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  1. Day 3 of the Paleo transition. Cravings aren't bad, but hunger is! How many veggies does a fat girl have to eat to feel satisfied?!

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    2. Elastigirl


      I put guac with anything. Heat up some ground beef top with guac, use as a dip for veggies, or just grab a couple of spoonfuls and eat as is

    3. murphmehard


      Yes! I will do this. Thanks!

    4. Elastigirl
  2. Well, today is day 3 of my paleo transition! I've not had carbs for 3 days and I'm doing pretty good! I haven't given up my coffee creamer yet and I'm pretty sure my salad dressing is not paleo but it's not Ranch for a change, so that's pretty good for me! I haven't had any pop but I also haven't gotten as much water as I should be. Right now I'm working on finding a balance of protein and veggies to keep myself full... I won't lie, I've been pretty hungry by the time dinner rolls around! I know I need to up my amounts of both so I'm working on that today. I bought some Steam Fresh broccoli florets and a veggie medley (carrots, corn, and asparagus). Not sure of that one is paleo, but I had a limited selection and I'm picky with veggies. Yay for never being introduced to veggies as a child! Not. So not letting this happen to my boy! He will try ALL THE VEGGIES! Oh and I made banana pancakes today! (Banana, egg, cinnamon) They were pretty good but the consistency was a bit weird (eggy) for me. I will probably buy some almond flour soon to try to pancake it up a bit. They fell apart easily too. Smaller is better for flipping, just FYI. I keep forgetting to weight myself/take measurements. I hope to remember to do this tonight! I'll post them on here as soon as I get them. Also, I didn't get chosen for the Nerd Fitness Academy scholarship I want to get the master class but I'm not sure I will be able to afford it by Friday. I might have to wait until they relaunch it! Darnit! Oh wells, I guess that gives me time to get this paleo diet down!
  3. Hello Rebels! I'm a long-timer lurker and I'm about to pull out all these damn (awesome) underpants I've been gathering from Steve and start wearing them. My name is Erin and I'm 28. I live in Indianapolis, IN (originally from Muncie). About me: I had lap-band surgery in May 2011. I lost 97 lbs in 18 months and then got knocked up (on purpose). I just had my baby boy (Xander) this past May. I am now 4 months postpartum and only 20 lbs down from the 60 I gained during pregnancy. (I had some of the restriction removed from my band in order to increase my calories for pregnancy. I haven't gone back to get it re-filled, but I intend to in the next few months.) I am miserable and dying to get back under 200 lbs like I was just 13 months ago. I gave into my cravings during pregnancy and still haven't been able to say 'no' again like I could before. (Yes, I'm very upset with myself for this.) I have a blog that I have kept since before my lap-band surgery and throughout my pregnancy. I intend to use this during my Nerd Fitness-induced lifestyle change as well. Oh, and my username is inspired by The Boondock Saints. Goals: Transition to Paleo, start strength training, get healthy (with my husband), and set a better example for my baby so he doesn't grow up with the same food issues as I have. Why I'm Nerdy: I feel I'm not as (awesomely) nerdy as some people here. I do, however, enjoy Joss Whedon anything (my son's name is Xander, after all), bad puns, science fiction, Harry Potter, doing massive amounts of research on things I find interesting (hence my underpants collection), making lists, stand-up comedy, the Daily Show. How I'm getting started: The Husband and I are going grocery shopping on Friday (payday) and I am armed with multiple Paleo shopping lists that I will be picking and choosing from to best suit our household. I'm doing one goal at a time. Add more veg, weed out carbs, sweets, junk in general, and pop...wish me luck! Once I get into the groove of the paleo lifestyle, I will start my strength training. I also signed up for the Nerd Fitness Academy for Women and hope to get in on that! So that's me... I can't wait to get started!
  4. Hi everyone! I feel like I have just about exhausted the extent of my research for the Paleo/Primal lifestyle (at least the parts I care about like guidelines, food ideas, etc) and am almost ready to make the plunge! (with or without my husband!) We are just starting to pack up our house, clean out the garage for a garage sale in 2 weeks, and moving in mid-June so I don't know if I will be able to fully commit until then, but I do plan on getting started now! I'm going to go ahead and cut out grains and potatoes now since that is fairly easy for me. I suppose the reason I am posting if just for incite on portion sizes and getting enough veg. I had Realize Band surgery a year ago (5-4-2011) and have already lost 75 lbs (w00t!). For those that aren't familiar with this type of weight-loss surgery, it is all about calorie restriction. Per meal, I eat 8-10 oz of food. If I even THINK about eating more than that (10 is my OMG STOP point) I am super full and miserable. So my question is, do you think me eating that small of portions will still allow me to get the meat and veg I need to sustain a healthy lifestyle? I'm not worried about staying hungry (obviously) but I don't want start this and have to supplement with protein shakes or whatnot because I'm not getting enough of something or the other. (Granted, this will be healthier than I am eating now. I can't wait to get off processed foods!) Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? Thanks for reading!
