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  1. Project AoP

    Sorry, didn't realize anyone would read this, so I've let myself ramble on. I'll try to stay more on point. Friday I had a difficult time getting through my workout. It was a lot of upper body work, in which I am lacking. I was able to get through the "advanced" reps, but still had to cheat and do everything on my knees. And at the end I was so wiped out I completely skipped the 'foundation light' exercises, which were really simple movements. I did use that gross pea protein in a PB-Banana-Almond Milk (with a dab of honey) breakfast shake. It still had that gritty texture, but at least it seemed to cover the taste well enough. Saturday (today) I completed the simple foundation exercise, and the Pandora workout was pretty much a freestyle I guess for 10 minutes straight. So I do a lot of leg stuff to feel better about myself and take it easy since yesterday was so brutal. I kept to my meal plan for the most part, but did have some candy for a sugar rush to get through the afternoon slump. I'm starting to get more lazy with my nutrition, especially with snacks. I'll have to plan out my snacks better, maybe more protein with the fruit? To fill me up and keep me alert.
  2. Project AoP

    Thor's Day: It was an easy day in the post apocalyptic wasteland. I just had to fight in the city pits (just punching the air for 5 minutes). And the foundation exercise is just stretching today, so I figure I'll do it tonight, since that's when I do my own stretching routine anyway. But also, I went to get ready for work, and was doing my hair, when I noticed this: ok, so not spectacular, but it's progress, I mean, look at those shoulders pop! I still haven't graduated to a non-knee push up, and I still get gassed after running half a block, which, in my defense, is like two 2 acre lots, whatever the one side of it equates . . . . Anyway, just had another salmon pita thing for lunch. No more tres leches cake, but now someone left a bunch of shortbread Dia de los Meurtos cookies left over from an activity. I've had 2 so far. Had my breakfast bar for an apple, and just tried some evolve(?) protein powder . . . Gross. I think I'll try to cook it in something that will cover the taste. Next I'm trying casein powder. So far, Whey isolate goes down easy, but seems to take more to equate the benefits of regular whey, minus the lactose issues. Aaaand I just realized I am half way through my post-apocalyptic adventure challenge! It only took me 4 weeks to get through 2 weeks worth of workouts . . . . .
  3. Project AoP

    Tyr's Day: I arrived back at what I have made my base camp and 'refortified the perimeter' (ie. push ups and upper body work) before taking some much needed rest. I ate a homemade protein bar for breakfast, but for lunch, someone brought tres leches cake. I really love tres leches cake. It's like a cross between a cake soup and cake. It's amazing. I had 3 pieces. But I finished off my lunch with a salmon pita thingy, stuffed with extra spring mix and a cucumber tomato half-ass salsa I attempted. I stayed pretty on point with dinner: a sizable salad (maybe 4 cups of greens) with carrots, feta and salmon bits. Dessert was a banana with Hershey's syrup drizzled over. oh, and my back was SO SORE! Like, all day! I didn't even do anything with my back! WTH Bro! Woden's Day: I 'went into town and found some work assisting a sculptor make a lion statue' by doing 500 knife hand strikes. They were weak strikes. Arms and shoulders still so sore from yesterday. Breakfast was a protein bar, and some more tres leches cake when I got into work. . . . . and some fun sized hershey's and a laffy taffy. Green apple. and strawberry.
  4. Profile picture

    If you have Windows, you can use the Paint program to resize a picture Otherwise, I like using for a lot of photo editing
  5. Level 1: Checkpoint

    It is mostly body weight, but every 3rd or 4th day it requires either dumbbells or pull ups. But if you'd like more than this, have you visited the Powerlifting and Weightlifting section of the forum yet? It's got some posts about programs that other warrior class-men have tried, form and technique questions and answers, etc.
  6. Project AoP

    I got 190 of the dreaded 890 high knees out of the way. I know I could just ignore it and start doing high knees as directed from here on out, but it feels like it's cheating if I let it go. Anywhoo, Sun Day: I was given an option to save a woman who was being sacrificed to a giant scorpion cult, but I let her die, because my husband is in town, and I spent the morning (my usual workout time) with him, so by evening I didn't feel like exerting myself myself too much, so I just had to wall sit for a couple minutes and plank for 5 (in sets of a minute), as I 'grappled with the weight of my decision and the general futility of life in the place'. The foundation light exercises was a simple stretching routine, so a nice easy workout day altogether. I didn't plan meals this last week, and I may have had a couple giant cookies that I crumbled up and ate with milk like cereal. Moon Day: The decision to let the girl die came back to bite me in the ass the next day because today I got caught sneaking around the culty temple and they threw me into the giant scorpion pit and I had to fight with him anyway. Then I had to do 100 flutter kicks for Foundation Light. Not a problem in itself, but after a fierce battle with the poison beast, it was a tiring day. Then I made time to meal plan. I made some protein bars for breakfast for the next couple weeks, grilled up a bunch of salmon for dinner for the week, and cooked ground beef for lunches. I ate pretty well today. Cottage cheese and banana for breakfast, a PBJ for lunch, and a big salad with some salmon fillet bits for dinner. And another giant cookie-cereal.
  7. Level 1: Checkpoint

