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  1. I can't push up.. why

    You're not alone! Good luck I start from 10 rep wall push up for each circuit until my 5th workout, then I move to using desk. Slow but steady, hope can reach the floor someday.
  2. Thanks to @PaulG I found a cool way to practice pull up from the easiest level. Thank you again! I'm on level 2, the one with a towel. It's a fun exercise to do. Until my mom freaked out that I might broke the house. I'm using the stairs, but it looks fragile. Yeah I know, and I start to get worried because it makes some "scary" little noises when I do the pull. Will this be okay in long term.. the link also uses stairs, but I already scare my mom so I guess I need to work on my own room now haha. My room doors is also scare me. Concept of building a batcave in our room really sounds nice too. I'm thinking of installing a bathroom towel holder but in vertical in my room so I can continue the exercise. It may be odd, but I need something for the replacement. Is this too odd, or somebody has other suggestions?
  3. Archer: Overhaul

    Hi Archer Black! Finally somebody with timezone that doesn't really different with me haha, I live in a country right at the north of yours. I'm cheering you for your battle, especially the diet battles. Diet is a hard challenge for me, so I hope we all can walk together in changing the bad habits. And yeah, vapers sucks and smoking a lot of them doesn't mean you will be healthy, it's still smoking. Really sorry for your problems. But you did great jobs on your goals! Keep doing great things.
  4. Thank you Hazard!! #Day02-03 Review Cooking progress On day 02 I start learning some recipes and got surprised by the fact English for Recipes are hard, and I don't even understand the meaning in my own language too. :') But I'm learning! Day 03, I start...groceries shopping! I found out my free time is Tuesday and Wednesday (today).. so let's buy some chicken! Thighs is on sale, so let's go. And use the sauces that available first. There are lots in the kitchen already, I will try them 1 by 1. My favorite is oyster sauce, and I don't really understand about the rest. Boy I'm overwhelmed a lot... but once I want to start, I forgot that I don't have aluminum foil (or I just don't know where my mom put it) Okay, at least I've made progress...... But I guess my overwhelmed source is because I think about I should make vegetables soon.. but I'm not ready yet. Should just focus on once thing first. Yeah, should make it step by step. This is already a good progress! Design goal progress I have my hard hat and start working on commissioned stuffs by day 03. I warmed up. Should finish the work soon so I can prioritize on creating new designs to sell.
  5. Sgeek70 Under Construction

    013 - 2017.09.19 In the no-workout day, I kinda regret having a 4 pm nap because I can just use it for maybe have a walk outside. I'm having preparation to cook, learning to read recipes.. Maybe tomorrow I can start experimenting! I discussed some of my "changing lifestyle" meal plan (I hate to use the word diet) with mom and she's totally supportive. She just warned me that my dad and bro will always become my "devil" since they really love sweets, fast food and sodas. I need to buy vegetables pack for tomorrow. By productivity, I can start drawing again but still not focused on the important things. But that is okay because I need my drawing alter ego to warm up first. Need the hard hat tomorrow! 014 - 2017.09.20 I had some good progress on my cooking challenge that I will update it on my challenge log. Workout is okay. It's (just) my 7th workout and I start to feel bored. I underestimated habit change before, and so I have to deal with it. At very least I only need 1 workout for each week in my 4 week challenge. But thanks to knowing nerdfitness, I can just google some like [bored]+nerdfitness and came up with so many things. Like, now I consider doing urban hiking when I got bored. Walking from my college to my house? Seems a cool idea. I also haven't tried rock climbing for years, so I should. If I got bored next time I work-out, I still have list of things to do. I have to keep active! I guess I need to learn how to cook my favorite vegetable (broccoli with oyster sauce) Productivity note I love my productivity now. I put my hard hat and working on my commissions. I have to deal with them before I made some design to sell in this 4 weeks.
  6. I posted day1 update on my daily log, but this thread need to be alive hmm Still finding the best way on how to updating this thread. But let's see... #Day01 Review Workout I got the first week covered. But I still want to do it 2 or 3 more time this week. Level 4 Diet The requirement is 2 week. So this is 1/14 of my breakfast has swapped. I eat omelette (2 eggs) today. Studying more recipes so I will not just eating eggs hahaha Cook The Easiest Chicken Ever No progress yet. If I can cook more, that's already a good progress. 1 Design I found out drawing after workout feels great. It's been awhile since I picked up my tablet pen, and I think it's the day to respawn to my art stuffs. 1 got my 1up! 1 hour sketch of Hakurei Reimu, and her music theme (Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle) also become my art-respawn theme this night. Ah yeah btw, I'm a big Touhou Project geek. Hope you don't mind if I post art and it'll be 95% of Touhou Project girls. I'm back, art-productivity!! Need to tackle comic commissions after this..
  7. Sgeek70 Under Construction

