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  1. Dantes, nice to see you are still being a legend on the boards. I see no bread up there, have you finally ditched the sandwiches?
  2. Sugar is a complete bitch to give up. I've really cut back... I used to have 2 tspns in my tea (and I drink a LOT of tea) now I am down to 1/2 a tspn. I went 1 week sugar free but decided that I just need to have those few grains in my tea to make life enjoyable! Instead of eating candy when you are studying, what about some really dark chocolate, 80%... you dont want to have as much and at least it doesnt have HFCS in it?? Nice goals... you can do it... all of it! Been a long time since I've been on the boards. Nice to see the same names here!
  3. Suse

    Suse challenge

    these were my goals My goals are very simple 1. Gain strength back in my shoulder. Its slow progress because I have a slight fear of hurting it, and I just seem to keep forgetting to do the exercises the physio gives me. doh. - do theraband exercises from physio every day while at work. I did them but not enough - work up to a 1 minute plank - which I can do anywhere, anytime ha, I didnt really even do anything on this - work up to 20 knee pushups (no full pushups just yet, I absolutely must ensure my form is perfect to not bugger up shoulder) Ok I might look a bit stupid doing these at work
  4. Frankly I was just useless. When my motivation goes, it just goes... I just wish I knew where cause I would go and find it and bring it back kicking and screaming. I was supposed to be doing regular shoulder exercises....I did them but not as regular as I should have been (in fact, I'm starting to feel a pinch again so I had really better get my shit together) I was supposed to do planks and other stuff to firm up my ab area, doh. never happened On the level up my life challenge though, I did pretty darn good, I cleared out my garage, my wardrobe, tidied up my drawers, sorted out a lot of
  5. Suse

    Suse challenge

    ok I apologise. I've had nothing of significance to post. Shoulder exercises have been done intermittently, with a big fat none over the weekend. I've done no planks, no abs, no nothing... why is that... I keep saying I need to do something about my soft poochy belly and yet i do nothing...Its only 7 weeks to my fiji holiday when I intend to hang out all day in a bikini... I've got to start getting my sh*t together kids! Clearing out my crap is still a work in progress but I have definitely made progress so that is good.
  6. Suse

    Suse challenge

    On the level up my life front, some of my auctions closed and I got rid of a few things from out of the garage. YES WIN. I also spent a day cleaning out my wardrobe and sorting through my clothes and tossing stuff that doesnt fit (too big/too small) into 3 piles... one pile nice stuff that I can sell... one pile... ok stuff that perhaps my sister might like knowing she wouldnt like the other stuff...one pile that is going straight to the rag bag... always handy to have spare rags! I now need to go shopping cause really I have nothing to wear. And that is no surprise, when I had my official
  7. Suse

    Suse challenge

    I did my shoulder exercises yesterday (not enough of them though) and I did manage to get down and do a plank once during the day. Need to get my act together this weekend.
  8. you're impressive in that you are keeping up the commitment to do your workouts. wow is what I say. yow, back in at week 4 on the 100 PU. no wonder you were feeling a bit sore, thats a pile of pushups man!
  9. yeah when you're sick its hard to find motivation to do ANYTHING. Maybe just pick one little thing and do it for 2 mins and then pat yourself on the back for that achievement. I cant really talk though, as I am quite frankly, useless.
  10. Suse

    Suse challenge

    I am hopeless really. I just re read my goals and realised I havent done anything about planks and pushups... good grief.... must get on to that. going to change the order I do my theraband exercises in.. I find that I get tired quickly so I need to do the upwards sort of ones first and then do the sideways one next. Just did that now.
  11. Suse

    Suse challenge

    I guess it depends on certain areas where there is a problem, I'm in a slightly higher socio-economic suburb I suppose. I'm sure if I was to take stuff to a goodwill/hospice/salvation shop further away from me ie, in a lower socio suburb, it would be easier to give ther stuff away, but to be honest, I cant be bothered driving half an hour in the bloody awful traffic. As I said though, once you start hearing these stories, you think Oh I cant be bothered.... I'd be appalled if someone said they didnt want my stuff, cause really there's nothing wrong with it apart from the fact its not modern
  12. Suse

    Suse challenge

    I know it seems almost hard to believe, but trying to get rid of your unwanted stuff to goodwill stores, hospice shops, women's refuges, salvation army etc is near on impossible in NZ. It seems that nowadays they only want new stuff. Truly. I've seen and heard too many stories now to know that everyone isnt making it up - my friends had practically brand new bedding in their mothers house when she died and offered it to womens refuge and were turned down... another friend had some good quality but used items of housewares and clothing they took to a goodwill type store, turned away because
  13. oh.my.god. ewwwwwwwwwwwww I hate insects and rodents..... have I ever mentioned the time I sprained my ankle running away from a cockroach
  14. haha spezzy I can totally see that miniscule writing underneath!!!! Good work Asuria. Keep it up, hope you are feeling better. Sleep is the most wonderful restorative, never doubt the body and its call for a good nights sleep!
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