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  1. Thank you guys for your valuable inputs. I bought a new pair of shoes and it seems to have worked. There is a still a bit of pain that starts at about the 20th minute of the run, but, contrary to the earlier pain, this one is gone once I finish the run. I am focusing on the step cadence and the landing to see if any correction is needed. The terrain is uneven too! I continue to do normal and side planks as I have been doing for a while now (this was suggested for ITBS too). Will post an update after few more weeks! Happy holidays!! Cheers!
  2. My shoes are about 3 years old but they have been majorly used on a treadmill.
  3. Hello there, I have always been a treadmill runner. I started running outdoors few months ago. It is a circular course where I do the laps counter-clockwise. I started feeling pain on my outer right knee (LCL I suppose) after a month. With a day off, the pain dies down though. I read online about longer strides and wider foot landing as corrective measures but I still cannot avoid the pain. Is it more to do with my form or the case of ligament overuse especially with the counter-clockwise direction? Appreciate any pointers!
  4. Thanks Artinum, for your thoughts. I have tried few things by changing what I eat the night before as well as on the morning just before the run. I am trying to figure out what works to fuel my runs. Ever since I started peanut butter with a whole wheat toast, I am able to endure the run and not feel sluggish post the run. I also started eating a banana or an egg post the run. Now, I've a new blocker - I may be thinking the same way many people do - I feel I am making very slow progress. I could sense my clothes telling me that there is a change ("shrink") in the body b
  5. Hello there, I am trying to lose fat and have opted for jog/run on treadmill and weight training on alternate days. On the days of treadmill, I have been running around 4.8km with max speed of 8 min/km. The problem I am facing is the fatigue and sluggishness after the run. (I eat an oatmeal 30-40 min before the run.) Any pointer is much appreciated!
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