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  1. Thanks, Zeroh13! I was wondering what the four week challenge was... and I think I will try it out. =) Might help my new habits stick better and make me way more organized. Thank you so much... gonna check out some of the threads too.
  2. Dizkvr, I totally understand school having a hold on your life... that was me about a year ago. Now that I am settled in a bit to my job I too am trying to reinvent myself. And I've had the same problem of basically yo-yoing... stuff would come up and everything good that I've done would suddenly become undone. I think expecting setbacks is part of the journey perhaps... and I think we got a lot to learn. I love that you'd like to do Olympic weightlifting... let that be your long-term goal. Keep your eyes on the prize. I am honestly thinking a very long-term goal for me
  3. Hey Misty, Nice to meet you and congrats on starting this journey up! Just an FYI... you look beautiful now and before. =) But of course, we always want to be in our BEST FORM... especially when we begin to develop health issues and diseases that may be brought on by excess weight and bad habits... I am sorry that you have so many health issues. I have gained many health issues within the last 12 years that would probably not even be a risk factor for me if I were healthier... I look forward to following you and your blog and gave you a sub on Wordpress & Facebook.
  4. Hi Sarah. Nice to meet you and you look amazing! I am sure that you will find help here as well with focus and accountability. I am in search of the same thing and to make new friends with same goals.
  5. Hey Elerinna, Sorry you are having pain. I am a Nurse but I can't offer medical advice obviously for many reasons. I would recommend however perhaps seeing a doctor and a Physical Therapist (or even at least talk to them.) Since it seems to be issues like when your joints, muscles, and such... they are experts on that stuff and may be able to point out more clues. I did have a similar issue about a year ago when I started briskly walking on the treadmill. My knee began hurting like crrraazzy. I went and saw my doctor and she diagnosed me with Patella Tracking disorder (
  6. Hi. My name is Patience, or PayShi. I just joined and am slowly working my way through the Academy's mindset to begin. A little about myself: I am a Tele Nurse who works the night shift so my days are opposite. I am 27 years old, engaged, and have two cute doggies. I have been BIG my whole life. I was that fat kid, and grew up into it as well. I am from the south where our social gatherings usually are surrounded by food... lots of country, fried food. My mom struggled with her weight all of her life like me, and after hitting in the 500s in her 30s was forced to have Gastric
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