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  1. Taoin Sisu - The second challenge

    Day 28. Need to log my calories today. Yesterday's was waaay over, bad food choices and a bit of comfort eating towards the end. Today's likely won't be much better, but it was date day with hubby so definitely more fun. I'll have to log it because the NFAW Facebook group is doing an accountability thing where we're posting our logging screen shots each day. We did the shopping for this month's trial freezer slow cooker meals. The recipes were from New Leaf Wellness, a US based website, and there was too much food for us in one go given our limited freezer space (hubby protested when he saw the grocery list) so I cut it down to 15 meals (which will last us 30 nights as they serve 4 and toddler doesn't eat "normal" dinner foods smart anyway). Then I had to convert from imperial to metric. Then I had to figure out some of the different names for ingredients. She had approx 2.5L of tomato sauce? Turns out she meant passata. In Australia tomato sauce is the same as ketchup, so we were scratching our heads a bit. And red pepper flakes? Are chilli flakes. But chilli powder is still chilli powder? What the? Anyway, I'll be filling up the freezer bags tonight. I've diced the onions (all 12 of them!) with the help of the food processor and I'll need to dice 4 capsicums but that's easy, the chicken was diced at the butcher's, the mince is ready, we bought frozen meatballs (we'll make them ahead next time) and the rest of it is tins, herbs, spices and sauces. Should take max of 2 hours to fill up the bags? Maybe? I'll need to add the recipe to My Fitness Pal to make logging easier. The shopping was a little more expensive than our normal month cook but if the recipes taste ok and if it's easier to meal prep, then hubby is ok with it. I stocked up on stationery as well as I'll be trialling bullet journalling my NFA/NF goals. The coffee goal and walking goal has bombed, the meal prep I'm doing well and the logging has been great with only 2 days missed so far. Some naughty habits have crept in, but I'm mindful of these. I'll do grading tomorrow. Hope everyone else is going well with their last days of the challenge. Edit - nothing like posting your log that shows a 600+ calorie excess to make you re-evaluate your food choices... too much socialising!
  2. Taoin Sisu - The second challenge

    Day 25. Had a little look at my calorie /food diary. The last two weeks I've gone over my limit an average of 300 calories a day, and it's reflected in a little scale creep upwards. The majority of my calories have been from socialising with friends rather than comfort eating, so that's good. This is winding down, and I'll be spending 2 weeks at home with Matthew once he has his op, so this should be more manageable soon. I know my basic meal plan and meal prep is good. This Friday hubby and I are both having the day off and I'll be levelling up in my meal prep (freezer slow cooker meals - no pre-browning necessary, grab from freezer, thaw in fridge and dump in the slow cooker to cook during the day). I haven't tried these particular recipes and I had a bad experience with another recipe of the same type, but they have good reviews and for the sake of dead easy meals for a month it's definitely worth a try. Hope everyone is well.
  3. Taoin Sisu - The second challenge

    Thanks for the encouragement Wobbegong. Tired is my default at the moment, but if I can keep up with the habits while tired, it will help until I'm ready to go gung-ho again
  4. Countess D'If Promises To (Try To) Do Better

    Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that. Big hugs.
  5. Flea Prepares

    Um, I'm in Australia but over here DEXA scans are often done in xray/imaging clinics, do you have any imaging clinics nearby? Google might not pick it up because it's only one part of services and not usually a major part.
  6. Taoin Sisu - The second challenge

    Day 24. Still tired. Still logging. Did not want to meal prep Sunday night but didn't want to lose $50 either or get grief from hubby. Everything else is off for the moment. But I'm really happy I've established the above 2 habits, they've been really hard won but worth it.
  7. Taoin Sisu - The second challenge

    Day 23. Hubby and I had "date day" on Friday (have this once a month). Went and saw a movie, had lunch, checked into the Apple store to see if they'd fix our iPad (bad news - it's RIP). Hubby went with me to the Pandora store to check out the bracelets and charms, I'll be using this as motivation /loot (one charm every 5kg lost). Wasn't expecting to buy anything but ended up getting a bracelet that's perfect for me. I'll post a photo later. Caught up with friends from interstate on Sunday, overall a high calorie week. However did my meal prep last night (even though exhausted). Proves that you can "do the thing" even when you absolutely don't want to if you have the right punishment system set up. No time for breakfast today but the rest of the week will be good.
  8. Taoin Sisu - The second challenge

    Hi @Wobbegong thanks for the support! Matthew's recovery and reducing the stress on my family definitely takes priority, and maybe that can be reflected in my next challenge goals,while maintaining what I'm doing so far. I think I'll leave trying to get under my calorie limit, I'll just be aware of it, and then I can focus on that once Matthew is fully recovered.
  9. Taoin Sisu - The second challenge

    Ok, so my prep week did not turn out well, so I'm only just joining up now. My goals are as follows: 1. Prepare breakfast, lunch and snacks (all homemade and healthy) for 5 days a week. If I skip a week, $50 will be given by my hubby to a loathsome organisation in Australia that we both hate. 2. Replace all drinks with water, and I'm only allowed maximum of 1 coffee per week and only in social situation. 3. Log in My Fitness Pal daily. If I skip two days in a row, $50 will be given by my hubby to another loathsome organisation in Australia that we both hate. Hubby hates giving money and is currently very invested in me sticking to my goals. He came up with the skipping two days in a row thing, which I thought was a good idea as it gives me incentive to get back on the horse quickly if I screw up. 4. Go for 30 min walk 4 x a week. (i.e. double my amount of walking from last challenge). I've added another level up my life challenge, below: 5. Spend 15 min per day tidying the house. I'm staying accountable by using Loop Habits app on my phone, My Fitness Pal for logging calories, and my husband for the goals that will cost money if I don't achieve them weekly. My 4 year old has been sick all week, and I had 2 coffees today to stay awake, but I did my calories today, did meal prep last night and tidied up this afternoon. Didn't go for a walk as I'm exhausted and caught his virus. Definitely starting behind the eight ball, but each challenge I'll learn something new, and do better. Good luck to everyone here.