  5. So, I was talking to a friend today about my workouts, and I realized that I'm not getting the muscle failure at the end of my workout, nor the muscle fatigue each day. In fact, I haven't had muscle fatigue for about 3 weeks! WTF AM I THINKING?! So now I have to overhaul/re-do my workout routine! My planks have not improved since I started, so I think I may be doing those incorrectly! My overhead press is not heavy enough but I don't have any heavier weight bars to use and I'm not really fond of the idea of using dumbbells for this. Squats are going well, but they could be better. I plan on using a smaller ball next time as well to see what that does for me. Wall push-ups I am keeping! I think I just need to get my feet farther from the wall for more resistance. My deadlfits? I MIGHT try using 15lb dumbbells for this...is this wise? Also, where should I start posting my updates like this so I don't have to keep doing it in here? Anyone?
  6. So my workout this morning was pretty boss! The wall pushups were much more of a workout for me than bench pressing 15lbs! And I used a yoga ball to help my form when doing squats! I felt like I accomplished A LOT more in this workout than I have in about 2 weeks!!! Thanks everyone!
  7. Yes, it was! Thanks for the advice everyone! I will be trying wall pushups tomorrow morning! Sadly, I don't have access to a pool though
  8. erinistehawesome truth. but not always with eating...
  9. Hello fellow Nerds! My name is Erin and I'm 27. I'll try to make this long story short. I was a fat kid most of my life. After high school, I joined a weight-loss center that helped me with nutrition and exercise and lost 50 lbs in about 18 months! I was at 180 lbs at that time. I looked better than ever, I felt better than ever, and life was grand. Then, I got a boyfriend, who turned into a husband. A military man who had a love of Chinese food...fast forward to 2 years later and I gained 100 lbs! A few years later, I gained more. I was at my highest weight EVAR - 298 lbs. I was more focused on work and school and marriage than myself. As soon as I got on my husband's TriCare insurance in Jan 2011, I started the process to get weight-loss surgery, gastric banding. Five months after I started the process I got my Realize Band. That was a year ago. Fast-forward to today...I am doing great with my band. I have lost 75 lbs and I am currently 38 lbs away from being at my ultimate low weight! (My current goal weight is 160 lbs.) So, why am I here if I am doing great with weight loss? Well, while I was losing weight, I got the awesome side effect of weight loss surgery in the form of sagging skin. It's not terrible, but wow, it's there. Upon discovering this website, I realized my best bet to tone up the way I want to is to STRENGTH TRAIN. Yeah, you heard me, I'm one of those girls that wants to lift heavy things! It took me about a month (and a "HELP ME" email to Steve and Staci) to get off my ass and just do it after I discovered this website. I have been getting up an hour earlier 3 days a week for the last 4 weeks (minus last week because I was so sick all I could do was sleep) and working out at my gym. I love going to work out early, but I will be moving soon and am not sure if getting up at 4 am to work out, shower, and then drive through morning rush hour in a big city will be possible for me, so I'm going to have to work out in the evenings most likely. This scares me to an extent, because that was my original plan when I got my gym membership a year ago and it almost NEVER happened. And I'm getting off task... Anyway, right now I am doing as follows (suggestions, tips, etc are welcome!): I warm up with 15 min interval walking (slow and fast walking, I'm still too nervous to run, esp on a treadmill) I then do 3 sets of the following: Planks 15-25 seconds Bench press 10 reps (15 lb dumbbells) Squats 10 reps (probably not low enough! Sorry Steve!) Overhead press 10 reps (12 lb weight bar...did I mention I'm starting really small and I'm weak?) Deadlift 10 reps (12 lbs weight bar...I still feel like this is practice mode. I don't want to go too heavy since I have no one around to tell me if I'm doing these properly or not) This is a quick routine and I love it, but I don't think my lifting weight is where it should be! I want to do push ups, but I am not there yet. I attempted some this morning on my knees but I got shaky arms and fell I don't have any clear goals set for myself yet, except maybe to increase my weight and start using REAL, heavy weight bars instead of the little soft 'girl' ones. Oh, and do a perfect deadlift and a push up! So that's me in nutshell (Help! I'm in a nutshell!) Thoughts? Suggestions?
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