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  1. Hahaha I love this. You are WINNING SO HARD. Five stars. Shiny ones.
  2. You ROCKED this challenge! I ghosted toward the end, too -- I had too much work to do. Next year, I'm going to have to NOT have a challenge in Jan/Feb because that's my busy time and I'm pretty sure I left everyone hangin'.
  3. I'd probably do the first as warmup and the third as cooldown, like Elastigirl said. She is, after all, a Kettlebell Superhero.
  4. I think that tea deserves a shoutout, too. Blessed, sweet, delicious tea. GOD I LOVE TEA. It's pretentious when an American loves tea as much as I do. In England, though, TEA ON, SISTER.
  5. I've started noticing that it's possible to do meditation on-the-go, focusing on my footsteps, or the sounds around me, or the music I'm listening to & the road before me as I'm driving. Don't know if that helps. I think it's very considerate that you're giving your boss so much heads-up. Some people are hard to replace, and I suspect you're one of them. You are for ME, anyway (smoooooch).
  6. LET'S TALK HEALTH, Y'ALL. So I've been pretty good about this, except I keep finding caches of soda somehow. Like, I was keeping some at work? And, like, we had some in the party cupboard? I have not, personally, spent any money on soda. In fact, I'm not even sure I've been inside a grocery store in weeks. (My husband usually does it.) Other than the soda, though, I've been eating a lot of fruit and for the most part only one drink per session. No online shopping for unneeded bullshit: check. Saving that money! Gonna one day pay off this house! Books: I am down 3 books. I finished 2 and a sad DNF ("did not finish," in book nerd slang). I'm about halfway through the final book for the month. I'm going to start up a bag/box for the used bookstore. They put money onto your account so you can turn around and... buy more books. I've been working 50-60 hour weeks, so the KonMari style sorting of my clothing has gone by the wayside. This might be a scrapper. But I have been meditating! As I said earlier, reading this new book has given me a new perspective. This morning I meditated upon the dog. Just breathing in and out, focusing on how warm he was and his different features. I felt very in tune with him. It was soothing, plus I felt like we had a nice bonding moment. That's important, especially with an old dog. They're puppies and then BAM they're not and then BAM they're gone. (I guess this is also true about babies, though hopefully the "gone" in this instance means "college" and not "rainbow bridge.") Gotta get that in-person full-focus love in. My plans for the week are mostly to just keep on truckin'. Finish the book on meditation (it's on my Kindle, so it doesn't count toward the 4-book thing). Get some work done. Hopefully do some laundry, because I'm starting to get some underwear shortages. Maybe the temperature will go up and I'll find some energy to go to the gym? But probably not. As always, this isn't the month for that. Works out well, because resolutioner-induced crowds make the gym kind of stressful anyway.
  7. I love the name "Scribbles"! Did your therapist come up with that or did you? It reminds me of that Dr Katz show: Which I liked, but my husband informs me was nauseating and "not that funny." (WRONG! SO WRONG.) He is basically the grossest and wins no awards. Ugh, go back to the sewer, Meat Sweats.
  8. You could cross-index it with what ingredients each one needs. If you're good at spreadsheets (which I am NOT), you could even figure out what they have in common and overlap ingredient-shopping.
  9. I feel like everyone's getting screwed over by the weather this month. Everyone who had a "go outside!" or "get more exercise!" sort of plan is watching those dreams collapse in real time. At least you did it! Be proud!
  10. Sometimes when I'm super-sad I just take a nap, and taht seems to help. I've found that my triggers are sleepiness and hunger. Are you getting enough sleep?
  11. We xerox or print out or transcribe all of our recipes, then put them into a binder. Every once in a while, we flip through the binder and/or add to it. That way we can see everything in one place.
