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  1. The pups are young yet, maybe do a workout where you just imitate whatever they do for a couple hours. Great father/son(s) time and a KILLER workout.
  2. Hey I'm not dead. Just been without my laptop and Tapatalk sucks. Not doing much fitness-wise, still eating decent and getting lots of activity at work, but not really training at all. Have to try turn it around.
  3. Well I finally found my threads on Tapatalk (I hate the new Tapatalk) I haven't died, I've just been without time to sit at my laptop. Jobs WAY more physical so hopefully that helps. Even if I don't get any of my goals done.
  4. This weekend I tanked. I just have no oompf. But I think tomorrow morning I will head over to the soccer field (in proper shoes ) and do some sprints, and a modified workout just to say I did something. And if it is cool enough, I might even do a cool down run.
  5. I like how you've learned from your experience and altered your challenge accordingly. And congratulations on the meal prep
  6. sounds like you're making awesome progress dude. I really admire your dedication and drive
  7. I found when I was doing pull ups, I would do 3 sets to failure (even though it was only a total of 5 pull ups at the time) and then after I could no longer get my arms to drag my rear end upwards against gravity I would jump up to the bar, use the momentum to help pull myself into the very top of the movement and get a solid 5-10 second negative in and I saw gains fairly quickly.
  8. "Nothing is over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it." "He got my dick message!" Totally NOT a movie for kids, and all the better for it.
  9. Seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy in about 20 minutes. SO stoked!
  10. My foot is totally fine today but thanks for the great advice EG
  11. So yesterday I went out to the soccer field again to mess around and modify my workout to be enjoyed in the great outdoors (drop rows, do pull ups from the crossbar of the net, and use the upright posts to help with pistol squats.). I was doing this because I had forgotten my keys at home and had time to kill before my Love got home from work, so I was wearing cargo shorts, flip flops, and a tee shirt (which I had taken off) because I'm a super-classy dude. Instead I ended up stepping on a bee or something and couldn't walk. lol. My foot is fine today, but yesterday it was puffy, painful, and getting numb and tingly. and towards evening I was having issues balancing and feeling a teensy bit woozy. In my make friends goal, I have been in contact with 3 old friends/acquaintances and have soft plans to get together with all of them in the next couple weeks I hope they're receptive and I can help change their lives
  12. If it's not fun anymore and it's no longer one of your priorities, and it's taking away from things you'd rather do, then you're likely doing more harm than good to continue practicing them. Maybe the reason you're stalling out on handstands is because of a weakness or imbalance somewhere?
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