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  1. The pups are young yet, maybe do a workout where you just imitate whatever they do for a couple hours. Great father/son(s) time and a KILLER workout.
  2. Hey I'm not dead. Just been without my laptop and Tapatalk sucks. Not doing much fitness-wise, still eating decent and getting lots of activity at work, but not really training at all. Have to try turn it around.
  3. Well I finally found my threads on Tapatalk (I hate the new Tapatalk) I haven't died, I've just been without time to sit at my laptop. Jobs WAY more physical so hopefully that helps. Even if I don't get any of my goals done.
  4. It's a thinking problem, for sure. People are so busy being busy and climbing the ladder that they need stop to see what building the ladder is leaning against. One of the funnies things I've heard recently is a fictional dialogue that a man used to summarize is life up until he got his thinking straight: Wife: "honey where are we going?" Husband: "I have no idea baby, but we are making GREAT time!"
  5. In my experience it all depends on the mentorship you receive from people who are successful at it. I know several multi-millionaires who got their fortune from networking with an MLM and they never put in more than a part-time effort. And a lot of the "effort" they do put in involves mentoring people their building friendships with on how to get their lives and relationships sorted out. As long as you do your research and network with a legitimate, legal company, it is entirely possible to use an MLM to replace or vastly outstrip your current income, and help others do the same if you're a m
  6. Did you do any research before you signed up? Was there an education or qualification process at all? For myself, if the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, or any other regulatory body gives them the green light then I'd just let the matter lie. You can't win an argument, and a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.
  7. This weekend I tanked. I just have no oompf. But I think tomorrow morning I will head over to the soccer field (in proper shoes ) and do some sprints, and a modified workout just to say I did something. And if it is cool enough, I might even do a cool down run.
  8. I like how you've learned from your experience and altered your challenge accordingly. And congratulations on the meal prep
  9. sounds like you're making awesome progress dude. I really admire your dedication and drive
  10. I found when I was doing pull ups, I would do 3 sets to failure (even though it was only a total of 5 pull ups at the time) and then after I could no longer get my arms to drag my rear end upwards against gravity I would jump up to the bar, use the momentum to help pull myself into the very top of the movement and get a solid 5-10 second negative in and I saw gains fairly quickly.
  11. "Nothing is over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it." "He got my dick message!" Totally NOT a movie for kids, and all the better for it.
  12. Seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy in about 20 minutes. SO stoked!
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