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  1. Update 24/09: Track food daily On track so far Run x 2/week Ran on Sunday 8,000 steps/day 8,000+ evryday except one Research 3 artists a week Did this today and yesterday! Prep material Not yet Initial Designs 10 of 30 inital designs done
  2. Update 19/09: Track food daily Snacked a bit much today on breakfast bars... Run x 2/week 0 this week so far 8,000 steps/day 12,500 today! Had to go to a studio for a photo shoot so decided to walk rather than take an extra tube (it wasn't much longer a walk so it made sense) Research 3 artists a week Didn't do this today, slept in... Prep material Not yet Initial Designs 10 of 30 inital designs done
  3. Ahh, yeh I'm all signed-up to park run but haven't yet had the chance to do one! Maybe actually this weekend would be a good opportunity... I would like to run a race though too! You know, the kind you pay for and get a shiny medal for. Two things that would definitely get me to turn up (other than the fact that I actually really enjoy running...)
  4. Update: So I'm a little late to the party and 'set-up 4WC' has been on my to-do list for far too long... All in all, I was doing well, but things have slipped a bit lately due to holidays and my birthday, so just trying to get back on track. I've got big plans for this year, as I always do, and a lot of it is focusing on really following my careers goals. I'm making sure to priorotise my health above everything else ('cause you can do crap if your stuck getting sick/feeling rubbish all the time), but I will also be having lots of project based and research goals. Update for today: Track food daily Start this tomorrow Run x 2/week 0 this week so far 8,000 steps/day 8,000 yesterday, but dead fitbit so no idea about today. Likely 8,000 though as I was in London Research 3 artists a week I've sort of started this already, have so far 4 done Prep material Not yet Initial Designs 10 of 30 inital designs done
  5. So I'm back (again, maybe for the millionth time!)I'm sticking with my 'versioning' way of approaching things, nerdy I know, but is there's no better place for that right? My last goals where that this version (V27.1, I'm now just turned 27, and I'm working in quarters, working roughly with the 5-week challenge outline) would: Weighs 130lbs Completed Couch to 5K course Plans everyday Action Storyboard/Animatic I hit my goal weight (but swung back up over holiday)Have only 4 weeks left of C25KPlan almost everyday in advance (the evening before or in the morning, excluding holidays and 'days off')and I have completed an action storyboard animatic!So by end of November V27.2 should:Weigh 130lbs againBooked in a 5k RACE to do (not just run 5K)Completed research project based on Storyboard artistsRead new story-boarding bookComplete Inktober (31 ink-based drawings throughout October!) Tactics to achieve this are: Goal Tactics Due 5WC Complete % Weigh 130lbs again Track food daily ev day 1-3 0 Run x 2/week ev week 1-3 0 8,000 steps/day ev day 1-3 3% Booked in a 5k RACE to do (not just run 5K) Research races nearby 31st October 2 0% Book race 30th Nov 3 0% Completed research project based on Storyboard artists Research 3 artists a week 30th Sept 1 30% Read new story-boarding book Read X amount per week 30th Nov 2-3 0% Complete Inktober (31 ink-based drawings throughout October!) Prep material 30th Sept 1 0% Initial Designs 30th Sept 1 30% Drawing each day 1-31st Oct 0%
  6. Update: Track Food Daily(MFP) Been on top of tracking this weekend. Been a bit over (about 100 cals or so) both days... but was under during the week so this is OK. Track 20 Mins Exercise/Day(Fitbit) Missed my run Friday (think this may become an issue as we often go to the cinema Thursday evenings and this means I go to bed later), but did go for a run yesterday so I'm not behind. Also went for a hour+ walk today with my partner, meaning I hit my daily exercise goal everyday this week! Run x 3/week I ran 3 times this week WOOHOO, next week will be onto the third week of my C25K training. I feel like I'm getting better already. Managed to do my fastest average pace yet yesterday (13.30 mins/mile) Record evening/Sleep times ev day Been keeping on top of this, but this weekend found myself falling asleep on the sofa and then going to bed at 2 and waking up at 10, which is wayyyy off my weekday sleep times. Schedule 4 hrs of work per week Got 4 hours of work in. Was still blocking in key roughs, so not hit 12 boards yet (should've really allocated more time to prep work)
  7. Oh yeh, that's rough. Hope things are picking up, how's it going?
  8. Ahh getting sick during a challenge always throws me right off! Hope you're feeling better and getting back on track soon!
  9. Update: Track Food Daily(MFP) Been keeping on top of tracking, and staying well-within my cal goal (today and yesterday). Manged to get my partner on the roasted veggie hype train too, bonus! Track 20 Mins Exercise/Day(Fitbit) Yesterday I did a tabata workout and went for a walk before work. Today I ran, and parked away from the office to get a little walk in before/after work. Run x 3/week Went for another run this morning, despite the rain. I've realised I love looking at the statistics on Strava. I am running slower than I used to last time I ran, because I am following the C25K app, but I'm hoping this will help me stick with it longer. In the past I've sort of gone "OMG I LOVE RUNNING LETS BOMB IT DOWN THE ROAD" only to find I get tired, out of breath, worry I have asthma or some other underlying illness, and decide never to run again... So hopefully this time will be different. I've not been struggling with the running speed, but its been enough to raise my heart rate and cause a sweat! Record evening/Sleep times ev day I've been recording using my fitbit, and I've been getting around 7 1/2 hours, which is a good step towards my intended 8 hours. Also I have been recording my evening rooutine in a tracker nightly too. Schedule 4 hrs of work per week Finally been getting some work done. I have 2 hours registered this week, though I'm still blocking in roughs so haven't gotten towards that '12 boards' post yet...
  10. Update: Hey! So things are going OK. The weekend was a bit wild (we had friends visiting from Belgium! Lots of drinks, and bad food!), so plan to make up for it this week with super healthy food. I have a much quieter week this week, and that makes it much easier to handle. Have scheduled some more work time, though I didn't get a chance to start the boards last week I did get a good way through the script I intend to use. Missed my run last Friday after staying up late Thursday. And though I'm still pretty tired today I did try to stick to the 'never miss two in a row' rule and went out for a run this evening. Now just need to get my sleep schedule back on track!
  11. No! I had no idea it existed, will have to check it now.
  12. Congrats! Welcome back, hope the sickness is gone pretty soon!
  13. Hey, looking great! I know how you feel with spending ages doing stuff but not making a dent... Have you heard of the Kon Mari system for decluttering? I started working on it back in August (and am still going!). Its taking a loooonnnggg time, but I can already feel my home has improved from it!
  14. Oh yeh, using laziness as a tool definitely works for me! Just needs a touch of prep and BOOM, future doesn't have any CHOICE make to make good decisions.
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