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  1. I'm taking a non-challenge this round. I did get the results I aimed for last challenge, but I didn't feel them, as in, it wasn't fun and I just felt drained and, well, not as good as I think I should have felt reaching my goal. So I will try to continue my cardio and my body weight exercises (I'm up to 50 each a day now! ) but I'm going back to basic clean eating. I felt generally better before I set hard-line-limits on myself like that. So I probably won't have any sort of check ins until next challenge.
  2. Today I weighed in at 0.2 # below the barrier mark separating a clinically obese BMI with severely overweight! I'm officially at 29.7 BMI!! And it's the lightest I've weighed since at least 8th grade (I was always a pudgy kid and avoided scales, but I had to to that Presidential Fitness Test and they weighed everyone. I think the next time I went on a scale I was 19 or 20). Also just got my first new car (from a dealership and everything!), so I had a really good weekend and just had to toot my horn
  3. Round 2 Plan of action attack my eating more Stretch the legs with yoga (I noticed some vericose veins behind a knee so I'm gonna take it easy with squats) Pump the juices with more cardio
  4. Alright-alright-alright! I'm feeling Pre-tty cocky about the last challenge. Had a bump or two, and then a not-bump, but not bad overall. Now hubby and I are eating at a level 7 or 8 (I'm still working on whittling down the case of rockstars in our pantry, so I guess that level-3 goal was technically unmet, but we've nixed not-fruit sugars (again, other than the rockstars), no pastas or breads in the house at all. Meals are either salad or steamed veggies and baked or grilled meats (eggs and/or fruit for breakfast). And I'm on track with working out every day (Plus 100 squats a
  5. I am! Other than forgetting to check in . . . Thanks Hubby is still very gung-ho about high protein-low carb eatings! So we've already been eating at pretty much level 7 and 8 the last 2 weeks; minus the dairy (mostly in his coffees) and my now-and-then rockstar. I know! I know! One of the worst of the worst. But, hubby used to drink 3 or so a day to get through a drive. And he's just dropped them completely (he's like that, he can go cold turkey on anything and I haven't seen it fail yet. Me, I need the transitions.). But now he's drinking 4 cups of our home-[quad-espres
  6. Oops, double posted, oh well, I'll use this for the next update:
  7. Oops, half way through the challenge and no updates :/ Well I think I'm doing good. I've met the 100 squat challenge daily so far. I've done at least half an hour of exercises everyday except rest/ stretch days. I'm already a couple pounds down ! and hubby seems to really be on board this time! Unfortunately it's because he's awfully sick and couldn't stomach much. But he says it's a perfect time to start a diet, and he's starting to feel better and is still at it. The hard part for him will be when he's back on the road . . . Anyway, me=good and feelin like
  8. Already skimped my challenge. Hubby was passing through the next town over so I met him for dinner and I guess got caught up in a Malt-Shop-Romance moment. So when he ordered a strawberry lemonade soda to share, I slurped half of it up before remembering my challenge. Sooo, took a hit, but it's early yet
  9. As for "THE PLAN," yes I'm a tad late, but I've already got it in action. One of my favorite youtubers is starting a "100 squats everyday" challenge for June. So, Chun Li turns out to be a very apt challenge allegory here, Especially against Birdie! Love it when stuff fits like that Anyway: As stated, unhealthy food is my primary obstacle here. I will avoid eating like Birdie by bulk-cooking (or rather, having hubby cook for me because he's been home almost every weekend) and having a full supply of healthy eats always available in the house. I will d
  10. Well, yes and no. Everyone is "trying to be healthier for swimsuit season" but some of them will bring sweets to work because if they don't want to be "cheating" alone, while one particularly culinary-talented coworker has a tendency to stress bake and share, and she's had a lot to stress over lately . . . So I'm basically trying to stay out of the break room. There is a mini catacomb of rooms behind the break room, so I've been hiding in one of those for lunch.
  11. I like your sense of adventure, but would not recommend. Unfortunately, I don't. At home it's not too bad, because I do keep the kitchen stocked with fruits and nuts and healthy(er) snacks. My big issue is at work. It's a big food-sharing environment (which I LOVE) and someone will regularly get cookies or chips or donuts to share with everyone. And if I'm all tapped out of snacks and lunch, I know there's always junk food in the break room to grab. I'm just pretty terrible at food prep as is I am actually lactose sensitive, so by "cream" I mean probably coconut or almond
  12. Cuz who doesn't want Chun-Li quads?! In this challenge I will be battling poor food habits, as in, not prepping, so I prep. Frankly, a lot will be just having quick-grab-and-go healthy options. I've not had issues lately with craving unhealthy foods, but it's just there, and I should have made a bigger salad, but I didn't, so I eat what's there. Tracking: I am using the lose it app on my phone. But for each thing that if I get hungry and I have something healthy that I brought, I will give myself a star. At the end of the challenge, for every star I have, maybe
  13. Well, that's the end of the challenge I suppose. I've started using the lose it app to help keep track of my eats and visually see where my calories and macros are coming from, which itself has made me think more about what I eat and how far my food will take me through the day. I've noticed that I don't really get junk food cravings like I expected. In fact, if I do have that cookie or donut, I don't enjoy it. They just don't taste as good as my brain thinks it will, and I end up craving some kind of fruit after anyway. (Or dark chocolates. I'll never not like dark chocolates! I
  14. Friday Workout 20 minutes of youtube vids Food: Breakfast: Lunch: Tuna taco Dinner: Salad qwith strawberries Plus 2 red velvet cookies and almonds for snacks Saturday: Hubby came home, and it was his birthday, so I didn't track so much. Don't think I did any exercise Food: Breakfast: I know I had coffee and banana Lunch: Brought a Cesar salad kit that I added an apple to. I think I had some popcorn too. Dinner: We went to Denny's because it was late and not much else was op
  15. I actually really liked the gym. I just pictured a bunch of machines I don't know how to use unless I paid some crazy premium to have someone show me. But it was really pretty inherently standardized and structured. And I got to watch the Vegas Knights game on the treadmill's little personal TV! (yay for temptation bundling!) But it did make me feel a tad inadequate, only because I'm usually a kind of person that can do some kind of steady pace for days. But with my meds, I'm still getting dizzy spells with exertion. Something the dr said will go away as my body acclimates to the low
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