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  1. Thank you!! I agree with limiting social stuff to useful sites. It's a lot more meaningful for me to engage in something like this instead of just seeing what people have been up to in a quick Instagram post, even though it's fun to check them out at times Glad to hear that the kitchen rule works for you, too! Now that you mention, I might try to do that thing with cluttering, as well. I could spend some time figuring out where everything belongs, first Alas, I'm not visiting my parents quite yet, but I hope it will be possible in a couple of weeks. The epidemic is worse where I
  2. It's been a whole week since my last update, but things have been going really well I'm working through some stuff with my therapist, I've cut down my time on social media tremendously and spent more time doing things that are meaningful to me. There's been a huge shift in my mindset, and I'm starting to feel competent again. I came across a Jordan Peterson interview on Youtube, and started reading his book 12 Rules for Life. Haven't finished it yet, but even the first two rules somehow clicked for me (sure, there's a lot in his writing style that I'm put off by at times, but I filter it - th
  3. Awesome job!! Cleaning something up and making a delicious dinner is always a win ❤️ And well done taking melatonin, even though judging from your text you'd rather not have taken it. Getting some sleep is super important, though, and I'm glad to hear you slept well I hope your day was as good as you were hoping for!!
  4. Yes!!! Lindt's chocolate bunnies are available at the store!! I love them They can be a bit tricky for me, though, because moderation is hard when it comes to this chocolate... But today, I ate about one half, and then I had my regular "should I throw the rest away so that I won't eat all of it?" bargaining. But then I just kinda looked at the remaining chocolate, put it in my cupboard, and haven't really thought about it since. I almost had some more out of habit, but then I realized that I didn't really want it any more - I had had enough. This felt really good, and shows that I've managed
  5. It's possible that the fatigue is worse than usual, because the injury on your ankle takes a lot of energy to heal. Eat, drink, sleep, repeat!! Did you spend quality time with that delicious wine? 😁🍾
  6. I totally understand what you mean about going through anxiety and depression without fully recognizing it. It just sometimes creeps in until, as you said, everything and anything is just too much 😅 Happy to hear that you're feeling better now! Proceeding slowly with the strength training sounds like a good idea By the way, what kind of puzzles have you already tried? I'm also trying to find something else to do than surf online too much...
  7. Thank you!! You're right, I'm making very small changes, but I feel like I can keep up to them. I bolded the part where you say you make a point of celebrating the little steps - that's a very good idea! I've been doing a lot better since I recognized the loneliness blame, but the eating part is hard to remember. But recognizing the control is the first step, and I'm gonna continue! Also, nice to meet you! ** Yesterday marked 2/2 workouts this week, and some journaling. My body has started to feel better after I've got in a few workouts, and t
  8. A big intuitive eating breakthrough! During the past few weeks, I've made it my goal to eat a big breakfast and lunch in order to avoid snacking. This was a good goal and has helped me with cravings, but in this goal lies a mind trap: I'm having a big breakfast and lunch in order to avoid snacking. Which means that my goal is to control my hunger later on. Which means that I'm still worried about eating and listening to my hunger. And this is when I remembered, how I did this intuitive eating thing back in 2017: When I eat, I don't think about what I've already eaten earlier in the
  9. I can imagine! I'm actually thinking of looking up a climbing gym here in my home town and maybe go give it a try I hope your ankle feels better soon!! *** I've had a tough time during the past few weeks with feelings of loneliness. Today I realized that I'm not only lonely, but also blaming myself for being lonely ("that's what you get for not being outgoing and social and having too high standards"). But it's not my fault. I can't help the circumstances, and I can't help it that I just haven't found someone I could see myself building a life with. Realizing how much
  10. So, this challenge offered me a nice time getting back on NF! I think I might come here twice a week from now on, so that I'll have time to do my stuff, but also stay up to date with whatever's going on over here. I have also succesfully made it a habit to do the dishes immediately after I stop eating, which has been a huge improvement in my day-to-day life. A new challenge is up!
  11. So, somebody developed a fixation on Mount Everest during these trying times. it's me, I developed a fixation on Mount Everest during these trying times I don't remember what got me into googling about the mountain, watching tons of gopro videos on Youtube and reading Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air. Sometimes, when I'm exhausted with my life, I get fixated on stuff this way - but, in my defense, it's a pretty interesting mountain, alright?? Climbing Everest requires so much effort and resources that I will never do it (also, I'd die in 20 different ways), but rock
  12. Sorry to hear it's a struggle right now ❤️ Advance in your own pace and allow your ankle to heal. I know it's tough, but you deserve to rest and get better! I hope you have a good time writing your new novel! And, if not, it's OK not to be OK 💁‍♀️
  13. Ouch!! I hope your ankle heals soon ❤️ I fell down last summer and sprained my ankle. It took a few days to get better, so all it takes is patience and rest. (Not to mention my knee, which was wounded so badly that I had to go to the hospital to get it cleaned, and now I have a pretty cool scar!) Your challenge went really well, and you're totally gonna find your center again 👊 If you want to get more scripture writing and stretching in, maybe try stacking habits? Find some habit you have that you could stack scripture writing on, maybe. I have managed to make doing dishe
  14. Oh yeah, food is totally something I adore, as well! This brings me to my intuitive eating course check: at the beginning of the course, I started to be braver about eating when I'm hungry. During the past three days, I've made it a point to eat a big breakfast and lunch. I remember that in 2017 I figured out that if I had a big breakfast and lunch, I had no cravings or other hunger-related issues in the evenings. And hey, it's working again. I haven't experienced the same level of cravings I typically have, and I have started to feel my hunger again. I also slept real
  15. Hi everyone! Popping in to write down thoughts and ideas I'm working on the intuitive eating course, which has already been pretty helpful. It's been interesting to read the thoughts and stories of other participants: I'm not alone with my troubled relationship with food. I've started to work on the relationship by journaling and learning to recognize my thought patterns, and done some online research on the topic. The most helpful thing that I've done for myself is that I'm cultivating self-compassion. It's no wonder I have a strained realtionship with food, when I've been pressu
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