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  1. UPDATE #5: Almost midnight. - 2 glasses of water, and one tea. I don't have a lot of water at home (the tap water is not that good for drinking) so I'm wondering if mint tea, with no sugar or milk counts here. I think it hydrates? Not sure. But okay this one is out of my control, so even if it doesn't count I'm not disappointed. - Weather changes and the fact I worked out yesterday makes today dancing day. Oddly enough I am not sore today even if I did a lot yesterday. That means I'm getting stronger? That was fast.
  2. And now i can eat - potatoes and chickpeas from the oven, with cheese and ketchup. First time eating this.
  3. UPDATE #4: Almost 4pm - just got done exercising and hungry as all hell: - on my third glass of water, so I'm probably making it today too. I almost didn't drink the fourth glass yesterday but I did it after I got home from a beer with a friend. - today's active was my exercise: 40 jumping jacks, 10 incline push ups - warm up. Then 3x8 squats with 10 kilo weights - 22-ish lb, 3x4 eccentric push ups - I slam on the exercise mat as soon as my arms pass the 90 degree angle but my wrist weight distribution was better this time, 2x12 knee to elbow crunches just because they're fun now that my tailbone doesn't hurt, and a 40 sec plank - my longest so far. Then about a 5 min stretch, maybe even less, because I needed to sit down. Phew I did a lot today. Also some thinking revealed that even if I had the tools I can't make a pull up bar on my door because I would hit the door frame with my head or shoulders.
  4. I remember this one from middle school (they made us do it on the soccer net).
  5. I technically do full body workouts every time, but sometimes I skip squats because it tires me out the most - I am far in that I can actually workout heavily with weights and not have to learn how to do the form. It's kinda a variation of the bodyweight workout on Nerd Fitness (I actually started from there and tweaked) and then I added/took away stuff until I got something that works - considering that when I do it I am sore all over and not in just one specific group, I avoid working out back to back. Mostly it depends on how I feel, I sometimes do all of the exercises at once sometimes (especially if there were severe weather changes cause they drain me) I skip that one. I work out at home, and I live in a small town where people stare a lot so I avoid going to the park or whatever to do this, although I'd like to be able to without having some old grandma look at me like I am the devil. We also have one gym in the entire town and I can't afford it. So I stick with home. Yup, I am aware of these. I am waiting till I can do one push up to start on these, mostly because it will give me time to figure out how to do inverted rows at home - a spot that will fit me and that has two things that are the same height so I can put the bar (wooden spoon) there. I can't do it on the kitchen table because I would need to move all the stuff under it. As for a pull up bar, I don't have one. I'm sure I can figure something out, but I can't think of anything now :/ Thanks for the encouragement, I am the type to do a lot at once because I can't estimate my limit.
  6. UPDATE #3: 8:30 pm ish - 2 glasses of water and about to drink another one before I go out. I managed to hit my goal yesterday too so yay. - today it was cardio - I danced around the house because I felt like shit and frustrated and that always helps me relax, plus it was rest day (I try and not do to days of exercising in order even if I do different exercises, because I wind up using all muscle groups again). So that's the second quest settled. Tomorrow is going to be exercise day. So far doing well. I might have started a bit too easy
  7. Yay, glad I helped! We always have room to improve.
  8. Baby's First Quest

    Planning always helps me be determined.
  9. @The Tin Man Yup, that is exactly the position. But no matter what I do my knees lift off the floor and the back of my legs hurt.
  10. UPDATE #2: 3:45 pm, just got done exercising: - 2 glasses of water so far, with a third coming up after I finish typing this (I drank 7 yesterday actually) so doing well. - did some jumping jacks and 10 inclines for a warm up, then did 2x5 eccentric push ups (my wrists started to hurt since I apparently put all my weight on the back of my hand instead of my whole palm so working on that), a 35 sec plank and stretched. I also discovered I suck at the the rest time between sets, I either sit too long or too little. I also spent about and hour and a half ish outside in the blazing heat at noon doing adult things and waiting in lines. That always exhausts me. That also solves the do something active today as well, so yay! I have also been getting up early (my sleepy brain is far more stubborn than my awake brain) so that's awesome. @dayzee84 they do help, a lot. I actually managed to make one push up today (not all the way down but about half way maybe a little lower) so this is working. And my knees don't hurt anymore.
  11. 3 reps, but a woot nontheless

    I actually have no idea where to find cat-litter here. No friend that has a cat uses it. But that does sound like fun. I am planning on using a few encyclopedias for the exercises I can't do with these water bottles.
  12. My First Challenge

    I did this once with one a day for a few months, and it does get easier, trust me. It also turns into a habit.
  13. My First Challenge

    Even tiny things are fine. I've had days where my positive was 'I didn't fall down'. As long as it's positive. You're doing well.
  14. We use gas to cook (it's quite cheaper than the stove) so we need to buy it, drive it to the house and then carry it up. It's a big orange beast with a valve on it. This particular canister lasts 6 months so it's really heavy, I can carry the smaller one on my own - I think it's at my limit. Funny thing though, I live on the second floor, but there are five flights of stairs. Confuses the heck out of people and it's a good workout. It's basically the same position as you sitting in a chair, only with your legs stretched right in front of you on the bed. My knees bend no matter what I do. The thing is, I am mostly fine with my flexibility (especially in my upper body, though yeah it's gotten worse over time, but not too much) but stuff like what I described above and touching my toes are things I'm really bad at.
  15. Baby's First Quest

    Yeah, especially when the level of stress makes you not enjoy it as much. But I find I feel much better after making myself work, be busy and not just sit there paralysed. I hope your challenge started well.