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  1. So, this challenge kinda fell by the wayside over xmas. It's been somewhat of a fail all across the board this past couple of weeks (various illnesses, emergencies and let downs fro m friends and family). It wasn't going too bad for the first couple of weeks. My main idea of making exercise in the gym a regular occurrence has been mostly successful, so there's that I'm going to sign off this thread now and consider my next move. It will be a 4wC but I'm not certain how it will manifest...
  2. So, did kettlebell class and swam on tuesday 20th. Failed to do anything else since then due to xmas. Everything closed til tuesday. Gym again then. Merry (midwinter festival of your choice) everyone
  3. So, missed friday's planned session due to a veterinary emergency (my friend's guide/assistance-dog was in need of attention and I'm the only one with a car. He's doing well now). Made up for it today though. Good session. Still keeping the intensity low while I get into the swing of it. 20 mins cardio warm up bodyweight squats 3x15 incline push ups 3x15 assisted pull ups (made my weight just 50kg) 3x15 two handed bicep curls (12kg KB) 2x12 two handed tricep extensions (12kg KB) 2x12 one arm shoulder press (12kg KB) 2x12 each side strai
  4. Thanks. Pretty much ok now It does indeed. Not so great on the free weights (only one olympic bar, no squat rack, etc) but good for my needs at the moment.
  5. good session this evening. Did cardio as planned but just as I was about to do my resistance work, I noticed a kettlebell class was about to start and they had space for one more, so I thought "why not?" and joined in. It was a good full body workout with a good bit of extra cardio, so I feel I've done my bit today (I just hope my legs don't ache too much for tomorrow's karate)
  6. good first week kept it gentle thus far - just getting over a cold / chest infection has forced me to keep it that way, which is good. I could have easily over done it in my enthusiasm and gone too heavy or too hard and left myself very sore or injured. Monday, tuesday anf friday last week. Mixed steady cardio and light weight training and finished with swimming. Today: same again, sans swimming. I should plan things a bit more formally though, so as to avoid irregularities or imballance in resistance training. So... still keeping it gentle for now as
  7. Thanks IAmInfinite Good first day today. kept it gentle. some cardio, some light weight training, good cool down/stretching and a quick swim.
  8. Well, it's been a while... 6 months or so I guess. I don't even have a clue. And the last few challenges I did here had pretty poor results. For the past few months I've just existed. Nothing has really sat well with me and I've yearned for times past or future. I recognize the patterns and can feel the slow spiral into a fugue state of depression from which recovery will be so much more difficult. So I'm back. Starting fresh, hence being in the REBELS thread Last time I felt truely good about myself I was working out and eating healthy(ish). A big catalyst wa
  9. Been somewhat remiss in posting updates since my OP. Apologies - been surprisingly busy. martial arts: HEMA - all good. plenty of practice and sparring. Karate/kobudo: Less karate practice done than I'd like. and no kobudo at all - been so focused on the HEMA. :-( cardio: Did the frequency as intended but had to keep the intensity down to mostly walking as my Achilles tendon is still tender and i REALLY don't want to aggravate the old injury (again). workouts: Hmm. not so good - again I'm worried about my Achilles so have been taking it
  10. A bit late to this party due to needing some extra recovery time for an injury. Feeling grand now though Last time I might have bitten off a little more than I could chew so I'll be carrying some of the goals forwards to continue exploring them. Other things were ideas and experiments that perhaps didn't go as planned. A truncated version of my last goals and how I did: Kobudo - not too bad... though not as good as I'd like. HEMA - Got the longsword syllabus done. Katana - not good. Only did a couple of practice sessions. Spear - Pretty good. Conditi
  11. Here's our initial Longsword syllabus, for anyone who's interested (some terminology will be unfamiliar and/or "wtf" to non members as we, like most of HMEA clubs, tend to develop our own terminology as we find the need to label techniques)These are basic principles and concepts which students will learn, develop and advance as practice progresses... Longsword Syllabus: The following lists are requirements to be considered to be at a certain level. Beginner: Nothing. Welcome to the club J Novice: Footwork: Basic s
  12. Normal pain levels Normal pain levels means "moderate" assorted discomforting issues - aches, pains, old injuries, worries, concerns, DOMS, bruises, strains, stress, general stiffness (from being a 41 year old fellow of... lets say "overweight proportions") and general soreness developed from four decades of bodily misuse, abuse or neglect
