is always in pain. At times her arms/legs/back/all of it (depending on the day) hurt so much that she can't move them, and she has been getting cramps in her leg that cause her to freeze up in pain. I can't help because it only makes her hurt more, but stretching seems to help a little, as well as me massaging her. The only problem is she only does it when I make her and basically do it for her (like rotate her shoulders physically until she does it herself and moving her arms and legs ala physical therapist). I think party it's because she thinks she needs to stretch as far as she could before or it doesn't count. And badgering her doesn't help, and explaining to her that it helps (and she admitted it) doesn't help. I can't do it every day for her, at least I don't seem to be able to. I don't think she'd let me either. It's frustrating to see her like this, since there is nothing I can do - all I can hope is that I can get a good job by the time she needs to retire and help her out that way. But even that front is frustrating because it's just a bunch of ignoring, people saying 'I'll call you if we need anyone', even for a store job. And i think the opportunity I had this year fell apart because I still haven't heard anything, and for that one to work I'd have to find an online graphic design course that doesn't sound like a big scam and it's not a shitton of money. I thought I found one, but nope. All I have right now is freelancing, and people don't seem to take that seriously here, plus it doesn't give me any 'working years' which i need here (not sure about the English term, or even if there is one so I am not going to try and translate it directly). Wow that turned a bit depressing. I guess I needed to take that off my chest. I tend to really hate talking about this because the only advice people can give is keep trying. And I am, not planning on giving up, I can't give up, because it's not like i have enough money to go 'fuck it' and move somewhere. Or I would, and then take my mom with me. It's not like I have much of a life here anyway, but a visa is hard to get. You need money I just don't have. It would take years even with me saving every little penny.
  9. [Mad Hatter] Many shiny, such log!

    I mean of course it's in your mind. Your mind is a part of your body, it can also glitch out. I never understood why people seem to not think of the brain as an organ. I always explain things like this as the brain's indigestion, seems to help people. That is always fun, especially when you're not dealing with overly competitive people.
  10. Hunters Gonna Ranger: The Find-The-Bastard-Who-Stole-The-Hype Mini Challenge

    4 X 10 sets of elevated push ups done today. I should be able to do them tomorrow too and then I'm done.
  11. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    "You work to live man, you don't live to work." I don't know where that quote is from though. I remember a dude I used to know (who turned out to be a real jerk) once told me that he works so much so that he an be retired by the time he's 40. My response was 'so you're going to work till you get an ulcer?'. I have a friend that works for Lyft and he keeps saying how great it is, which makes me suspicious. I currently don't have a full time job. I have been looking since I was 18 and I'm 23 now. So till I find something, I am freelancing on fiverr, so I can save some money. Let me tell you I have no idea how people could do that full time. Especially if you take any gig, even the ones that are super fishy. And some people don't even read the description.
  12. Echocheanic's log

    Frustrating because I need to talk to myself. It usually goes like this: *alarm blares* currently it's Foo Fighters - Run, which I find funny when I'm awake because the lyrics go 'wake up, run for your life with me'. "Huh what?" *gets up, turns off alarm* "Okay I need to stay awake, I know I want to be warm but I will fall asleep if I get back there..." *is already back in bed* *wakes up with a heavy headache, begins cursing and doesn't stop all day* But the reading might be a good idea. I usually read in the evening, but it makes my brain move. I just close my eyes, wait for the thoughts to run out and am asleep in 5 min. But maybe the combo of staying in bed but reading and then getting up will work? Will need to remember to do it though. Today I did manage to get up at 10:15! It's because I talked so much about getting up here that my brain remembered and I only snoozed once and then I got up. I only got 7,5 hours of sleep (but got 13 yesterday, and zero the night before, and 10 before that - my usual normal where I feel fine is 8). I have to find an opening to do push ups today when my cramps are at their least annoying. I am hitting a plateau when it comes to arm strength, which sucks because I still can't do a full push up - I can do half.
  13. Ye Olde Ranger Guild Hall: General Chatter

    Yup. I'm a writer so I always have to listen to people talking about 'muses' and how they can't write unless they are 'inspired' or 'motivated'. That is too unreliable for me, it's just a bonus that makes you work faster at times. That is why I try and turn everything into a habit. I actually think I can progress to 5 glasses of water this summer (the heat will make it easier to stick to it), though I still suck at getting up early (but I did get up today so that is good). The slump was connected to this - getting up is where my discipline is the weakest. Though it's always easier when the exercise is fun. And fun for me is challenging and something that makes me feel like I kick ass, and if i vary it often enough - which I am failing at now. But I will be back. Thanks for the quote. :))
  14. Ye Olde Ranger Guild Hall: General Chatter

    I started this year motivated and then I slumped, but I am not giving up. Yes, I do feel frustrated and I will chide myself, but I will make sure that I know tomorrow is a new day and I will have a new start. And maybe it will work out better tomorrow.
  15. Echocheanic's log

    I have been arguing with myself about this since forever. If I move to the living room I do not go back to bed after that, but staying out of bed after I have woken up is the hardest thing ever for me, especially since it makes me frustrated. Some times I don't even notice I've done it. Cold water might work in summer or when it's a bit warmer, cause now it might just make me go back to bed. I just need to whine and then do it - I have been having a bad week, but was doing well before that. My Loop Tracker said I had a 60% success last year, so I moved y goal from get up before noon to get up before 11am.