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  1. DoubleTrouble

    DoubleTrouble makes a cringy video

    It doesn't hurt, so it not bad at all. Rest is helping! I'm still doing upper body/core workouts. Physio is pretty good, bouhler is not that good
  2. DoubleTrouble

    DoubleTrouble makes a cringy video

    Got my knee checked out, the doctor said to RICE it for 2 weeks, so I'll put the video on hold. Maybe I'll continue editing what I have so far to make a rough draft. Quest revisions: Main quests Can't do ankle rehab (but ankles are feeling better anyway since I'm not abusing them with jumps) or gymnastics. That leaves Physio, Bouhler, Gym, and Swimming. Side quests Can't jump the stairs because of my knee. Pretty sure I can't traverse the net because its too low. Which leaves just the swimming stuff, which I don't think I should do. So no side quests.
  3. DoubleTrouble

    DoubleTrouble makes a cringy video

    I've always wanted to make a parkour dance music video, but never really did it. So I'm just going to do it. Even though it'll probably be terrible. Also, my ankles are troubling me, so I'll take care of that too. Main quests Physio: 3 shoulder/back exercises using a green theraband (external rotation, front pull aparts, overhead pull aparts). Goal: 3X a week Bouhler: 4 bouhler exercises. Goal: 3X a week Ankle rehab: My ankles don't feel so good. Goal: Do the stuff in this video or this video 3X a week (just the easy stuff, no ankle bashing yet) Gym: Lift stuff. Goal: 2X a week Gymnastics: If ankles feel good, practice flips once a week. If not, don't worry about it. Swim: Once a week Side quests - Film several precision jumps in slo-mo - Stitch the above jumps together into one jump - Film a short rail flowdance - Do the above two more times to clone myself so there are multiple me's on the screen at the same time - Film a low-impact parkour line - Film another low-impact parkour line - Film yet another low-impact parkour line - Traverse all the way across the bottom of a net - Jump up and down a set of stairs once - Swim (front crawl) 1 and 3/4 of the width of the pool - Tread water for 5 seconds - Post videos for spicyness