    I don't know about barbells, but they do have some dumbbell workouts, but their only organized program that involves dumbbells is their Spartan themed one. Darebee primarily focuses on no-equipment exercises, which works for me because I don't have any of that stuff, and I live too far from any gym.
  8. Project AoP

    Mission Project : Age of Pandora Objective : to escape dead infested territories and gather as much intel as possible. (also to continue with my current challenges to regain consistency in my workouts using incentive bundling and upgrading my "bat cave," and making it easier to eat healthy) Time Frame : approx. 60 days Background : So, I have been doing a pretty low impact workout routine since July, and it's been working, but I have been getting a bit bored with it lately. So when a friend said she wanted to play Age of Pandora, I'm all in. It's much more cardio than I usually do at once, but I throw on some HOTD and get to it. Plus, she and I text within the scenario of what we're doing to get through it. Status : Yesterday, (AKA Day 1: ) I woke up in a glass room and, using palm, knee and elbow strikes, broke out. I saw a girl (aforementioned friend), and now I'm tracking her to get some answers (of course she won't have any, but I don't know that yet), whilst avoiding zombie-brunch. I snuck around the building, looking for an exit (with half-jacks to "run," half-jack squats to "hold," and side lunges to "sneak across." I made it to a closet, which I barricaded and got some much needed rest. Best part, I did the beginner set (5 sets) and still felt hyped enough to go another 5 into the intermediate! I'M INTERMEDIATE!! (insert happy-dance-emoticon) As I said, I'm used to low impact, very beginner, granted, I hadn't been struggling so much lately, but I got a nice confidence booster with that! And it was really fun! I'm really looking forward to this challenge
  9. Level 1: Checkpoint

    Hello all. So I'm newbs, and not sure if I did this right, but I already posted my intro here, but I've only just gotten the book and have started toying with my Level 50 ideal/origin story. Would I post that here as well? Or is that what "Rebel Introductions" are for? I've already been having some success with a youtube workout regiment I've been doing since July, and basic caloric/portion control since August. I've already made good progress on my own and am currently floating at 3-5 lbs above my first checkpoint: officially getting my BMI below 30! My big problem with follow through is very recent. My husband recently changed careers and will be away from home much of the time, which throws a wrench in my whole routine I've established. Now, it's more difficult to fall asleep, making it more difficult to wake up early, so working out first thing feels easier and easier to dismiss, and if it's not done first thing in the morning, it won't get done at all. I've tried an after-work-routine, and I was just too unreliable in the evening. So, I'm gonna try to keep it simple for the first round. Basically, I'm focusing on picking up where I left off. My challenges are: 1) Create a meal plan every Sunday/Monday (my weekend), and prep up like this: with 1 meal a day being a salad (so far dinner seems easier to do this. Lunch tends to be my biggest meal) 2) Use this technique to boost motivation to workout at 5:30 am I'm still in the process of experimenting whether watching One Punch or DB is feasible (I live in the boonies and there's no internet provider that goes that far into the country, but I do have LTE on my phone . . . . sometimes. I may need to download the series episode by episode on the library wifi), otherwise, I'll see how I respond to audiobooks. I am just starting on a Terry Brooks kick. I went through the Genesis of Shannara before realizing it was meant to be read last in the sequence of series'. I'm about a quarter into Sword of Shannara right now, but I can't seem to make time to finish it. I'll be testing this out the next few days. 3) Upgrade My Bat Cave - I'll sleep in a sports bra and shorts to be ready to go as soon as possible - leave socks/shoes by my bed to put on right away - leave my mat (towel) ready in workout area/living room, and have video(s) or audiobook queued up and ready to go.' As I said, keeping it simple for the first round, and consistency seems to be where my difficulties lie. Right now my primary goal is to get my BP down to non-stroke levels and to have a BMI between 22-24 by the end of February. Right now I'm 3 lbs away from squishing under that 30 boundary! That'll be the first checkpoint in my progress. And when THAT'S all said and done, I'll get working on my Saiyan skills !