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  1. Taoin turns inward

    4.8 yesterday for fasting, yay! 5.1 for fasting today, boo! Went for a walk yesterday evening (to the chemist to get new needles, they call them lancets). Will go for a walk tonight this time to the shops to get batteries as the monitor batteries are running low (sigh). Thinking I'll trial skipping supper again and see how my fasting goes tomorrow, as that seemed ok for fasting last time. I'm not hungry then and don't think I really need it. Managed to juggle getting Matthew ready and having a decent breakfast at a later time, testing and snacks went fine at work, boss and colleagues were understanding and supportive. I think I might need to up my lunch carbs at work a little... I'm glad I don't have a thing about logging numbers and getting all worked up, or this could easily do my head in. I am feeling better for having a good breakfast and because I have a snack at home time at work before heading home I don't feel the urge to stop at the shops and get chocolate/chips to eat on the bus, so that works out. Too tired to prep meals/snacks the night before so squeeze it in in the morning along with getting Matthew's snacks and lunchbox ready. Feeling tired. But off to work. Going to be late as Matthew had a melt down before preschool (didn't want to put his jumper on and it's cold!)
  2. Taoin turns inward

    Quick summary: I'm Taoin Sisu, I am a working mum 3 days a week, a SAHM 3 days a week and 1 day a week my gorgeous special needs preschooler is in childcare to be just me. I've done 2.5 challenges and had to abort the 3rd challenge when I got pregnant with my second child and morning sickness became too much. Current status: I'm almost back into the swing of things and currently at 20 weeks pregnant. But I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes 2 weeks ago. I made some dietary changes (it wasn't too hard I was basically eating healthy by then anyway) but I saw the diabetic educator at the hospital 2 days ago and now I've gone hard core. Food diary (My Fitness Pal) carb counting as per guidelines from hospital, blood sugar testing 4 times a day, regular meals and snacks, no crap food. At all. Also having to walk 30 min per day, just started that. Using an app called Mysugr to keep track of everything. The hospital will want my food diary over the next two weeks, I have to email them my blood sugar test results twice a week, and on 21/05/2018 I have an appointment with a specialist who I have been assured by 3 other mums is a complete "evil b*#@h" to quote who left 2 mums in tears, while the other made sure to take her mum with her as a support person. Quick to recommend insulin and c-section, and blame the mother for the issues. So, there's that coming up as well. I am stressed but not daunted. I will rise to this, my family and baby are depending on me. Hubby was severely traumatised by last emergency c section when our son had to be resuscitated 3 times, and our son needs me at home, so hoping for natural, but in the end whatever is safe for healthy baby. On the plus side I have free access to the diabetic educator and can ask for referral to a dietician, so I have a free "heath coach team", my testing gives me quick feedback on my diet and how my body is coping, I have external accountability in spades thanks to the "specialist from hell" and internal motivation as baby needs me to be good. Hey, that's an awesome recipe for success right? Even if I'm pissed about it all. My diet is pretty damn good, my blood sugars are under control in the daytime, but my overnight fasting is too high. Good motivation to go for that walk after dinner. I've joined a gestational diabetes mum's Facebook group and they have some good tips to help, but even with everything I'm doing, the fasting result may be due to the hormones the placenta is producing, which is out of my control. If it continues I might need to be on a night dose of insulin (needle in tummy, ow!). I won't log everyday here, but I'll do what I can. The next challenge starts the day before the specialist appointment, so I'll be setting up my challenge in the rebels then. Main goal: get my fasting sugar under control. So, this is me kicking gestational diabetes to the curb: Er, hopefully