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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe switch friday lifting with another day so you can attend his class more often?
  2. Having met "the art of Gregliness", I'd say he's cool. Don't discount him too much.
  3. Compared to last summer, the current set of injuries is something you could laugh off.
  4. You're wrong: it was an amazing book! Totally worth it! Thanks!
  5. I've got some stuff going on now that demands my full attention...and as much as I love Nerd Fitness, I feel like it's being a distraction, so I'm pulling back from being online right now. Good luck with the challenges!
  6. I'm sorry, something came up, I won't be able to make it to the game night.
  7. I met w/ my specialist for the first time today. Pretty cool meeting. - He doesn't believe it's cancer. Most likely an auto-immune condition given my current results with medication. It's either graves [burning hot], or a flare-up of hashimoto's. We're doing a radioactive iodine test next month to see what it is exactly, and start a treatment plan. If it's not either of those, then it might be cancerous. Still...doubtful. - He's super cool with paleo. One of his colleagues is on the lifestyle plan, and has had significant success with it. He's cool with me cutting out eggs [going auto-immune paleo monday], and doing whatever I need to do to be healthy. The nurse was super-pumped with all of my progress with clean eating, and can't wait to see what I look like in two months. She was nice enough to take the photo that's in my previous post. That's about it. Afterwards, met for lunch with a friend, went to the emp museum to see the sci-fi exhibit [YES!], and managed to use the car service uber [amazing], and the monorail! Oh, and had a long black. The best coffee EVER.
  8. Pretty much. That sounds incredibly short sighted.
  9. I'm enjoying it a lot, thanks. Progress photos! You've seen the ones from early November, then early January. Then there's ones from today too... (far right)
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