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  1. Friday 05/11/2018 Post daily [emoji818]️ Walk [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️ Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Woo! 2 in a row again. Crawling into bed!
  2. I can finally walk again, still with a limp, but not near as bad. Still wearing my brace though. Tuesday 05/08/2018 Post [emoji777] Walk [emoji777] Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️ Wednesday 05/09/2018 Post [emoji777] Walk [emoji777] Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️ Thursday 05/10/2018 Post [emoji818]️ Walk [emoji818]️ Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️
  3. Checking in early, my knee gave out on the way into the store. Post: [emoji818]️ Walk[emoji818]️ (got it in this morning thankfully) Work done by noon [emoji818]️ Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Gonna put it up with ice. Took an Aleve when I got home.
  4. :5/2/2018 to 5/6/2018 I was cut down by the Boss, Bronchitis. Went to the doctor and have my meds, so glad I chose simple tasks for this challenge. 5/2/2018 Post: [emoji777]️ Walk: [emoji777]️ Work done by noon: [emoji818]️ Read NF/NFA post: [emoji818]️ 5/3/2018 Post: [emoji777]️ Walk: [emoji777]️ Work done by noon: [emoji818]️ Read NF/NFA post: [emoji818]️ 5/4/2018 Post: [emoji777]️ Walk: [emoji777] Work done by noon: [emoji818]️ Read NF/NFA post: [emoji818]️ 5/5/2018 Post: [emoji777] Walk: [emoji818]️ Work done by noon: [emoji818]️ Read NF/NFA post: [emoji818]️ Today, Sunday 5/6/2018 Post: [emoji818]️ Walk: [emoji818]️ Read NF/NFA post: [emoji818]️ Work done by noon: War was given to me very late today, but I finished it in a short time, so... :[emoji818]️ Scores for the week: Post: 3/7 F (43%) Walk: 4/7 F (57%) Read NF/NFA Post: 7/7 A+ (100%) Work done by noon: 7/7 A+ (100%) All together: 21/28 C- (75%)
  5. Tuesday 5/1/2018 Post: [emoji818]️ Walk 12 minutes: [emoji818]️ Read a NF/NFA post: [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️ Bam! 2 days in a row! (Steps 5768) I am proud of myself for 2 days in a row.
  6. Monday 4/30/18 Post Daily [emoji818]️ Walk/elliptical 12 Minutes [emoji818]️ Work done by Noon [emoji818]️ Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Bwahahaha! Got everything done today! (Steps 9768)
  7. Yesterday 4/28/2018 Walk [emoji777] Post [emoji777] Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Work done before noon [emoji818]️ (Steps 3930) I logged into FFXIV and was invited to a FC that was very active and ended up spending most of the day running dungeons and such with various members. My subscription runs out in a week, after spending 6 months worth of playtime only to use it for less than a month altogether. Was contemplating letting it lapse before meeting them. Today 4/29/2018 Post [emoji818]️ Walk [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️ Read a NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ Don't do two in a row. I made sure to not skip anything today. (Steps were still low, 4686) Score for the week: Post Daily: 4/6 Walk or elliptical 10 minutes a day: 4/6 Work done by noon: 6 /6 Read a NF/NFA post: 6 /6 Total 20/24 (83% a B-) I will continue working. Tomorrow starts 12 minutes of walking.
  8. Didn't post yesterday, conked out early. I was busy all day and forgot until now. Yesterday 4/26/2018 Post [emoji777] Walk [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️ Read a NF NFA post [emoji818]️ (7907 steps) Today 4/27/2018 Post [emoji818]️ Walk [emoji818]️ Read a NF NFA post [emoji818]️ Work done by noon [emoji818]️ (Steps 5976) Slowly building a habit
  9. 4/25/2018 Walk/Elliptical for 10 minutes [emoji818]️ Work done before noon [emoji818]️ Post daily [emoji818]️ Read NF/NFA post [emoji818]️ I'm proud of myself. 8508 steps today, when I had been averaging 2000-3000. Shows how much more I moved when I'm not putzing around in the computer for the entire day.... Work is more efficient when I'm not doing 485738859 things at once, lol.
  10. 04/24/2018 Check in Work done by noon: [emoji818]️ Walk/elliptical 10 minutes: [emoji777] Read a NF/NFA Post daily: [emoji818]️ Post here daily: [emoji770]️ Forgot to post yesterday, but here it is. Did not walk yesterday due to moving everything from one tiny to another. Finished setting everything up at 11pm. I get up at 5am. So, i will walk today. Don't do 2 in a row.
  11. Hiyas fellow Warriors. Coming back from a knee injury, so will continue to keep things simple here in the mines. Goal 1- Walk/elliptical daily for 10 minutes. (May add 5 minutes in week 2 or 3) Goal 2- Have work done by noon. Goal 3- Post here daily with updates and not beating myself up over failures. Goal 4- Read a NF/NFA post daily, AFTER all work is done...darn rabbit hole of interesting links in all of Steve's posts... So ya, still simplifying all the things. And apparently picked a good day to come back! I'm glad to be back.
  12. Felt better but head was all fuzzy, sadly. I can't win, lol Yoga [emoji818]️ Exercise [emoji818]️ UFYH [emoji818]️ Mindset [emoji818]️ Japanese [emoji818]️(one set of lessons on WaniKani)
  13. Took it easy today, but did get one load of dishes done and 3 loads of laundry washed/dried. They're sitting in baskets, but at least they're clean. Will put them up tomorrow. Unfuck Your Habitat 🥈 Doing something is better than nothing Yoga [emoji777] Exercise [emoji777] Japanese Set up WaniKani app on my main phone 🥈 Mindset module [emoji818]️ Feeling better tonight, but still not 100%, turning in early to snag some extra rest hopefully.
  14. Hope you get to feeling better soon too, Scalyfreak.
  15. Most restaurants serve larger than necessary portions. I have found a good way to combat that is to ask for a take home box before your food arrives and put half of your meal in it for another meal time. Now, this mainly focuses on eating in the restaurant, but for take away, you could take half of your food and put it back in the bag for another meal.
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