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  1. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    I'm not really sure XD Guess I could try to go to bed earlier, but then I feel like I'm missing out on time with my partner... though I suppose falling asleep in front of the TV isn't quality company! Ahha! Got a really relaxing weekend planned so gunna catch up with some Zzzz's then, whoop!
  2. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    Yesterday, I had a "cheat"meal (really there must be a better term...). I had chicken salad for lunch, and for dinner I had a burger with potato wedges and onion rings. My partner is going away for the rest of the week, so I was feeeling pretty crummy already, couldn't face to watch him scoff a burger on top of that XD. Because of that I ate extra earthy today. Cucumber, tun and sweet corn salad for lunch, some cashews for a snack and mixed veg and thin sausages for tea. Also squeezed in a NF workout. I got 10 'weak' push-ups, but I've noticed I can get lower than before, as my body gets more used to the movement. I haven't managed to get any more time on my course (work is so busy D: ... I wonder if I'll ever be able to relax again?) Also I fell asleep on the sofa again. I've noticed that the more stressed I am in work, the earlier I fall asleep, which often means I fall asleep on the sofa while we're watching TV. And, even though I've slept more, I struggle to wake up and feel groggy in the morning...
  3. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    Yesterday was pretty 'meh'. I didn't want to leave bed, traffic made me late for work so I couldn't go for a walk, and my colleague brought in a huge tin of biscuits... to which I couldn't say no! Other than the biscuits, I ate healthily. I fell asleep on the sofa again (boo), but I did FINALLY signup to the storyboarding course I've had my eye on! I did a NF workout but no pushups. Today was better. Went for a fair walk this morning, after getting up earlier. I've eaten pretty well today. I did some yoga and did 10 "worm-like" push-ups XD I managed to squeeze a bit of my new course into my lunch time, but my evening was spent cooking, cleaning and drawing. So that was nice. I'm glad to say I'm actually in bed on time and not asleep on the sofa!
  4. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    @Jlailin maybe sad wormy press-ups is the way to go! I'll have to try it out!
  5. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    So I stuck to the golden rule; never two in a row! We went out for lunch (after an impromptu stay over a friends house)... and when everyone else had burgers and wraps, I had a chicken and avocado salad. Then for tea I had chickpea curry and chicken. I've also avoided the m&m cookies my partner bought (he was a little hung-over today XD). So I feel good for making sure I made conscious, healthy choices today after yesterdays splurge. No press-ups today (having a rest day), but will incorporate some into my workout tomorrow. Something pretty awesome happened today too. My partner said "looks like you've lost weight". He's aware I'm making healthy choices, but he's not the kind to say things just for the sake of it, so for him to mention it made me feel pretty good
  6. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    Bleh bleh bleh... Yesterday I rolled wayy off the wagon. I had a latte and croissant for breakfast (which admittedly I'd been craving like mad for days!) and for dinner I ate out. As I was visiting friends, we went our for a few drinks, I kind of thought "Oh crap I haven't eaten since breakfast" then had a reuben sandwich (the food there all looked delicious and was all cheese and I think Canadian themed... There was poutine *drool*). It was, I must say, one of the most effin' amazing sandwiches to ever enter my gob. But Yeh, not the most healthy of choices. I still managed to work in a work out and some pressups before I left the house. I seemed to only be able to get to 9 chair height pressups that day though. I don't know why, but my body decided it wasn't the day. I tried a floor one as well, to see how things would go. As before I got about half way and my body froze. So I tried again and at half way... I fell on my face. Darn you push-up! Think I might bring our step (you know the adjustable plastic ones?) out of hibernation to firm another increment getting to the floor.
  7. Blethan's Second Challenge; TLC!

    Time for challenge number 2! TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs (well… Walls, Tables and Chairs…) I've had a little re-jig of my main goals, I think it's important to reflect and adapt. You can find an overview of them HERE The challenges below feed into these bigger GOALS! Look Good! (Big goal; Lose 8 lbs) Do 10 full floor push-ups! -Sounds daft I know! But I cannot do full push-ups. I never have been able to! But after reading a great thread on this forum (I'll find the link) I've formulated a plan to get there. So this challenge is; Start with the WALL (10 full wall push-ups) GET THE TABLE (10 full table push-ups) Give 'em the CHAIR (10 full chair push-ups) Go for the pin … FLOOR (10 full floor push-ups) I have a plan - 2, 4, 6, day off, 8, day off, 10 - Move to next level - Repeat NF LVL 5 Back to following the NF level 5 healthy eating plan. So no sugary drinks,vegetables with 2 meals a day, once a week I can eat 'empty carbs' (bread, pasta, pizza etc.), and I'll allow one "treat" a week (cake, biscuits, chocolate etc.) Hope to achieve 4lbs weight loss! Trackables: Weight: 139.2 BF%: 27% Waist: 35" Hips: 37" Arms: 11" (biceps) Tracker in Bullet Journal (see below) Feel Good! Stick to my Evening Routine. I feel best when I know I've had time to relax after a long day, my skin is feeling good (and not spotty and scratched), and I've had a good night's sleep. So for this goal, I've created a simple evening routine, including skin care, time for reading, and getting to bed by 11.30. Simple stuff really, but making sure I stick to it should really set me up for the next day. Trackables: Mark off each task in bullet journal tracker (see below) Finish 1 book Getting Productive and Creative! I didn't achieve this goal in my last challenge so I've brought it over with some extra! I want to sign-up to schoolistic's storyboarding class, and complete 3 hours of the course through the 4-weeks. Trackables: Sign-Up Done 1 Hour Done 2 Hour Done 3 Hour Done For this challenge I'm making it super simple, and you may think my challenges are a bit naff for a fairly healthy adult, but hear me out! BONUS INCENTIVE: Something I really struggled with in the last challenge was when just 'doing it to look good etc' just wasn't enough. I'd convince myself that no-one cares, including myself, what happened ever and would consume whatever I could get my hands on and curl up under a blanket. So as an added bonus, just to keep on track, I've decided that for every lb I lose, I'll take £70 out of my long-term savings. Once I've lost 8lbs I will have enough to buy… A SHINY NEW CINTIQ I've wanted one for a really long time, but just couldn't warrant spending such a huge sum of money in one go, so this way I can, in a way, 'spread the payments, and also feel like I really deserve it. Bonus! It will help with my work so also contributes to one of my main goals. BOOM! I want to look Good! I want to feel Good! I want to be Proud, Productive and Creative!