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  1. Oh ok great, its just quite a journey with this weight-loss thing coz every time I learn something new I get information to the contrary! But yeah in summation, cut the calories. Thanks
  2. Hi, I just have a quick question regarding carbs and working out... I cut out as much carbs/sugars during the week as possible and have a cheat day(s) on weekends. I do crossfit 2 to 3 times a week, exercise on weekends and have dropped 11% BMI and am currently on 20%. I mainly just eat things like chicken/lamb/steak/fish and veg during the week. (I dont eat junk food or snack during the week) My goal is to get a solid six pack (which is slowly beginning to show now after months of effort) but I heard very recently I should eat carbs before my workout otherwise I could lose muscle mass, is that correct? I thought for weight loss its best to stay away from carbs because when you work out your body will burn your carbs/fat instead of stuff you have eaten recently? Or does one need the carbs so you can work harder at gym? For breakfast I only have a 300ml diet-fuel whey protein, another one before working out and then another just afterwards. I dont like eating fruit and I dont drink fruit juices. Can this diet and workout work if I stick at it or should I introduce carbs before workouts? (Ok that was more than one question sorry :p) Much appreciated
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