  13. Bloody hell Kishi, that was a quick like! Don't you have a home to go to..?
  14. Fair to middling, as the phrase goes... Kobudo - not too bad... though not as good as I'd like. I'll see about getting a video of me doing my next sai or bo kata... HEMA - Got the longsword syllabus done. (link to follow) W00T! :-) Katana - eehh... not so good. Only did a couple of practice sessions. Spear - Pretty good. got the gear, did the research, did some practice, did some more research. Got some ideas. Happy enough with this. Conditioning - Did a few sessions but not as many as I should have. That said, those I did were fun and effective. Definitely a go
  15. Still in Igor mode Good HEMA session on Sunday - I took it very easy due to achilles pain. Don't want to make that an worse! Got spears for everyone and did some good two handed spear drills and very light sparring (due to some creative and financial delays, they're just sticks for now but in a week or so, they should have custom designed, hand made safety tips on them). Everyone enjoyed that and wants more, so that's good.
  16. Good HEMA class Monday. Intense karate class Wednesday but only a little bit of Bo practice. Might have overdone it though because I've now got a flare up of achilles tendonitis, which has me hobbling about like Igor :-( Last night's HEMA class was cancelled due to most of my lads having schedule issues. That's the problem with such a small group - if three of the five students can't make it, we can't pay for the hall rental. Just as well though because I went for a 2 - 3 hour kayak up the lake in beautiful sunshine and, while I did apply sunblock it apparently wasn't quite
  17. Right, so... I didn't get home from the forest park in time to do sword practice yesterday but what I did do was push my not particularly svelte wheelchair using friend around said forest park for an hour or so. Hills and gravel paths made for quite a good workout! HEMA class this evening. I'm feeling a bit vindictive so they can expect a good warm up and some intensive drilling!
  18. Nothing worse than pain in the head. Below the neck is so much easier to "disconnect" from constant nagging discomfort. But when it's in the head, be it tooth, ear, brain or whatever, it's just so much harder to ignore
  19. Ah, motivation
  20. Good active second half of the week. Wednesday did a good karate/kobudo class. Nice and intensive. bo katas and sai katas Thursday saw another good intense HEMA class. Longsword and spear! Yay! Also did 2 hours of kayaking including a "sprint tow" of two kids to get back before the weather got too bad Chilling (and gaming) today. Nice long walk and cutlass and katana practice planned for tomorrow.
  21. Excellent HEMA session yesterday. Good intensive exercise, all the basics of longsword and cutlass at a high speed while bouting / sparring :-D (several boxes ticked all at once) oh, and a killer intensive warm up. One of my lads asked if we could up the warm up intensity a bit. Happy to oblige. Asked him "on a scale of one to ten, how intense do you want it?". He said eight.... (must admit, I'm pretty sore from it today too)
  22. Hi all Been busy to the extent of not posting here! I've admittedly got relatively little done this week apropos of my goals but it's been an otherwise productive week thus far and I'm feeling very positive. Managed to finish up all the assignments for the course I'm not technically on (but should still get credit for). I replaced my old crappy car with an equally old but significantly less crappy one. An ugly looking vehicle but very spacious and it should be easy enough to get through it's test in a couple of months... and most importantly, super che
  23. The more you study HEMA and Eastern Martial Arts, the more similarities you'll see and the less differences.
  24. does the RPG have Wire-Fu?
  25. Saturday: did a little bit of Bo work and longsword practice after kayaking - didn't do Sai though. Sunday: went for a walk in the park and did cutlass practice, bo katas and some basic spear stuff. Today: Had to push start the car this morning, so that was a bit of resistance training HEMA Class this evening.
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