  12. So, in case it hasn't been obvious, I've been a little bit depressed/drained lately. But I think I've managed to turn a corner on my meditation, at least. Let's just talk about the meditation, and not, like, the rest of the hot mess that is my life. Let's put all that aside. I've started to read Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics and I think it's really turning a corner in the way I see meditation. I got that meditation did something, but I wasn't quite sure what, or how it worked. I was sort of like "well, uh, I guess I try to think of nothing? and then I guess that's, like, a brief pause from my life, which is... good?" But the book introduced the idea that the act of sitting there and trying to attend to the moment was not about controlling that inner voice. Because it's very, very difficult to shut that little fucker up. It's more about noticing that voice, and accepting that voice as kind of uncontrollable, but sometimes corral-able. Every time you bring your attention back to your breathing (or whatever you're focusing on), you're flexing the muscle that gives you power over the constant-prattling voice in your head. So then, later, when you're feeling some kind of crazy emotion, you can be like "ah, Christ, the little voice is running away with itself again. The voice is not the core of my being. The voice is an annoying feature. Time to focus on my breathing." And then, those guided meditations, or walking meditations, or whatever, are just variations on that. Where you're thinking about a topic, or your walking, or whatever -- and when you wander, you yank yourself back. And it's about the act of discovering you've wandered away and returning your focus. So when you wander away when it matters, you can handle it. So anyway, now that I feel like I understand it better, conceptually, at its core, I've been doing it more and reading about it more. It's not just a thing I feel like I have to do out of some vague sense of obligation. It's a thing I'm interested in improving upon. Because the voice in my head is a vicious thing. Between you guys and me, sometimes the voice makes convincing arguments that I'm useless, or better off dead, or bad at everything. Or it says everyone hates me. Or says my body is unattractive. Or that I'll die alone. I have a few -- like a whiny one that thinks it's too hot outside. Or the one that's always tired. But the one that is my depression sounds a lot like me. It's the stickiest. It has the best arguments. It's the most dangerous one. The antidepressants help a lot, but guys, I think that the meditation could really be a useful goddamn tool in controlling those feelings. Oh, and also, the book mentions giving the worst inner voices a sort of funny name. I have decided to name my depression "Meat Sweats." He's, like, a slippery mouth-breather. He says mean things because he wants me to be sad and gross with him. I will not be sad and gross with him.
  13. This week slid away from me in a cacophony of endless work, not enough gym, not enough meal prep, not enough meditation. I am wiped out. My candles are lit at both ends and then there's also a fire in the middle somehow, and it's going to break into TWO SMALLER candles, both of which are, of course, lit at both ends. This is specifically why I didn't make too many fitness or food goals for this month. Actually, I did most of this. I drank a few days more than I should have, but I didn't break my "more than two" rule. This was a pleasant surprise. Hubs bought me a BUNCH of fruit and NOBODY bought booze or soda! No shopping this week! I even went to Target and bought nothing personal for myself. Do you have any idea how difficult that is? Also, I'm down 2 books, so I don't think the 4 books is going to be a problem. I'm hoping to clean out all the clothes I don't wear later this week to donate to the thrift. Which leaves... Meditation. Like, maybe not so much. I haven't done it in a couple days. I'm feeling frazzled from work, dietary choices, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, etc. So it's hard to know whether my shitty mood is lack of meditation or, you know, my current existence. Hoping to start up again tonight or tomorrow. I'll have to scrape together a post sometime later with a more comprehensive look at some of my specific accomplishments and frustrations, but right now, suffice it to say, I'm a bit knackered, and am probably going to bed shortly.
  14. I'm not sure how your brain is calibrated, but mine is made such that the Whole30 was surprisingly easy for me. I do much better when things are completely on or off-limits. Moderation doesn't work for me at all. You should think about trying it. Maybe you can figure out what's going on.
  15. Oh, I really like the idea of it being like a muscle I can flex. Which reminds me, I should totally make Kegel exercises a mission some month. (Every single man on this thread recoils in horror). Oh! I do this sometimes! I stop after 4 and go back. The babbling happens sort of underneath and around it. And yes, it IS like the Swedish chef! It's language adjacent! It's not that I think the babbling is bad, per se, it's just that I've literally never heard of anyone else adopting this technique, so it feels like deviance/cheating. I might try a few more guided meditations. They feel a little bit like cheating, too. (They seem like guided thinking, as opposed to not-thinking.) I think I need to get over the notion of "cheating," in general.
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