    011 - 2017.09.17 I start the day with yoga session to cure my stomach pain. Felt better to start the day after repeated the circuit 3 times. It's the day where I receive a new PC to work with.. a secondhand from my bf actually haha. Better than nothing. Today isn't a really good day, but at least I'm ready to respawning 012 - 2017.09.18 Respawning. First day of the 4 week challenge. Planning a lot on how to surviving college that also starting today, and can manage to work out on the evening. And finally I can took my pen and draw again too. My productivity is back. I found out drawing after workout feels really great. Food log Still finding out how to update my challenge log. >> Challenge Season 1 Starts Now
  8. Hi zeroh13, thank you for the welcome Exactly the problem. Most of the time we hyped with everything on the event maybe that made us not noticing that actually our body is already dead tired. Need to build the habit of packing more healthy food and drinks and maybe set reminder to actually eat and drink them. Yes, finally I found a new goal for the diet! I add this one to the list Also what do you think about the new goal, replacing the snacking goal. @Hazard This means I will having 2 diet challenge. Which I think, yeah I really need to fix my lifestyle slowly.
  9. Sgeek70 Under Construction

    010 - 2017.09.16 Last EO job for this month I hope.. I almost not having my workout again, but suddenly I went berserk at 7 pm. I'm back, workout! Today was like when the protagonist remember that their enemy is getting stronger and they think they need to keep working out to be even stronger. I remember my own enemy is my brother. Went mad for some stuffs, then I just go for a workout. I guess I just found my new moodswing cure. And my workout leveled up today. I feel great. And I just found out my transformation theme song. I liked it as my driving song before, and when I feel want to make something great, and now I also realize this can be my theme song too. Today's food Productivity My pc broke (again for the 6th time in these 4 months).. so that made me worked out. Not bad actually. And I've think of more stuff to draw next. Rather than pissed off from my broken pc, I choose to just work on what I can do. Well I hope I will keep improving in my stress management, thx to workout I feel much better
  10. Sgeek70 Under Construction

    008 - 2017.09.14 The grand event.. not cons, just EO volunteer stuffs which I kinda regret joining, this was the day. I'm glad I read Steve's book the night before, so I tweak my motivation to make myself keep going for that volunteer job; I make the work as Exploring Game. The event took a place on somewhere I didn't know a lot before. I don't workout today but I had a lot of walking today, exploring everywhere when I have my free time (surprisingly I have a lot of it). Felt good. 009 - 2017.09.15 The after event day. I just rest. I tried warming up and get tired already, so I should just rest again.. and find out that evening I got the monthly period, which that usually made me a little weaker--but it's also because day 008 was really busy. So I decide to just doing dynamic warm up then rest. Spend the day reading and discussing a lot of things with my boyfriend, which also just starting to get fit and eat better. So yeah.. 2 day of resting. Today is day 010 and I still have EO job this afternoon. Will try to do something once I'm home.
  11. Sgeek70 Under Construction

