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  1. Yeah buddy! Way to engage in family holiday festivities without compromising your goals, this one is always a challenge for me. Awesome first week, keep it up!
  2. Hey, there are worse ways to procrastinate. Like with Netflix and ... more netflix
  3. It always seems to me the more homework I have, the more complex my dinners become. haha
  4. An awesome reward for some awesome work in week one!
  5. Far from it! Sweet boom box too.
  6. Riding the wave of productive procrastination! Just got back from a c25k run with a bit of hip flexor work at the end. 3.5 points! 26 points total! Ok, now I'm off to do some homework for real this time, or maybe I'll do the dishes first... either way, Self Control goes on now, and NF gets blocked!
  7. It's still useful! If you work your way up to an on-the-ground-from-your-toes pushup using good form w/ elbows in, you won't have to re-learn pushups later like I am now.
  8. Kale and eggs for breakfast! +1 point! So I was stumbling around on the interwebs, looking for motivation to get off the couch and go workout, you know, as you do. And suddenly, a thought occurred to me. What if I'm doing pushups wrong? I scoured the forms and found the answer was... Kind of! This post helped a lot: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/43008-pushup-form-question/ So with this new "index fingers at noon-1/11" technique, I retested my max pushups. 15 fixed-form pushups. Back to where I was a few months ago, but now with better form! Initial test and Day one, Week one Level 3 of "100 pushups program" completed (for the third time this year). +1.5 points! Challenge total: 22.5
  9. I have! Most of the time, kale smoothies are pretty delicious. I've made a vegan kale and apple smoothie with a vegan friend, and that one I could taste the kale, since it was literally just celery, kale and apples in a blender. It was alright, but not a recipe I've ever repeated. THanks for the reminder though, I might made a kale smoothie today! I've been feeling a lot of Tigger energy lately... I bet I could make up some kind of bouncy adventure workout... Of course you can!!!! I changed it for me, but I'm glad you appreciate it too. The other one was just a bit to subtle.
  10. Holy hydraulic boosters Batman! Those standing leg raises are tougher than they look!
  11. Well, it's after midnight, I'm still not in bed, but at least I just destroyed my legs with the mini challenge workout! Hydraulic boosters will certainly come in handy for some epic fun times random adventuring! +2 points! Challenge total: 20 points!
  12. Last night's melatonin-induced sleep lasted about 8 1/2 hours, earning me one point for sleeping! Yay Sleep! For dinner I made an epic veggie and chicken stir fry, bringing the point total for today to 5. Included in the stir fry were kale, broccoli, a ton of red cabbage and some peas, among a few others veggies. I'm aiming to get to bed by midnight so I can gain another point for a full night's sleep tomorrow.
  13. Hey buddy, you joining in on this next challenge?
  14. I am a big time snacker when bored, so I try to keep my kitchen/pantry a snack free zone- only food that takes preparing. Pretty much the only ready to eat food I have around is apples and veggies. If i'm not hungry enough to eat a whole apple, I'm not really hungry, just bored. Of course, this is a lot easier to do when you live an hour from the grocery store and have no microwave. All of your meal plans look really awesome and your workouts seem like so much fun! Looks like you're rockin another challenge!
  15. Flea be like: (Obviously I've decided to go for my Master's in gif, rather than Environmental Education)
  16. JK! That's actually quite brilliant, if you usually sit down. Less helpful if you don't
  17. Om-nom-nom those hors d'oeuvres! (I also can't spell, so I didn't even try. Just copy and pasted from your post!)
  18. Clearly my "productive homework day" is going well, as evidenced by all the gifs I've posted

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    2. insanity


      I had some success with mine, till everything went screwy... should we get a party started?

    3. RedCedar


      I've had my notebooks open all day, so I'm sure the tab open counts for something.

      Insanity- I'm down for a party!

    4. Tinessael


      I've written...120 words out of 10 page paper. Does that count? :D

  19. Instead of a double post, here is a baby turtle eating a strawberry
  20. And seriously Flea, don't get down on yourself for not working out much this week. As Guzzi said, 2 outta 3 is pretty damn good. And, it's only Saturday. It's still entirely possible to get 3 days of working out in!
  21. Glad to have you Red Five, good luck on your quest!
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