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  1. Thanks! Good to hear! I'm looking forward to it too ------ Transformer roll! It's the move I called machine in an earlier post, but with a roll!
  2. Another GIF! Doing this move made me happy, more than doing the other moves I've done so far. Probably because I discovered it on my own.
  3. Glad the blankets worked out How do you know if you're on the right track for VO practice? Do you listen to it as you record?
  4. Its much easier. The guy in the video said it can be used as a transition move in a tricking combo Thanks! I had to force that kip up, almost didn't make it... ---- Another set of gifs, another session. I only tried the forward bar spin and sausage flip.
  5. My knee is feeling better so I might try to ease back into flips this challenge. Or not. I'll see how it goes. Main quests Leg extension: get to 6 plates on the weight machine (currently can do 5) Running: run outdoors for 30 min every 3rd day Wall handstand pushups: get to 3 (currently can do 2) Wall bridge walks: do 1 (currently keep putting it off) Side quests - Try new moves! Flips are great and all, but there is so much more stuff out there - Maybe start making GIFs of moves that I see online that I want to try