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  1. You did also ask if you should, which factors in to what @calanthrophy is getting at. Personally, I went vegetarian for health reasons for about six months, and then I dropped it again. I felt marginally better doing it, which turned out in the end to be quite a placebo effect, since what was really messing with me was the dairy, which I also dropped at the time. I hear from a lot of my friends "Oh meat makes me feel so tired and bloated all the time" while ploughing through a colossal 500g of steak, or a grease-laden burger doused in fake cheese and wrapped in a high-carb bun.
  2. Here should be a link for vegan food excluding fruit. You're still gonna find some things you can't have, but there's gonna be a whole lot more that you can. Foodgawker is the greatest site I've ever discovered, my meal variation has skyrocketed.
  3. Hahaha...haaaahahahaha. The short version, painstakingly slowly. With a whole mess of re-evaluation.
  4. True to form, nursing a brand new injury. I don't think I've made it through a challenge without one!
  5. A strained trapezius is just what I wanted to have! That's the neck muscle that runs down the spine, and facilitates the up and down motions. Not only that but because of where it is, I feel the burn from lifting my arms, turning my head, adjusting my posture, walking. Almost anything. You don't appreciate your neck until it screws you. I'm building a ladder slowly. Right now I'm focusing on getting out of bed every day, making sure I don't overwork the muscles and make them worse. The worst part is bedtime. I can't get comfy enough to sleep at a decent time and
  6. Never was one for cartoons much, this was more my childhood...
  7. Yeah, lol. I'm trying to rest my damn bioclock. I'm a morning person and my ex was literally half a world away, so scheduling got a bit screwy because I was staying up late but still getting up early. Ending things means I kept the staying up late part, but the melancholy shifted my wake-up time to about 10am. Not okay for someone who gets seriously crabby if she wakes up after 8:30 at the VERY latest, because then half the day is wasted! So with Mum being back in the UK and me being over here, she was just heading to bed around when I wanted to be up so she spam called me. Na
  8. Yeah, after 6 months of merry go rounds with my (now ex) fiance, I'm not game for any more unhealthy relationships! Thanks So far so good, apart from the 32 missed calls from my mother when I woke up this morning. Whoops!
  9. I've seriously overdone it today. Didn't hit my walking goal at all, but I definitely bust up my back bad. Honestly, I crashed and burnes pretty hard, it's been a colossal fuckup of a day. I slept terribly, horrible nightmares, and it just screwed the entire day for me. Tomorrow the sun will rise on a new day, and it starts all over again. But today is pretty much a total write off
  10. Every time I'm trying to pronounce regazzo/regazza (because that's where I am learning) I'm so conscious of my R haha. Just gotta keep practicing I think!
  11. Alas I'm the other way out by the hills. Real close to Lesmurdie Falls though, I could walk there in about half an hour or so on a good day.
  12. Thankyou! Right now the only thing I'm having issue with is trilling my R's, I have the more guttural sound of the germanic languages easily, but the tip of my tongue doesn't trill. Lots of practice ahead!
  13. Because the universe can't let me settle my goals in peace, the courses I was using to get a beginning grasp on japanese before progressing out have been abruptly placed behind a paywall. Marvellous. I'm sure there's another couple of dozen resources out there for me to utilise instead, but a few hours of research didn't produce any that really resonated with me. So, Italian on duolingo for now. I might pick up Japanese later, I'm fond of languages and given the option I'd learn all of the hundreds there are (Wonder Woman was omnilingual, why can't I? ) but one at a time. And
  14. All good, misreading happens
  15. That's what the "I'll try my best but if I don't get there, I don't get there" means. I'm accepting that it's an unrealistic goal at the current time and just rolling with it.
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