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  1. I can't push up.. why

    My problem exactly! Thanks for this thread and the advice. I think I will bring this into my body weight workouts!
  2. First challenge

    Awesome quest goals! I like that you've worked out EXACTLY where you want to be. We've got some similar goals for this challenge - I'm looking to do 3 x body weight workout and 2 x runs. I've only just got into running. So if you need someone to check in with, just give us a shout! Good luck!
  3. The T-Rex Rule Doesn't Work

    Yepp, the T-Rex rule does not work! Eventually, it all comes to bite us in the ass. Good luck with your challenge.
  4. I haven't read the books (I was pretty late to the game) so I've no idea! Rik and Morty is amazing! Highlight of my week. I'm an animator so it ticks all the boxes for me. I watched part of the GoT animation early, have you seen it? I was really odd. The style was just kind of odd...
  5. Cheers for the feedback @Jonesy @Hazard @silmarilliane Gunna take some time tonight to nose through all the other challenges here! Day 2 NF Lvl 5; Breakfast was a breakfast bar, lunch was a cheese and onion panini (again, someone in work made it for me, which is both amazing of her to do that and a curse XD, how do you guys deal with workplace temptations, whilst avoiding offending anyone?), and dinner was a sweet potatoe and spinach burger and salad, which were definitely my favourite veggie burger by far! So yeh, I ate bread and didn't hit my veggie goal. Going to make up for it tomorrow! Exercise; 10,000 steps again, woohoo! Went for a 2 mile run, took 30 minutes. I felt really out of breathe, like I couldn't get the air in? Hopefully this will get better as I proceed, if not it might be something to address. Personal; Feeling good today, plan to get a bit of work done before bed. Also, I'm going to add my 'BIG WHY' to the first post, so check it out if you want. I forgot to include it! Cheers all!
  6. I speak fluent Simmish...

    You've created a monster... I can't stop with the bullet journal!
  7. Blethan's Battle

    Update No. 6 Started my first challenge. In order to not swamp myself, I'll be posting daily update ther, with a weekly review here. Then a BIG follow-up review after! Yay, challenges! Check it out HERE
  8. Day 1 Bit of a mixed bag day, but not an awful start to the challenge. NF Lvl 5; Had two meals with lots of veggies (veggie PACKED curry for tea) Did have cake in work, work cake will be my undoing! Had half a naan bread with my curry. I guess that counts as eating bread. Exercise; 10,000 steps, yah! Went for a walk before work, and took the bus to pack more steps in. BW workout after work. I was pretty tired so just 1 circuit, with extra jumping jacks. Personal; Not signed up yet, this one I will probably leave until the weekend, as I'll be working on a commission in my spare time durin the week. Also, check out my 4-week tracker in my diary! Hopefully going to be filled with loads of good results.
  9. So after filling out the challenge worksheet, I've prepared a whole hosts of goals and challenges for myself, and to be honest, I'm really excited about it all! I've been on a “healthy living” hype for a few weeks, and though I can already feel myself losing interest I. Hoping my first challenge will wind me right back up again. I've got a whole load of great themes and stories for my challenges, but fore my first one I'm testing the waters with some simple, straight forward challenges, keeping it clear and focused. So here we go; Eat NF diet level 5 for 4 weeks Run x 2a week (least 20 mins) Body weight cardio x 3 a week (at least 1 circuit) Sign-up to scholastic course Broken down, it's going to look a bit like this; 6 out of 7 days I'm eating a vegetable with 2 meals a day, I'm not eating bread or pasta, and I've only eaten cake or sweets twice in the month. Twice a week (8 times in total) I go for a run. Aiming for about 2 miles, but doing at least 20 mins of running, or intermittent running, each time. Using the beginners body weight workout, I'm completing 3 workouts a week, each at east 1 full circuit, but aiming for 3! Signing up to an online course I've wanted to do for a while (but constantly making excuses about, like ‘I can't afford it’, ‘I don't have the time’). But I will sign up, try to complete a least one module, and reflect on whether or not it works for me at the end of the challenge. Worst outcome is I don't find it helpful and cancel the subscription, best outcome is that it encourages me to work on my portfolio and I produce some great work because of it! But whyyyy? Honestly, I want to be happy and healthy (don't we all?)) I want to feel good in my skin, I want to feel strong, I want to be able to do activities like canoeing and skiing and surfing, without the fear that I'll be worn out just 20 mins in. Also, another important thing for me is to become more productive and less lethargic. I want to chase my personal and professional dream, rather than deciding they are 'too hard' and retreating back to sofa with a bag of crisps... My over-arching goals are to: Get lean and strong (losing 10lbs, and reassessing from there) Create a strong portfolio of work Get organised Good luck everyone starting your first challenge here!
  10. Reading the same thing at the same time must be weird! Trying to work out where the other one is in the book without giving anything away must be a challenge! Admittedly, I haven't read anything epic in a while
  11. Blethan's Battle

    Update No. 5 Another busy day, but at least it's FRIDAY! YAY! Did manage to resist Friday temptations in work (there was cider... Ooo tasty cider) I've got the aches from working out yesterday, so day off today. Having burger Friday, but avoiding the buns and bad stuff to try and keep it healthish. Overview Healthy Eating: Bowl of strawberries for breakfast Lunch was a chicken wrap with hummus, salad and cucumber Dinner is three chilli burger, sweet potatoe fries, salad, bit of smoked cheese, and onion rings. Activity: 5,000 steps Mind: Started a bullet journal after reading about it yesterday, hopefully will help clear my mind and get organised. Personal: Chill time again, got some time scheduled tomorrow for working on another commission! TTFN
  12. I speak fluent Simmish...

    Sticky notes is a staple in work (I stick them to my screen so I don't forget what Im doing half way through the day) they do tend to fall of though... then they get stolen by the office dog, which is pretty funny!
  13. Cooking buddies!

    Elk?! I wouldn't even know how to find that XD Awesome board btw, spend like 50 minutes earlier just trawling through it!
  14. Any Rebels in Surrey, UK? Hiding in the hills?

    I'm Guildford, so not that far at all! Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  15. Blethan's Battle

    Update No. 4 Another busy work day, but also today signals my first full week of tracking my food, and making active, healthy decisions! Lots of work on, but I made sure to take some time after work for Pamper Thursday (where I treat myself to a face mask and all my nice smellies :D) I started the body weight workout today. I only did one circuit to start, and did half push-ups rather than full ones. I really struggle with push-ups. I genuinely don't know whether I'm doing them wrong or im actually the weakest person on earth? Either way, I guess I can make that a goal of mine for the future. Overview Healthy Eating: Overnight Oats for breakfast , with blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey (yum!) Hummus, carrot, cucumber and a whole wheat wrap for lunch A banana as a snack Dinner was left over steak Fajitas. Also have been drinking green tea more, swapping coffee for it. Activity: 6,600 steps Body weight workout (1 circuit) Mind: Had a little pamper sesh, and chilled out with some Crochet and my fave TV shows... feeling good. Personal: Taking the day off, chill time is important too! Thats all for today. Yay for Friday tomorrow! Also its burger day (though I'll be making a few swaps so it's healthy, but still a treat!)