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  1. Food Brunch: Eggs w/ olives, bacon, 2 c. coffee Dinner: Yellow lentil dahl with chicken & veggies, 1 c. vanilla caramel tea Exercise Stability/mobility exercises
  2. Food Brunch: Cottage cheese, scoop of chicken salad, 2 c. coffee, hardboiled egg Dinner: Pork, roasted veggies Exercise
  3. Fell out of the habit. Starting over. Food Brunch: eggs w/ green olives, bacon, 3 c. coffee Dinner: cottage cheese, pork loin, roasted veggies Exercise --
  4. I love being a heroine at work. Feels good, man.

    1. fitnessgurl
    2. Barfly


      I tried heroin at work once... Didn't help.

    3. fitnessgurl


      Lol, there's one in every crowd.

  5. November 15 Food Breakfast: Pumpkin-chocolate-chai protein drink, 1 c. chai coffee Lunch: Pizza eggs Dinner: 1/2 sausage-mushroom-olive-pizza, 1 garlic breadsticks
  6. November 14 Food Brunch: eggs & bacon w/ Mexican rice in tortillas, 2 sour cream-flavored donuts, 2 c. pumpkin cappuccino coffee Dinner: Kung Pao chicken & white rice, chocolate rice krispy treat Extra: Chicken taco Pringles, 1.5 glasses honey wine
  7. November 13 Food Brunch: Eggs w/ bacon, 2 c. coffee Dinner: Cowboy-spiced chicken w/ peas and carrots in horseradish mustard
  8. Both jobs went crazy-go-nuts over the past few days. I'm so glad that's all over now, and I emerged relatively unscathed.

  9. November 12th Food Brunch: Salmon in shirred eggs, 3 c. coffee Snack: Naked chicken tenders from BWW Dinner: Shrimp, almond, bacon, spinach salad w/ hot bacon dressing Exercise
  10. November 11th Food Brunch: Salmon in shirred eggs, 3 c. coffee Dinner: Mushroom-stuffed chicken, roasted vegetables cup of salted caramel tea
  11. November 10th Food Brunch: Salmon in shirred eggs, 2 c. coffee Dinner: Chicken w/ roasted vegetables, 2 cups of salted caramel tea Exercise Stability/mobility exercises
  12. November 8th Food Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls, waffle cookies, 1 c. coffee w/ pumpkin spice cappuccino mix Lunch: 2 pc. pizza & 1 slice garlic bread Dinner: 4 pc. pizza & 1 slice garlic bread, salted caramel tea Extra: mulled apple cider, cinnamon almond sugar crescent rolls, white cheddar popcorn, cinnamon sugar cookies Exercise short walk to church
  13. Food Breakfast: Eggs w/ salmon, bacon, 1 c. strong coffee Lunch: Hamburgers & mixed greens salad, 1 c. coffee w/ Splenda Dinner: Curry w/ eggs & cottage cheese, bacon, salted caramel tea Exercise Rapelling, eccentric movement during CITO, hiking, stability/mobility exercises
  14. Food Brunch: Eggs w/ basil, bacon Dinner: Peas, chicken curry, caramel tea, water Exercise Stability/mobility exercise
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