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  1. DoubleTrouble

    Kaioken times 2! [DoubleTrouble]

    Woah penny drops are cool too That's what happened the first time I tried them a while back! I was scared of going backwards (not even halfway) so I just left, came back a few days later, and did it first try. I checked head clearance before I started but there's probably a hidden worry still there. I'll try it on a higher bar next time ------- I'll work on this hanging knee pull next week: I picked up some paint and polyurethane (the protective coating) today and I'll start painting the vault boxes tomorrow. It's a long weekend which means I'll get extra painting done do nothing with the extra day. Physio MTWTF Isometrics/bouhler MTWTF Gym Mon Wed Parkour Tue Thu
  2. DoubleTrouble

    Kaioken times 2! [DoubleTrouble]

    Tried some BNGs after work. I thought I'd warm up with a few ones where I only go halfway, and then go for the full one and do the stuff described in the videos (moving butt back, the wrist thing, etc). Except that as soon as I tried going for the full one, the FEAR CAME BACK. It felt like I was trying them for the first time again. I couldn't go past the halfway point without my feet hitting the ground. I lost my grip once and punched the ground, luckily there's a lot of snow so it didn't hurt too much. I'm not sure if my shoulder can handle this move.
  3. DoubleTrouble

    Kaioken times 2! [DoubleTrouble]

    Ugh you can do flyaways? I'm jealous Yeah the first one was scary. After that its not bad Ooh I want to try those! I found a more detailed tutorial (and another one). I can't wait for work to be over so I can go try it again
  4. DoubleTrouble

    Kaioken times 2! [DoubleTrouble]

    I did some vaults and stuff afterwards. There was an area with a rail for a wheelchair ramp and a small wall. I tried baby knee giants during my lunch break at work. My knees kept coming off the rail at the lowest point of the spin so I wasn't able to get all the way around. I'll watch the video before trying again
  5. DoubleTrouble

    Happienumber: Slow and Steady starts the race

    Here for the pterodactyl noises
  6. DoubleTrouble

    Kaioken times 2! [DoubleTrouble]

    So far so good... There was a big snowstorm yesterday so I ended up training indoors at a university. It was my first second time training indoors this winter (I went to an indoor obstacle course once) and I think the university cancelled classes so there weren't many students around. I found one of the dance studio rooms had left the door unlocked so of course I went in there, put some music on, and performed some slick dance routines. Micheal Jackson would be proud. jk I had no idea what I was doing Physio MT Isometrics/bouhler MT Gym Mon Parkour Tue Planning to pick up some paint for the vault boxes on Friday, not sure about the colour(s), I was thinking black with a green top. I've never done this before, hopefully it turns out ok. Also, I updated the first post in the thread to include some more detail.
  7. DoubleTrouble

    Kaioken times 2! [DoubleTrouble]

    Hi! A little recap: I joined the rebellion in September 2017. I don't remember how I found out about it, but there was a 4 week challenge starting soon so I jumped in. A few challenges later, I dislocated my shoulder when my foot slipped during a running precision. I was not working at the time so for the next few months, I did physio, slept, and tried to learn more about my injury. I kept doing challenges during that time because it gave me something to focus on. I got an office job and found that my coworkers tolerated exercise while at work so I kept doing physio. Occasionally my cubicle-neighbor and I do exercises together (squats and some other stuff with light 5-10 lb dumbbells). My other coworker brought in a wobble board for me to use as well, which I usually use for a shoulder stability exercise. Main quests Physio: 3 exercises using a green theraband (external rotation, front pull aparts, overhead pull aparts). Goal: 19/19 weekdays Isometrics/bouhler exercises described here (also this one): Goal: 19/19 weekdays Gym twice a week: I'm planning to do calf raises (bent and straight leg) and face pulls. Usually I also do lat pull downs, rows, and hamstring curls. Parkour (after work) twice a week: I usually practice during my lunch break at work (unless its really really cold or I'm sick). This is fine to maintain my current skill but I have to put in some more time if I want to expand my skillset. I'm thinking about baby knee giants and swing backflips (which, I'm ashamed to admit, I'm scared to do). Side quest Paint two vault boxes: I've been putting this off for a while. I sanded the edges and the handle holes, now I just need to prime/paint and also coat it with protective polyurethane layer(s).