    You're the best!! Thank you very much again Hazard
  12. "You can be anything you want. You just need patience and foresight." --Derek Sivers. I have so many things I wanted to do, mostly around Travel & Draw. I draw like I breath. But, I'm surrounded by comic artists who has health problems (physical and mental), obese, lacking productivity, etc.. not everyone, but most of them. I don't want to be like that. The environment is fragile, but I still love drawing. Also, I attend a lot of comic convention, and Conventions (both as a guest or selling stuff in a booth) is sucking a LOT of energy. I want to recovered faster on the day after event. For the last 3 years, the day after event (or the whole week after event) is just me being a turtle, sleep all day inside the blanket, and catch a cold if I'm not lucky. I fall in love with travelling, especially adventure kind of travel. Hiking, trekking, diving, rock climbing, it made me feel alive. Not that I'm doing it a lot (yet!), the adrenaline pump felt great. That's the main premise of Sgeek70 Welcome! This is SGEEK70 UNDER CONSTRUCTION Season 1 of Arc 1. Goal of Arc 1 --> Build The Antifragile Habit Build strength. Manage time. Manage stamina. Find out how to keep being efficient with productivity, time, money. Season 1 goals: - Workout at least 1x a week I'm on beginner body weight workout. - Make it to Level 4 of Nerd Fitness Diet Guide I change the yoga because I think it's not something I need to fix right away. I will still doing yoga since it helped me a lot already. Diet is important. I might not tracking my foods, but I already not drinking soda nor any liquid calories. so I can just focus on leveling up to level 4. Which the requirements are: Trying to swap out grains completely at breakfast and choose high protein breakfast. - Cook The Easiest chicken ever 1x in this 4 weeks I can cook but I never use the oven lol but I just learned it because I want to learn to cook. This become a challenge because I also have to make the time to cook. But challenge accepted! - Create 1 new design to sell this month. I've procrastinate a lot on my stuffs so I need to make at least 1 on this 4 week! Scrapped goals (maybe can be used for later): And that is all. I'm aware that my biggest weakness is lacking discipline. In my old battles, I was always alone and not accountable. But not anymore. Thank you, and lets we enjoy the tale. Sgeek70
  13. This is Sgeek70. The picture is actually Shou Toramaru from Touhou Project game. I feel she really a perfect depiction of me, and how I want to be. There are some long term goals related to it, to work on later. See her profile here (under construction) My first introduction thread Currently airing: Season 1 I'm 23 y.o Indonesian (that archipelago country in the very south east, on the north of Australia. We have good beaches.) 162 cm - 58 kg // 5.3 ft - 127 pounds Still a college student, while also work freelancing as manga artist. I'm thinking of making a comic strip series about the battle log, but let me settle with making this as a habit first in my first 4 weeks. I want to travel & draw. A. I draw like I breath. But, I'm surrounded by comic artists who has health problems (physical and mental), obese, lacking productivity, etc.. not everyone, but most of them seem always depressed and not looking "human"..and I don't want to be one of them anymore. B. I fall in love with travelling, especially adventure kind of travel. Hiking, trekking, diving, rock climbing, it made me feel alive. Not that I'm doing it a lot (yet!), the adrenaline pump felt great. I'm leveling up my life right now, to reach the goal of doing both of it. Hope this thread will be the witness of my adventure. Feel free to look around! PRESS START!
  14. It's been my long term problem, I found myself can't do proper push up. I remember when I was in high school sport class 7 years ago, the teacher ask us to do lots of workout, include 10 reps of push ups. I don't have any problem in any other workout, but I can't push up. I just can't let my hands supporting my weight when I go down. My hands can't bend well and just trembles and can't let my body touch the ground. I always stopped at half before I can touch the ground. My teacher didn't give me advice or suggestions and just ask me to do plank in 30sec while others are 10. Seriously I don't know where I did wrong. Of course I did something wrong, but I don't know what is it. Do you know what mistake I likely did? Thank you for your time! -Sgeek70 References that I need to read and understand carefully How to Do A Proper Push Up 5 Common Push-Up Mistakes to Avoid