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  1. Clearly my "productive homework day" is going well, as evidenced by all the gifs I've posted

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    2. insanity


      I had some success with mine, till everything went screwy... should we get a party started?

    3. RedCedar


      I've had my notebooks open all day, so I'm sure the tab open counts for something.

      Insanity- I'm down for a party!

    4. Tinessael


      I've written...120 words out of 10 page paper. Does that count? :D

  2. Whew, sledding can be hard work!

  3. Seconds AND dessert was not the best idea... sooooo full!

  4. You know productivity is low when you write "Sleep until noon" on your to-do list, just so you can cross something off

  5. I was gonna meet some goals, but then I got high...

    1. RES


      They'll still be there when you come down :P

  6. PCT data book arrived today! Can't wait to nerd out on trail milage and plan out resupply stops!

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