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  1. Word on the street is that Steve will be in Chicago next week, 03/13/14 by the house of Blues! He's working on a meet up I'll keep you posted please follow me on Twitter @teeheehee11 for updates #chicagonerdfitness.
  2. Hey I'm René, I'm from Chicago! I've been a rebel for the past two years!! And I want to have a bi-monthly meet up across the city. If, that's okay with everyone I can be a community manager for the Chicago group. Also, if you're on twitter, instagram, facebook, and/or google plus, use the hashtag #chicagonerdfitness! Rebel on! Rene
  3. im pretty excited for monday@@

  4. ?I'm from Chicago and I havent seen anyone with nerdfitness apparel. So anyone from Chicago ?
  5. no way im like 15mins away (hahaha isnt everything in chicago) I go to The James Joyce
  6. You actually helped me look for a 5k around my area for September (I'm way out of shape so i need training)! LET'S GET PUMPED
  7. Hello all, Last year I decided that I would be bulletproof but failed to keep up with the 6 week challenge, this year though is different; I'm now a college graduate seeking to be healthy, and a new job! So here are my goals Prepare three paleo meals a week PIck up a work-out schedule for three times a weekRead a book Fit on a dress shirt I bought on the wrong size! I'm really excited! I've lost 60lbs just doing paleo alone but I know if I work out I would shed more and be healthy. So how's ready?
  8. Anyone from Chicago are in the rebellion?
  9. This time, I'll be bulletproof thanks to NF!

  10. Thanks Pat! Yes all the stress eating was not helping.
  11. Hello, I learned about NF in November 2011, and I immediately bought the manual and I was pumped. I changed my diet. December came and I was in the second stage of the rebel fitness manual, school was out and so was my momentum. Til' this day I have not excersided, I have lost weight because of the paleo diet. However, today I read steve's and I thought indeed "this time it's different." I graduated, I have free time, what else do I need. I need this support from you, I need a community and I have found it. What else am I seeking? Thank you!
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