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  1. That's just me focusing haha. Within each session, it goes bad-->good-->bad (when I start to get tired). I'm looking for improvements across several sessions. ------- I did a shoulder extension test after watching this video. Another thing to work on, since I couldn't get as far back as the guy in the video. For ball balance, I practised getting the second leg up and removing a hand or hovering both hands just barely off the ball. I also tried shifting my feet once both feet were on the ball, and looking at a spot in front of me instead of looking down.
  2. I have a swiss ball so I might as well use it for something other than flips. After visiting a chiropractor recently, I learned that one of my legs has less external rotation than the other, and that the passive ROM doesn't equal the active ROM for external rotation on both legs. Also, my lower back wasn't engaging properly in the cat-cow pose. Main Quests Figure 4: Stretch the leg often (daily?) so that both legs have equal passive ROM Passive is active: Get the external rotation active ROM to be the same as the passive ROM, by building up strength through isometric (and maybe resistance band) exercises. 2X a week. Catty cow: Practice engaging the lower back during the cat-cow stretch. Every stretch session. Physio: Heavy shoulder physio 2X a week. Light shoulder physio daily. Run: 2X a week Leg day: 2X a week Side Quests Stay on the ball: Follow the progressions in this video to work towards balancing on a swiss ball Trampoline base: Finish building the base of a mini tramp.