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  1. Taoin's 4th Challenge - Project Respawn

    Thanks for the support guys! My meal plan included salads that I would pack in mason jars for lunch, which included baby spinach, home made pesto made of spinach and basil, Vegemite on crackers and hard boiled eggs for snacks, plus avocado, almonds all good sources of folate. I was hoping to introduce vegetable soup as well, so great excuse to incorporate broccoli, another good source. Plus I like chickpeas and have wanted to try home made hommus for a while now. It all sounds good, but morning sickness might throw it out the window. Unfortunately, I'll need to mix up my protein for the lunch salads as cooking the chicken will only work the one day (can't keep for longer than that when preggers). Might introduce some canned tuna. Starting to get morning sickness though, so not sure if I'll manage the porridge I normally eat for breakfast. Had a fruit juice icypole this morning while lying in bed and then had a couple of arrowroot biscuits. Just had toast and Vegemite for dinner, couldn't cope with what I'd cooked earlier. Wait and see.
  2. Taoin's 4th Challenge - Project Respawn

    Someone just shifted the goal posts... Two things happened over the last few days. Firstly, hubby ended up in excruciating pain in his right wrist (he's left handed) progressing worse and worse with no history of trauma. Saw the doctor and he's got carpal tunnel syndrome. The day after he was diagnosed, I started getting suspicious that my period was late ... turns out I'm pregnant! (About 5 weeks) On the plus side, the meal plan I had set up for my challenges is actually quite good for pregnancy (I'm surprised how much folate I've included in my meal plan without trying). On the minus side, I'm obese, almost the biggest I've ever been. To add the weight gain of a pregnancy on top of that... woah! I'm worried about Matthew getting the attention he needs when all of this is going on, and there's a limit to how much help hubby can now give me with a busted wrist. He'll see the specialist 01/02/2018 and then we'll use private health insurance to get a quicker surgery. So I'm still going to do the challenges as I can. I won't be logging my food, just trying to eat with good nutrition, plenty of water (although I'm back onto the ginger cordial). I'd like to set up a gentle walking habit, just waiting for my energy to increase. Fell asleep twice while watching TV with my toddler today in the couch.
  3. Taoin's 4th Challenge - Project Respawn

    Week 2 (for me anyway). I've made breakfast, lunch and snacks for the week and have just started logging again. I'm taking porridge with me to work and I'll eat there before I start work. Last week I stopped off at the café before work and would have a cappuccino with a breakfast wrap so I'll be cutting down on calories there. Plus I'll have an instant coffee. I'll fill out the rest of MFP for the week in advance while in the bus to work. On Friday I have to plan the meal prep for dinners for the month. I was meant to do it last Friday but just couldn't face it all. I need to plan what I'll be putting in Matthew's lunch box for preschool for his start date at the end of January too. Not feeling the best depression wise but just taking little steps, and once Matthew has been settled in preschool for a month or so I'll be feeling better and able to focus more on my health goals.
  4. Taoin's 4th Challenge - Project Respawn

    Ok, so end of last November, snack bang in the middle of the last challenge my 4 year old special needs toddler was in hospital for a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/grommet insertion, then a week later back in emergency for a post op bleed. And I tanked. Big time. I'd lost 2.5kg and then gained it again. But that's ok. This challenge is about taking it really easy and slowly. Putting into place some of the good habits I'd managed to establish before I derailed. 1. Meal Prep. 2. Logging calories. 3. Replacing coffee with water (can't do black, no sugar, so...) Next challenge I'll add walking/workout, sleep, tidying and meditation, but right now I'm limping. My toddler is due to go to preschool at the end of the month and there are some other challenges around that, so this challenge is just about getting started again. Really s-l-o-w-l-y. Just the above. Nothing else right now, because I can barely cope at it is.