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  1. It's been my long term problem, I found myself can't do proper push up. I remember when I was in high school sport class 7 years ago, the teacher ask us to do lots of workout, include 10 reps of push ups. I don't have any problem in any other workout, but I can't push up. I just can't let my hands supporting my weight when I go down. My hands can't bend well and just trembles and can't let my body touch the ground. I always stopped at half before I can touch the ground. My teacher didn't give me advice or suggestions and just ask me to do plank in 30sec while others are 10. Seriously I don't know where I did wrong. Of course I did something wrong, but I don't know what is it. Do you know what mistake I likely did? Thank you for your time! -Sgeek70 References that I need to read and understand carefully How to Do A Proper Push Up 5 Common Push-Up Mistakes to Avoid