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  1. Blethan's Battle Log 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Monday 22n January Like I said, today would be better, and it was. I've had a reasonably easy day in work (thanks to a colleague taking on some work for me!) and this has definitely been reflected in my mood. I've not snacked at all! I did have a latter this morning, because someone bought me one and I would've felt bad saying no. But one for almost an entire month isn't bad! Body 500 cal deficit (y) Yoga fire series A. I could handle everything except the last few balancing poses... I just couldn't stay up! Only 3400 steps today. I will have to try and beat that tomorrow! FINISH TOMORROW
  2. Blethan's Battle Log 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I got ill on Friday and so I've slipped a bit. I find it difficult to not just feel sorry for myself when I'm ill, and this tends to lead to me eating more. I've always said that I'm not an emotional eater, and that I have more control than that, but I'm starting to realise that just isn't true. When I'm feeling down I will just eat whatever is in the fridge. As long as I don't have to leave the house, I'll eat it. I'm not entirely sure how to avoid this. I know that exercise often picks me up when I start feeling this way, but its kind of pot luck as to whether I can convince myself to go through with it. Like having a little argument with myself. There’s one side going “if you do this you'll feel better, you won't regret it” and the other side is going "what’s the point, in anything. If I don't eat this, and if I do do that, what difference does it make in the long run. Even if I lose a ton of weight and look like a super-model, at the end of the day nothing has changed... the world isn't better because I've lost a few pounds"... and thats what it’s like in my head. Sometimes. Not all the time. Just when these moments occur. And in these moments its very very hard to convince myself. Either way, I know I've had a lazy weekend. I've not had a blow-out food-a-thon, just a general laziness. What I know is that tomorrow I'll wake up and it can start again. But tomorrow I'll feel better and I'll be able to go for my walk, and choose healthy foods. Other than that, I've had a good week.
  3. Snow White and the Seven Things To-Do

    Update: Thursday As expected I managed to fit in a bit of pampering around work. Friday I came home early on Friday, after feeling really unwell at work. So I slept most of the afternoon. Saturday I tried something new... by applying to a a job XO Sunday I woke up super late (again I haven't been too well, so I've been sleeping like a mofo). But for lunch I had omelette with veggies and for dinner I had roast beef joint and veggies.
  4. Jlailin dreams...

    Holy crap! Those stickers are amazing! I nearly picked up a pack of puffy dinosaur stickers the other day. No reason, they were just cute as hell. But I didn't. And I've regretted every decision since XD
  5. Snow White and the Seven Things To-Do

    Update: Tuesday Went for a walk in my lunch. Its the only time of the day there's any sun! Unfortunately I'm often so busy that a 'lunch break’ is almost impossible. I usually end up scoffing my lunch at my desk, and maybe watching a short online tutorial. But that's about it. Wednesday Yeh I've been hanging around the boards, and introducing myself in the Juice Bar XD Yepp, bothering everyone... sorry! Tomorrow is Pamper session. But I will probably end up doing a kind of half pamper, half portfolio work thing again. Least I have a nice quiet weekend ahead!
  6. Juice Bar (Guild Chat)

    These GIFs just made my day (and have now also filled my phone XD) Hi! I'm Blethan, and you'll see me here hanging around like a bad smell... I'm most excited for a big career change, and a big move this year... cogs are turning, fingers are crossed! But I'm also scared these changes will go the other way and I could end up worse off. But like they said, comfort is the enemy of progression... or something like that? Also, The Greatest Showman has filled me full of “I can do anything” kinda hope XD
  7. Siferiax starts a new year

    Nice spreadsheet. I approve Awesome that you're killing it at work. It can be great when one thing goes well and has a knock-on effect to other goals!
  8. Zeroh, Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

    Hope things are going better for you today! I haven't any help to offer other than good wishes ...And that I agree, people are exhausting!
  9. Jlailin dreams...

    Totally with you on the 'not feeling up to a full challenge'. This time of year is always weird. Everyone is like #newyearnewme ... and I'm like “ Im like its so dark and horrible... I'll just be happy with myself for getting out of bed “XD Goals looking good though! What’s an EC planner though? I'm always on the hunt for new organisational tools... Its probably my biggest weakness (next to pure laziness!)
  10. Blethan's Battle Log 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Wednesday 17 Body 500 cal deficit (though I could really have done without the two cookies I had this afternoon) Did strength training (arms and chest). I've cobbled together a series of workouts using resistance bands. I really enjoy weight training but don’t have room in my flat for a set, and can't afford the local gyms, so I've got some rest acne bands to fill in for the time being. Hopefully when I move (which will be soon) I'll have some more space. Walked 5,800 steps. Mind Used Bujo Spirit Meditated this morning, first thing, might try again tonight though. I was so sleepy I couldn't really concentrate XD
  11. Blethan's Battle Log 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Tuesday 16 Body 500 cal deficit Walked 4,600 steps. Mind Used BuJo Did some life drawing Spirit Did my first meditation. I'm using calm and headspace until I figure out which one I prefer. Any recommendations are welcome! I don't like the idea that headspace charge 10 pound a month once you've finished the first ten days... In bed by 11.30
  12. Blethan's Battle Log 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Monday 15 Body 500 cal deficit Yoga Water Session B Walked 4,200 steps. Mind Used BuJo Did some sketches Spirit In bed by 11.30
  13. Snow White and the Seven Things To-Do

    Update: Grumpy Monday yoga session DONE. Tried out Water Series B. Love it! It a challenge without making me feel over exerted (which puts me off exercise on a Monday when I'm already feeling tired).
  14. Time for a re-spawn! I've started with NF academy from square one and this time I won't get distracted after week 3! I'm setting a target to hit. My goals are simple: Body Lose 10 lbs Mind Create a storyboard portfolio Spirit Create, and stick to, an evening and morning routine that works for me Learn to mediate, practice daily I'm taking it slow this time, following the NF academy weekly missions, starting from week 1. Week 1 Review:
  15. Happy New Year Everyone! As I'm sure many of us are, I'm back after a hectic, wild, incredibly fun holiday, and ready to get my life back together. I thought I'd have Disney themes for my challenges this year (I like themes, and games and Disney so, why not?) So Blethan's Disney Adventure Part 1: Snow White and the Seven Things To-Do Monday = GRUMPY Could there be better word for Mondays? To combat the grumpiness I will do 30 mins of Yoga. Ahhhh... grumps will float away Tuesday = SNEEZY Acchhoooo... its cold out, but that's no excuse to not go for a 15 mins walk. Anywhere near forests is preferable, but look out for the wolves! Wednesday = BASHFUL Spend some time on the NF forum! Supporting fellow NFers, and snooping on their ideas. Put aside 30 mins to be well... more sociable! Thursday = SLEEPY Probably my true spirit animal... Spend some time pampering me, nice smellies, burn some candles, take 5 mins to just chill and get a good nights sleep! Friday = DOPEY Be a bit dopey; take some time to watch a movie or play some video games or read a book. Anything that doesn't involve work! Saturday = HAPPY What could make you happier than trying something new! Find something I'd love to do but haven't got round to and DO IT! Sunday = DOC What's the Doc ordered? Vegetable with every meal this day! Yepp, every one. So yeh, this challenge is a little off the wall, but I think it'll be fun. I'll be tracking my progress here and in my bullet journal. So what's my measurements for success? 1 Point for everyday completed, setting a goal to be beat for further months. Well this is more of a habit training test, my aim is to try and stick to my plan. I'll be respawning my NF academy journey too, so this is more of a side quest to go with it.