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  1. Mrs.Nomar

    Round 2

    Week 1 Update. Eating more fats is much harder than I anticipated. I never realized how much I don't like eating fats. But I am dropping the weight. I've been on a plateau for over a month now, and this last week I've lost 2#s, so, so far so good? And apparently I've been mildly intermittent fasting forever, because I normally just don't eat breakfast. I don't even really get hungry until 10 or 11, depending on when I wake up, which is early, so I normally don't eat past 7/7:30 because I have to get to bed by 9 (puppies willing). Anyway, so far so good. I think I am feeling the fatigue though. Yesterday was my rest day and today I just could not get myself to get up and get going, so I nixed my workout, telling myself I'll make it up this weekend, but doubting I will all the same. I am assured, however, this is brief and I'll be energized in no time . . .
  2. Mrs.Nomar

    Goonies Gonna Ranger: The HEY YOU GUUUUUYYYSSSS Ranger Mini-Challenge

    no deadline you say??? Mind if I crash in?
  3. Mrs.Nomar

    Round 2

    Sorry, I don't check in here often enough. So far, kinda good. I did notice a new varicose vein behind my knee, so I'm worried the 100 squats put too much pressure on them, but it just adds to the motivation to up the cardio. And I've started 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene which is working as a nice transition from waking up into /warm up for my workout. (And here's some related cat gifs for you ) I have missed one day, but it was an easy day (glutes, which I have plenty of, so I was easily able to do the workout on my lunch at work. K, it got me kinda sweaty, but it's all muggy now with monsoon air, that everybody is, so no one thought it was weird that I was using the employee shower). Food wise, hubby is still going strong and is more strict than I was on an atkins kind of model. So I'm trying out this whole Keto thing myself, mostly to see for myself what the hype is about. So far so good. As for the "Keto flu," I do have body aches, but mostly in my upper back/neck, but monsoon season just started and storms are rolling in, and I just recently learned I have arthritis in my cervical vertebrae, so I wonder if I might also be one of those people that "feel a storm abrewin' in ma' bones!" because I always seem to get headaches with pressure changes. And I'm kind of always tired, so I haven't noticed any difference there yet. But I have gotten to the point where smaller portions fill me up a lot more. Today, I stuffed myself with my "typical" portion size when I was only half way through lunch. Now I feel over stuffed and bloated, so . . . yay?
  4. Mrs.Nomar

    Round 2

    Welp, Last Challenge: • • • • • • • • • Went well I completed 100 squats a day I completed all of my workouts I had scheduled this month (though I did have to make up workouts at the end of the week a couple times. I usually just ended up swapping that day with my "rest" day). I tracked what I ate pretty well. And I suppose that's all I really required of myself the last round. I got to see exactly how not good I'm eating. *So I have earned a pair of workout capris (On clearance at Walmart, but I'm very cheap, so this is a big buy!). This Challenge: Somehow, someway, keep up the 100s, Maybe add in Push ups or crunches Switch up the workouts to add more cardio with the strengthening. Get serious about eating better and eat what hubby eats, because that's what I've been trying to get him to do this whole time and now I'm the unhealthy eater I will get a new sports bra if I am pleased with my performance in this challenge.